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  1. My first choice would probably be an RMC Hybrid. Don't think I need to explain why. After that a Stratacoaster or Gigacoaster would be awesome to have on the country's coaster line up and will put us back on the height records list (since after the closure of Tower of Terror we don't have any truly massively tall coasters). What would your pick be?
  2. Looks good but Dreamworld is still crap atm. The coaster lineup is an outdated looper, a poor man's Jet Rescue, some crappy kids coaster and this. 1 good Coaster in what's supposed to be the country's biggest theme park.
  3. I'll ride the Steel Taipan when it comes out but after that I don't think I'll have any reason to visit the park. Most of the thrill rides are gone and most of the ones left are very average (the Claw and Pandamonium are exceptions). Unless they get more decent thrill rides in the future outside of only three of them being above average, I won't be visiting the park when I can go to MovieWorld instead since it offers much more in terms of thrill rides.
  4. I'm asking more about GP, since DC Rivals is certainly the most famous in the enthusiast community.
  5. What would you say is the most iconic Australian theme park attraction, both locally and globally?
  6. I knew I forgot to mention something, Vikings Revenge was another great
  7. Which former Australian theme park attraction that you miss would you choose to bring back or ride on one more time? (Examples: Tower of Terror, Wipeout, Sea Viper, Thunderbolt, Bermuda Triangle, Bush Beast, Eureka Mine, Big Dipper, Metropolis, Looney Tunes Water Ride, etc)
  8. Agreed. Thats exactly why the city needs a new one. All we have is the Scenic Railway which is closed down 90% of the time, and that pissy little Speedy Beetle or whatever the hell its called.
  9. That was part of its charm. I also actually enjoyed the coaster and I'd even say it was Melbournes best coaster. LPM feels so empty without it.
  10. This ride will always be called the Cyclone as far as I'm concerned.
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