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  1. They usually double check the photo, yes. Unless the new member of your party looks similar to the photo on the extra pass I wouldn't try it
  2. Popped in there during Snowy Nights. Has three rooms with comfy chairs and various sensory items, and is indeed very quiet - couldn't hear anything from outside, even with ST next door. A very nice idea!
  3. How the showcase interior currently looks! From Gold Coast Theme Parks' New Update:
  4. Don't have a Cow, man! Arkham area is getting the Emerald treatment
  5. The whole area looks so different now, track everywhere! Looks great!
  6. Based on how the barn looks it was filmed at least two weeks ago 😮
  7. Theming is being added to the temple structure. Looks like it's interior theming for the indoor scene Reverse view Also more track!
  8. I think a Legoland could happen someday, as they seem to be popping up everywhere. Merlin does indeed have a presence down under already with a few attractions. Universal has more of a chance than Disney for sure
  9. From the recent update video you can see this thing in the background in the laser room. Anyone know what it is?
  10. They did indeed start repainting DC this year. The ride was testing frequently today (which surprised me as I hadn't read the news at the time haha) C0117.mov Did it always make that noise on the loop? Also speaking on Doomsday, no pics but you can see one of the removed counter weights (?) sitting back of house on the road leading to Paradise Country
  11. Picoplay also recently uploaded a new video, that features some previously shown Jungle Rush theming - as well as some interesting tidbits if you zoom in on the right frame Above is the layout for Jungle Rush's indoor queue!
  12. Believe it or not... this was briefly on display on the Tiger Island screen. It's the layout for MM, plus a few bits of concept art! Bye bye to Motocoaster's entrance!
  13. New construction wall art has been put up (currently behind the Flash construction wall) The rainbow arches seen in the concept art are now off site (Paradise Country road, bad photo and look better in person) Jaggs also posted a couple of aerial shots in his latest update
  14. I can't answer your question, but I'd be interested to hear about your visit to Chimelong when you return. Was going to visit during my Hong Kong trip last year but had to skip it
  15. It's funnily enough also playing at the Roxy in Movie Park Germany
  16. Guessing it's about the JR track
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