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  1. The “new” tag is their ticket to theme it however they want. One could say it’s a complete cop out…
  2. Changing topic for a bit, I spotted this on Instagram today, why would he have an issue with parkz?
  3. You don’t need to cause shit, there’s heaps of fodder on here without needing to involve yourself. In regards to what to do with Arkham, I’d say pull it down, remove all the theming (whilst it was better than without it, a lot of it is just flat graphics). Let’s expand out the park footprint, there’s heaps of space and land around there, and if noise is an issue, put it in a building.
  4. Bikash has left Sea World in an unstoppable position. He secured the world class vortex ride, and the new wooden coaster. He fought for investment in that park, and I am personally glad he did.
  5. Are you staff? Don’t go breaking NDA’s by being the messenger..
  6. So Steel Taipan’s theme is Dreamworld’s “fuscia pink” moment on parkz? Good to see it doesn’t miss out!
  7. True, Vortex is worst, but the junked boats, doesn’t take much to go to a junk yard and pick up some trash and litter it everywhere.. inside, ok it’s slightly better but it makes up 5% of the experience. Steel Taipan is giving me Jet Rescue vibes, and that’s not a bad thing. Give me curated rockwork any day over junked cars and boats.
  8. Honestly the rides theming is little more than trashed boats and shipping containers.
  9. Well so far it’s got better theming than Mack’s past 2 rides here, Rivals and StormTrash: The Ride at Sea World.
  10. The ride isn’t supported anymore and that’s why they are getting rid of it? Right… Its a major blow for the park, another ride coming down, but believe me there aren’t too many people sad about this one.
  11. This video is aimed at the general public, and I think it does a good job at doing just that, informing average joe. Don’t get me started on that dreaded Sky Voyager video, I cringe every time I see it. It’s not the worst they have produced but it’s far from the best, and hardly a step up from what was there. Ofcourse everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
  12. Calm down joe, just because you don’t understand the video doesn’t mean you should blast people. And what’s with the random attacks of the people on parkz and golden years (whatever that is)?
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