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  1. I was there in early October last year for 3 days. The first two (a Saturday and a Sunday) were insanely busy and I think I managed 2 rides on each of the days (if the queues get over an hour I generally don't bother). My last day, the Monday, was dead. The longest wait was 45 minutes for Crush's Coaster at the Studios park, and about the same for Big Thunder in Disneyland park. I did every major attraction (Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones, Big Thunder, Tower of Terror, Rocknrolla Coaster and Crush's Coaster) by 1PM. It was great. So my recommend
  2. There were alot of shots of Orlando parks in Never Back Down this year - mainly cos the movie is set in Orlando which kind of makes it impossible to not show a theme park somewhere in the 2 hours. They don't ever go to a park, but you get a pretty cool flyover of WDW. Also, Universal Studios Florida and Islands Of Adventure are in the fourth Bring It On movie. It was released the last time I was over there and they were showing shots of Dueling Dragons and Citywalk. Haven't had a chance to see it yet though to see if there was much else. Also, Sliders (tv series) was filmed in Universal S
  3. I prefer Fire. It just feels faster to me and I like that more than the spinning. Really you should just do both though Mickey C
  4. Hey all, Second video is up... Mickey C
  5. Hey all, Thought you might be interested in a new video I've put together from my recent trip to the States. I've done 4 videos in total and will be uploading 2 onto youtube. The first is just of Anaheim and Orlando (with a little bit of San Diego zoo in there as well). You can check out the video here... I'll post a second video which will have parts of San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York in the next day or so. I'd really appreciate your thoughts. Thanks Mickey C
  6. I miss the Movieworld Studio tour too. I never went on it the last few years it was in operation purely because they never bothered updating it which was just laziness I feel. I think though with the current Movieworld thinking which seems to be more detail focused, I would like to see them give it a go again. I think the key difference here is that Movie World never really had the "studio tour" portion of Universal studios in Hollywood. If you're comparing apples with apples, you really would be comparing the Universal Effect Sound Stages instead of the studio tour as that essentially i
  7. That's awesome! I probably would have seen you there. I was there for 2 and a half weeks in January and spent almost every second day at Animal Kingdom. Was the program good? Mickey C
  8. I definitely noticed the lightheadedness as you go backwards up the first banked turn. The rides definitely impressive but to tell you the truth, I kind of found it a little disappointing. Other than that one bit of the ride, the rest feels really slow, and whilst I don't mind that for a Disney ride, other rides have the detail to overcome it. This ride looks fantastic from a distance, but is kind of basic inside and doesn't offer a lot in the way of exceptional theming whilst on it (other than the 5 seconds of Yeti time). Don't get me wrong, I still liked it, but Animal Kingdom is my se
  9. I went last night. It definately was an improvement on last year again...which was awesome. They did have a "Fright Zone" area like they had last year in the Chinatown area. I didn't go in it because we ran out of time, but from what I could tell, they definately had built upon what it was like last year. They had lots of Scooby Doo props out front like the big Tiki Masks and things to make an entrance area. It looked really effective. I wish Wild West Falls had been open because it's such a good people guzzling attraction, it really would have assisted with crowd control...plus I th
  10. I'm sorry, but as a huge fan of the Disney parks I don't really think that shutting down the 'thrill' rides is going to do it. Most of the deaths that have occured in Disney parks over the years have come from non thrill rides anyway. And are those people saying that Walt didn't like 'thrill' rides forgetting that the Matterhorn was designed as a family thrill ride. A ride, which I might add, is actually responsible for several Disney fatalaties. Lets not also forget that someone has died waiting for the Sailing Ship Columbia to dock. Would removing all the thrill rides have prevented
  11. I think the Walt Disney World one was aired in the US before then. I've had it on DVD since March last year. And it was definately filmed before then, because it shows part of the construction of Expedition Everest. I would guess by the stage of construction it probably would have been filmed about August/September of 2005. But that's really only an educated guess. Mickey C
  12. I think something dedicated to television is exactly what the park needs. And WB television has an enormous amount of things available for them to use. My vote for a new ride would also be a shoot style ride. MIB is an amazing ride. I think they have enormous re-ride ability - more so than most other rides. I'm not even such a big fan of the style of ride, and I myself found myself going back to ride it over and over again in Orlando. It's incredible. I'd theme it to The Matrix. It seems like a perfect fit. Although I think a new water ride would also be of some use...particularly som
  13. Hey, Here's a couple of pix from the night. They're only of the Logo and the entrance. The entrance was covered in smoke for the first part of the night and this photo was taken at around 9:45 when the smoke machines had stopped. The other photos came out blurry so they didn't work so well. I've got some video footage too, but I haven't had time to look at that yet. The logo is definately by favourite Mickey C Oh...sorry. Here's the other one. Mickey C
  14. Haha. Thanks for the tip I've ridden it quite a bit myself, and I don't always get a headache, but to tell you the truth, I don't like the ride enough to warrant the risk. I'm not a big fan of lots of spinning. I'll take Superman Escape any day over Lethal Weapon. Plus, my rule of thumb is, if a ride causes me to need to take panadol, it's not fun. I think I'll stick with Superman, Wild West Falls and Scooby Doo for my Movie World rides Thanks though Mickey C
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