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  1. Diggers onsite: https://www.sanadcapital.com.au/post/wave-of-activity-as-scene-set-for-long-awaited-130m-surf-pool-and-resort
  2. Hey guys, I'm looking to head over to the states in October and I am currently trying to look at opening dates for Magic Mountain. However, but they blank out future dates.
  3. It's pretty safe to say that when they announced Big Dipper 3.0 for Luna Park Sydney in late 2020, it came out of left field. I mean, I'm still shocked that no one leaked the plans as I assumed the residents around LPS would of have to of been consulted otherwise they would've gotten really angry. So how long was Hearne and Co. planning the expansion? Was it before COVID hit or did they decide to redevelop Maloney's Corner to attract tourists back after the restriction had eased? Also, I remember someone saying they didn't have to put in a DA due to the planning amendment that the government made after the whole Volare/shutting down debacle? Anyone have any information on the planning of the expansion?
  4. Even though it was down for a very short amount of time, I honestly wouldn't be shocked if it goes down again. For a prototype, it has run pretty good.
  5. Thredbo has apparently submitted a DA to build Australia’s first alpine coaster https://www.thredbo.com.au/about-thredbo/thredbo-development/
  6. Well guys, it's that time of year again when the country comes to the city. The Sydney Royal Easter Show is coming back from 8th to the 19th of April. Now, while thed show is going to be
  7. When do you think I should book? I really don’t want to be up there and it not be open?
  8. Does anyone have a rough idea on when it will open as I'm thinking of booking a trip up to Coolie?
  9. Posted earlier this month. Stinger's runoff has been completed and Octo is making good progress.
  10. Nice image, construction is flying along. Honestly, with a few more slides, JAP would be the undisputed king of NSW water parks ( although it arguably already is ).
  11. Why would LPS only post a partial POV when in the media kit they have a full one?
  12. Anyone notice how DW changed their logo on their website to the OG opening day one?
  13. I know this might be a stupid question to ask but does Steel Taipan have a mode where it can go through the full course without doing a rollback?
  14. Phew, I thought they were going to shut down Movie World.
  15. TBH, I like the look of The New Atlantis. Sure, it doesn't have much theming but if you just base it of asthetics, it looks pretty nice.
  16. Might not be as fast as the Raptors but it has still got a lot of whip in it. Yes it’s short but it packs a decent amount of elements.
  17. Ok, so a update on the park that always promises to start construction any day but then wa la, the developers need one more approval or a new construction permit. So firstly, on the 12th of November, Sanad Capital posted this article ( https://www.sanadcapital.com.au/post/endless-surf-sunshine-coast-surf-pool ) that stated Actventure would ' likely to begin work in November with the entire attraction ready for a grand opening at Christmas, 2023.' Then a week ago, Sanad posted another article stating site preparations would begin in weeks ( https://www.sanadcapital.com.au/post/making-waves-on-steve-irwin-way-what-the-cutting-edge-endless-surf-attraction-will-look-like ). Is this a scam or what? It kinda seeks like Sanad are dragging their heels??? Or am I just nieve and this is how long stuff takes?
  18. Their back:https://www.heraldsun.com.au/subscribe/news/1/?sourceCode=HSWEB_WRE170_a_GGL&dest=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.heraldsun.com.au%2Fnews%2Fnsw%2Fluna-park-lavender-bay-mcmahons-point-residents-raise-new-concerns-over-noise%2Fnews-story%2F15fb79760384f46e505716ed5c053778&memtype=anonymous&mode=premium&v21=dynamic-hot-test-score&V21spcbehaviour=append
  19. * see’s a post about vaccines on Parkz * Me: oh, this is going to be fun. Real fun.
  20. I went on opening night after rebooking multiple times due to Covid. The park was buzzing and Halloscream was great. I got there a bit before rope drop and there was a lot of people there. We had booked a night session. You honestly couldn't tell the park was capped at 75% but I felt like the park was pretty safe. We had no problem having our vax status checked and you could tell it was a well organized system. This was my first Halloween event at a park and it was really enjoyable. The scare maze I experienced, Outback Slaughterhouse, was a great maze with lots of jump scare's and actors. What impressed me the most was how it smelt like a proper animal slaughterhouse. There was lots of street entertainment but you couldn't hear the actors. Now onto the rides. Now, obviously Sledgehammer was closed which really annoyed me as they had ages to make sure it was going. Maybe they couldn't get it certified in time but seriously, are you going to open a expanded LPS without your signature new attraction. I can maybe excuse that as growing pains but what I can't get past is that two of the other key rides, WM and Rotor were also shut. Like come on, you reopen after eight months of being closed and you can't manage to get your major rides open. Also, the operations on Hair Raiser were awful. The ops were really nice but jeez, they we're slow. Anyway, I had a enjoyable time and I think my criticisms will be ironed out over the coming months.
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