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  1. @themagician have they removed the buildings where the Buggys once were? And what is in the area of Mach 5 since its removal? Just grass
  2. But the ride takes 40 people...so should be a longer cycle
  3. “The Sylvester’s Pounce ‘and Bounce” has also been removed from the website
  4. Tower of terror now been removed, good job dreamworld a little refinement to go.
  5. Definitely still in development because fully 6 slides appear very good but then the litter rippers is just block work, like the giant drop etc. Still work in progress folks. Take care
  6. I have booked a mega trip to rainbows end in new zealwnd in 6 months
  7. Gotta ask how reliable will our top spin actually be since all the others are unreliable
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