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  1. Same here It would be cool to see SV obtain a license for another flyover elsewhere which can also be a good promo addition. Out of the two played so far, the USA version was definitely my favourite
  2. With rivals now being $20 per person 🥴, I wonder how much ST will be 🤔
  3. Buzzsaw closing has kinda got me in my feels. Buzzsaw will always have a different meaning to me. I was the first person on along side my sister, winning a video film contest back in the day. A group of us who won got to be the very first on the ride which was an awesome night! The night started with a few rides on Buzzsaw, we then had a few hours to do whatever during screamworld. We then watched paranormal activity in the cinema, had a scare tour of the park, with scare actors throughout the park. We then did The A.V.P.X but it was a scare maze instead (before it turned into Kevil Hill) Then
  4. I was told the Westside is hoping to be operational by the time ST opens. But who knows. I miss the view on the Westside
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