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  1. Its an interesting perspective. It’s a shame the Buzzsaw overshadows what will be a great ride.
  2. Plans change. They also show tower of terror existing with steel taipan and the train shed to remain with the addition of the steel taipan supports through the middle of the shed. Shed is now gone, so if those plans can change, so can the track realignment.
  3. The writing is on the wall isn’t it? Maintenance facility removed, I’d be very surprised if it returns.
  4. There’s no doubt the long queues and low capacity suck. I don’t dispute that. I do dispute the fact that someone is purposely going through their day to try to make guests pissed off. There are valid reasons as to why these rides aren’t operating at peak capacity.
  5. More people in queues also means more space for people who will actually spend money in the shops to have a better experience. Remember in Roller Coaster Tycoon when you would be happy if the queue lines were all full? As I said earlier, cut them a bit of slack, there would be some very good reasons as to why they aren’t running every single train or every operator being there..
  6. Calm your farm. Personally I have not taken it, rather the attitude and ego is showing if this is the attitude the mods here have. At the end of the day, debate or no debate, having moderators shout down the throat of a new member isn’t exactly the best look now is it? For what it’s worth, it doesn’t really matter. It will get removed/ changed in time. Just like the peoplemover at Disneyland will come down eventually too. All in good time my friend.
  7. I didn’t come on here to start an argument, rather add an opposing side to the argument. If this is the way mods treat members of this site, it’s no wonder Parkz and some of it’s members have the name it has within the local industry. @Slick, I fully agree that it’s not a good look. I’m not saying that they should leave it up there for old times sake. However what I am saying is that it’s clear the tower is getting work done to it, the track is slowly being removed, and that whole area of the park is being transformed. Give them time, rome wasn’t built in a day, and realistically it
  8. You are clutching at straws. This isn’t the case of for example Mine Ride which sat there for years, virtually intact and the none the wiser wondered why they couldn’t ride. The Tower of Terrors track is clearly being removed, and it had a widely advertised and reported send off. Any guest who thinks they can still ride Tower of Terror with half the track being gone, clearly has bigger issues.
  9. Exactly. It’s great to see the parks busy. There are valid reasons that the peak staffing and or ride capacity levels aren’t in line with what had been standard practice. It could be a financial way for them to claw back some profits after Covid impacted this time last year, it could be not enough staff being available due to illnesses and the fact anyone with a sniffle is basically shunned from working these days, or it could be a maintenance/ engineering reason. My point is, they don’t just decide “let’s not run at full capacity today because I can’t be arsed doing the paperwork”, I’m s
  10. It’s painted letters on a tower that is very much under a transformation right now. In a world where every dollar is counter, I think you are clutching a straws if you think this is a top priority when it’s something that will not affect a guests day.
  11. Some would say it’s good to see the parks this busy. It means consumer confidence is growing. Congratulations to the parks for sticking through Covid. I’m sure there are some valid reasons as to why they aren’t running to peak capacity.
  12. Honestly, let’s be realistic here. How much does it matter that the Tower of Terror words are still on the tower?
  13. I feel the closure of Road Runner is a bit long compared to normal. Road Runner Next Generation?
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