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  1. If we can't know, but you already do and tell us that you know, then that's not really fair. It just makes no sense to give teasers to people in very vague descriptions when you're not even employed by VRTP or a website/page dedicated to sharing information about them. After all, if what your saying isn't true then we've just been led down a rabbithole of speculation which we didn't need to discuss
  2. I'll have to disagree here. There's a good amount of effort that's been put into the theming on Storm. The junk cars, vans and boats really do mix well with the story. Don't forget that the theming in the ride station really helps with atmosphere. It's better than most of the Dulux Jacuzzi blue that they painted the Vortex area with, to me at least.
  3. Awesome! Fright Nights has been a yearly tradition for me since 2016 so it'll be nice to go back this year
  4. It's really good to see the Matrix characters back. It's been many years since I heard anything out of that franchise at MW
  5. Just watched the programme and I'll say that it's pretty much what some of us were expecting. Deaths, more deaths, injuries, tears. But did they explain how the accidents/incidents occurred? Not at all. Just a whole lot of fingerpointing. The third party auditor was clearly used as a scapegoat for the 2016 DW tragedy, bloke explained that it was the safest ride in the park with no safety hazards or warnings detected, still got overshadowed by a family member of the victims. I'm not suggesting that Dreamworld had the greatest level of WHS considerations prior but still, some better contest
  6. The trend for parks nowadays is to have pink rollercoasters at the front of the park
  7. Next it'll be the bloody Wax Museum..
  8. I think it'd be a great idea to have a hotel in Coomera. And I can kinda see why the COO said that no one could compete with us. For me as a local, it'd make going to MW for the weekend a lot more appealing if I could MW one day and WnW the next. I reckon they'll also be a lot more bookings from interstate travellers who would probably think the same. If you think about it, they have SW and SW resort in Main Beach already. There's still the same old touristy spots you can go look at nearby or a few kilometres away, like The Spit, Broadbeach, Ripley's and Infinity to name a few. But they'l
  9. Do they still the PA cop car/s? I'm no backstage MW expert but I remember being in the queue for the Doll Hous a few years back during Fright Nights and it was sitting there on the otherside of the fence. It wasn't the one parked in Arkham etiher, because that was still sitting in it's usual area. Not sure if it was meant to be used or not.
  10. To add on, I personally think that if you leave those attractions untouched in a themed precinct (queue buildings, flora, props etc) it just adds more to the theming in the area as a whole. To my knowledge there's been barely any well-known events of trespassing into SBNO areas so safety wouldn't be an issue either.
  11. The monster truck arena has been turned into a mess because of all the rain that has recently happened in SE QLD. Anyway, here's a clue as to what the banners look like
  12. The track for the monster trucks is coming along
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