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  1. Even if it were true (which it isn't) that 100% of people visiting from Brisbane/elsewhere are setting off before the park even opens, there is no reason not to provide ride wait information in real-time. I'm a professional UX designer and I've actually showed the app to other software developers on my team. No one can wrap their head around why they are locking that information, beyond a) performance issues - not good b) obscuring information from users deliberately (also not good). As you yourself say, the VQ is clunky. While it may have always worked for you in spite of that, it has failed
  2. Brad, I'm venting, critiquing and sharing an experience. What's the problem with that? It's a theme park forum. And I'm also alerting you and others to issues with the app which may affect your experiences in the park - you seem to agree with me that the app should be improved. In fact that is the whole point of my post, that this app is taking value away from paying guests. You seem to be getting really riled up
  3. Thanks Webslave, you are right, the UX on the app is terrible and the lack of competition/innovation is what is holding them back.. To you Brad I would say that even if I agreed with you that these 4 parks are worth visiting on an unlimited or even one-off basis (debatable -they are low/average quality by international standards - few rides and poor theming), the major irritation is the lack of communication re: these peak/off-peak price fluctuations. Again, these things can be built into the app and communicated to users which would improve the experience. As to not letting users kno
  4. I am a season pass holder. When the fast track system was first brought out, I purchased that on top of a season pass and had a blast - no problem paying extra to skip the queue. Visited movie world again today, fully intending to purchase fast track again because it's worth it. Find out that fast track has been completely nerfed - $99 just to skip the queue on 7 attractions just once. And keep in mind - one of those coasters wasn't even running today, and the other two (Road Runner Coaster + justice League 3D) are crap. Come on. So, I decided to see if I could fast track individual ride
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