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  1. You're not very good at making a joke ngl. I don't think it's funny - Michael Rosen.mp4
  2. Most woodies have floater airtime like those made by GCI, however this is made by gravity group and they do make more intense woodies with ejector air so yea this is most likely ejector. (but that means it most likely will need much more maintenance on the tracks over time)
  3. I thought we already knew that it would have backwards seats when it was announced
  4. Fun fact. Velikolukskiy Myasokombinat means Meat Processing Plant in English. There's also a second coaster with this sponsor in the park Velikolukskiy Myasokombinat-2.
  5. nah i think all of the supports will be white for consistency and the map isn't that always that accurate.
  6. Superman is operating according to the website now. So uhh Yay?
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