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  1. The ride features 2 launches (more like boosts actually) 2 inversions (sidewinder and corkscrew) couple airtime hills and over banked turns. I do think you're pretty spot on with the testing though. Might take around 14-16 weeks is my guess
  2. Not to defend covid breaching but in the story he was in a car and every other time he's been on the train so he was clearly there for other reasons than just updates. If not though this was really stupid and unsafe
  3. Luna Park has revealed Loopy Lighthouse on the website...
  4. Ah yes, the Luna Park gnome of wisdom
  5. So far I am loving this series. It's so intense and moving. The way the portray everything is so well done. Highly reccomend to anyone who's interested.
  6. Gotta say i'm a little disappointed its a 360. I'm not surprised one bit but I was hoping for a Discovery. But i'm not complaining, a rides a ride!
  7. Just tried power surge today. Hurt my thighs but was still fun. Moon Ranger will always be better in my opinion as it was so unique to see all those boats while literally stalling upside down. Another thing about Moon Ranger that I noticed was that the stall always varied. It sometimes didn't even stop and just started swinging the opposite direction with no stall. It was still probably my fave ride in the park tied with Hair Raiser. I am extremely sad to see it go. I'm going to Halloscream so it's a shame I won't get to see Moon Ranger at night. The trioka's days do seem numbered but on
  8. Rotor is not included on the updated park map because it is closed for covid 19 measures. In the statement when LPS announced the expansion they did mention re-furbished rides and mention the rotor would be one of them. The Rotor is a world heritage listed site and I don't see it getting the boot in the near future. I agree. Maloney's Corner is looking to be leaning towards the kids area side. While Spider is a family attraction, some still find it too intense. I walked across the boardwalk a few days ago and saw power surge covered in tarps but not operating. Have no idea what they're
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