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  1. They still do the Bounty model, and I believe that it can be configured like a Looping Starship?? The last Looping Starship Intamin sold was back in 2006, and their website doesn't show the model so I'm assuming they aren't offering it anymore.
  2. While they could much easily fix up Vikings rather than adding a new attraction, I just can't see it happening. It's been sitting there empty for almost 5 years now, and the reason it closed in the first place (correct me if I'm wrong) was partly because of the TRR incident and from what I've heard there were parts of the trough that were damaged. When Vikings closed for maintenance after the TTR incident the park removed some parts of the ride, and I doubt they would still be holding onto those most likely out of date components.
  3. I've seen a video of the same thing happening to Top Thrill Dragster, and there was reports that Xcelerator stalled on its top hat for something like 3 hours? It's quite interesting IMO that they manage to balance up there so well.
  4. Can't remember if this has already been brought up but I can't stand the fact they are calling it "Kaboom!". Sounds really lame imo, doesn't really give that excitement like it should.¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. I could see an S&S free spin in buzzsaws plot, however considering they are adding a triple launch coaster I don't think it would be the wisest idea to add another triple launch next door... Plus ST will make two launch coasters in the park, and I personally think two is enough; one for families and one for the thrill seekers.
  6. Looks to me like they just put a dent in it so it doesn't hit the other support and called it a day. 😂
  7. Is it just me or do those trains seem uncomfortably low? 🤔😂
  8. Don't forget the red track with grey supports for BD...
  9. Not too sure myself, but pretty sure it was the non-spinning train cause there is five carriages in a train and from what I saw there was five carriages there?
  10. Wait am I missing something? I thought the park had already stated that it was going for good through private messages on social media? Actually did they end up doing a public announcement about AA?
  11. Maybe Dreamworld can make a few quick dollars by doing what they did with TOT2 and selling off some of the parts to a park with the same ride?
  12. Looks like the same concept as their old model, just different track design and most likely train design as well.
  13. Has anyone else seen the new Intamin half pipe? I'm pretty sure they posted a teaser on their Instagram page about it.
  14. They took the head off about 2 months ago for "cleaning" (that's what I was told by employees).
  15. Wait actually? I thought buzzsaw was always a pinkish dark red?
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