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  1. OgreMagic

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    Here's a couple of basic phone pics I took today. The Flowrider/Sidewinder area was also borded off, but easy enough for a cheeky slip through as shown above!
  2. I really miss the Harry Potter Movie Magic Experience. From what I remember it was quite well themed for the time and quite fun (especially if you had a good tour guide). Ride-wise I'll have to echo the sentiments toward Bermuda Triangle Looney Tunes River Ride!
  3. OgreMagic

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    Check out the "Jungle Trailblazer" woodies they have in China. I believe it will be similar in style to them.
  4. OgreMagic

    Creature Cruise at Dreamworld

    I have extremely vague memories of riding it as a kiddo. I remember it being indoors and having a Dinosaur section (pretty sure the baby Triceratops they stuck in the Log Flume was from this) and that's pretty much it. I think the entrance may have been where the Madagascar Coaster is now? I remember enjoying it and being confused why it wasn't there on future visits.