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  1. Nevertheless they really shouldn't have left it looking like that anyway. Didn't they cover it up?
  2. The smoke effects were disabled on Superman when I visited the park a week ago. It was a pretty busy Saturday, too.
  3. The ABC area getting refurbed makes sense, but part of me thinks it may be too small for a "Legoland". Dreamworks getting the Lego retheme (with maybe a couple new rides/replacements) would probably be a better fit. Plus Lego doesn't really fit the demographic. If they want a land for the younger kids Bluey would be much better for it.
  4. That guy makes good videos! Ahem On that particular day the ride was down for most of it, only reopening for the last few hours. Couldn't tell what was wrong. They were testing frequently throughout the day.
  5. Actually looks pretty good! May even top Scooby for the best themed station. It's a shame though that we have to rely on cheeky Instagram stories to get updates on the construction. I wish they kept that construction blog updated...
  6. Looks like we have a Scoobspiracy on our hands
  7. Not sure what they are but they did something similar with Madagascar last year during maintenance.
  8. That was a fun read. Glad you had a good time overall! Couple thoughts on MW: yeah, it's a shame to see the current state of the park. JL has been in awful shape for a while now. The guns have literally never worked for me the few times I tried it. I'll have to check out that Mushroom 😬 Scooby Doo, where are you?! I want my favourite ride back. Removing those awful unsynced screens in the lift would be a good start...
  9. Not looking likely they'll reach the Easter opening. If Leviathan starts testing / Trident goes up in the next couple weeks we might be in for a chance.
  10. Guessing it's merch and/or the online store. Both teaser posts have the shopping hasthtag, along with blurred pics of people wearing MW clothing.
  11. Long time for Giant Drop. Maybe we'll finally see the last bit of ToT's track removed.
  12. Speaking of maintenance... Went on Scooby the other day. The screens in the elevator were mixed up; big Scrappy appeared on one of the side screens instead of the front screen. It was also out of sync (as usual). Next Generation was a mistake. Sorry to hear that. That's unacceptable. Never thought I'd be start worrying about safety standards at Movie World of all places. Dreamworld's operations have been indeed been fantastic the last couple weeks. Let's hope this is the new norm and they won't slip back to old standards!
  13. I hope so! The Parks article from October did hint that it would be well themed.
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