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  1. Awesome stuff. Having never ridden this I was worried it might follow Arkam by becoming an SBNO eyesore!
  2. That was sad to watch... Wish Dreamworld took better care of preserving their history.
  3. Sylvester's Pounce 'n' Bounce is outta here! Lex is back after a sabbatical.
  4. Here's a few photos from Thursday afternoon. You can now see clearly into the shed that's housing the rest of the boats. Can't remove a ride without your trusty Rake! The Dryer's been moved out of the site. I also have a couple of update videos with footage from over the last two days if you'd like to see more: https://www.youtube.com/c/OgreMagic
  5. Is it back to being free? Last I checked the option was disabled and replaced with "pay xxx to get on now!"
  6. Were there meant to be more episodes? I was under the impression that was it, as the last episode was filmed shortly before Covid closed the UK parks.
  7. Few pics from this evening Mack Crates! A temporary (?) light has been installed at the Giant Drop Entrance... ... covering the poor dedication plaque.
  8. Here's a few pics from today. No noticeable work seems to have been done since yesterday.
  9. Here's a few pics from Roadrunner. Noticed a big box from Vekoma with some interesting info... some work was being done on the lift hill, too. It often gets queue times wrong. Once it had WWF at 40 mins all day when it was actually walk on... anyhow, both Doomsday and Superman were completely closed today. Doomsday in particular had at least 5 maintenance workers on it... seems like they're really trying to get it open quickly.
  10. The building by the Log Flume (Cafe/Photo Booth) got completely demolished this evening by a digger. Was quite sad... Will upload a video later tonight.
  11. An underwater themed Mad House at SW could be amazing if done properly. I could see them tying it in to New Atlantis... A trip to the "Old" Atlantis perhaps?
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