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  1. The eyes light up! A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. Looking good!
  2. Some pics from yesterday. Good catch on that Vortex maintenance connection, Rivals!
  3. Of course they had to close Scooby on Halloween
  4. Map's been updated with the new design
  5. I get that, I just mean - how do you theme a duelling coaster to a twister? Usually they have a racing / fighting theme of some sort.
  6. The Ruby slippers angle is actually a really clever idea for a Boomerang! It's definitely Kansas. The farm where she meets the Scarecrow is quite colourful, whereas the Boomerang in the concept resembles the brown colour style used for Kansas in the movie. Doesn't explain the track or train colours though 🤔
  7. Looks great! Nice to finally have it confirmed. Keeping my expectations low (New Atlantis concept art) but if it's coming in 2024 you never know what they'll be able to pull off! I understand the SFC theming (Flying Monkeys!) but how are they going to tie the Duelling Boomerang to Kansas? 😁
  8. Clearly the only option we have is a Flintstones themed RMC Leviathan in the New-New Atlantis. The Termite-Freemason alliance won't see it coming!
  9. Wizard of Oz? Safe to say nobody was expecting that! I love the idea. A Mack Spinning Coaster would fit the theme pretty well. I'd like a scenario where Gumbuya World gets the SFC while MW gets a Sierra Sidewinder / Storm Chaser paired with the duelling Boomerang.
  10. From my experience it was on most of the time last year.
  11. Thanks for the pics! Hopefully this means they'll start testing soon.
  12. Yeah, I think it's being scrapped... Yeah, a bit disappointing from a thoosie perspective. At the end of the day though they're three solid coasters that should fit nicely into the park's line-up. As a fan of helix's that Vekoma SFC looks right up my alley!
  13. It's a year round park I believe so you should be fine!
  14. We'll probably see Mission Ferrari open before Leviathan 😋
  15. Thanks for sharing! Let's hope they announce whatever's replacing Arkham and not another online store or something 😜
  16. Here's a few pics I took on Sunday. The difference stands out more in person and looks pretty good! Plus a new addition to the Arkham courtyard:
  17. Nevertheless they really shouldn't have left it looking like that anyway. Didn't they cover it up?
  18. The smoke effects were disabled on Superman when I visited the park a week ago. It was a pretty busy Saturday, too.
  19. The ABC area getting refurbed makes sense, but part of me thinks it may be too small for a "Legoland". Dreamworks getting the Lego retheme (with maybe a couple new rides/replacements) would probably be a better fit. Plus Lego doesn't really fit the demographic. If they want a land for the younger kids Bluey would be much better for it.
  20. That guy makes good videos! Ahem On that particular day the ride was down for most of it, only reopening for the last few hours. Couldn't tell what was wrong. They were testing frequently throughout the day.
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