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  1. @themagician have they removed the buildings where the Buggys once were? And what is in the area of Mach 5 since its removal? Just grass
  2. But the ride takes 40 people...so should be a longer cycle
  3. “The Sylvester’s Pounce ‘and Bounce” has also been removed from the website
  4. Tower of terror now been removed, good job dreamworld a little refinement to go.
  5. Definitely still in development because fully 6 slides appear very good but then the litter rippers is just block work, like the giant drop etc. Still work in progress folks. Take care
  6. I have booked a mega trip to rainbows end in new zealwnd in 6 months
  7. Gotta ask how reliable will our top spin actually be since all the others are unreliable
  8. Well this is pretty sad...hope it won't be for too long
  9. Hi, anyone know if I can buy tickets at gate?
  10. Can see there being a huge amount of problems because all the trrr structure remains
  11. Sky Voyager was the biggest waste of money in history.
  12. Here it is folks 48819166_192982475809527_4884118887435110606_n.mp4
  13. The candy shop and icecream shop needs a modern exterior, hope they are finally giving it a brand new look to fit in well with Sky Voyager
  14. On Saturday I went to dreamworld for Happy Halloween and was thoroughly impressed. The park looked very good under lighting, I also have to say that there is still plenty of rides at Dreamworld even though people are complaining that there is nothing left. In 3 ½ hours I managed to get on the Claw, Giant Drop, Tail Spin, Sky voyager these rides are still very enjoyable and exciting. I love what they have done with barrels burger bar really fits in well with the theme and also very excited for the new roller coaster when I return next year.
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