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  1. Maintenance. They're apparently upgrading the seats on all the boats.
  2. Thank you for the update and amazing pictures! Really interested in seeing how they handle the theming now.
  3. Here's an update from this afternoon. ST was testing frequently so was able to get some decent footage! Another angle of the sign; looks like the rockwork is shaped so you can sit underneath it: Inspired by a certain other coaster's signage perhaps? Buzzsaw getting cleared may open up a potential viewing area of the launch. I'd also like to see some audio tied to it, similar to what they're doing with the Road Runner Refurb.
  4. Clip of the testing yesterday stv.mp4 One seat had a water dummy enjoying the ride! More dummies sitting out Wonder what happened here? Station artwork! \ ST's now on the park map! Here's my newest construction update video:
  5. The theming and facades in the show building have been taken down. The Smoking area has also been brought forward, blocking off the WWW and Studio Showcase area further:
  6. Destination Dad n Daughter got it on video!
  7. Oh no, they forgot to include 'Next Generation'!
  8. I wonder what spurred this unparalleled and brave move?
  9. Guess I should have done, just didn't want to toot my own horn too much, so to speak. Oh well... toot toot!
  10. Saw one of the Trains on the track today getting moved into the maintenance room!
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