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  1. They took the head off about 2 months ago for "cleaning" (that's what I was told by employees).
  2. Wait actually? I thought buzzsaw was always a pinkish dark red?
  3. Probably because they just dished out a ton of money on new attractions. Plus, 300 staff members (feel free to correct me cause I can't remember) at a higher rate would also eat away at the bank. That's just my perspective on it.
  4. Quick update on the rides today Around 2:00-2:40pm today I saw some members of maintenance under the transfer track of GL working on what I think was a dismembered wheel bogey. DC Rivals 2nd train is still sitting in SE's maintenance room and SD was stacking trains on the final turn to the unload station.
  5. I can't remember what the problem was but wasn't it some parts that were being shipped had gotten delayed cause of covid?
  6. I was starting to think that the big 30th anniversary announcement was doomsday reopening! Only took them 5 months of delays 😂
  7. I disagree. I believe we'll see a new gen Vekoma invert or flyer come to the plot. Mainly because B&M has never worked in Australia and the price tag for a Vekoma would be far lower then a B&M invert. I've been informed that there will be an announcement for AA's replacement within the coming months.
  8. "featuring multiple corkscrews" World's first water slide with a corkscrew can't wait! 😂
  9. Never got to ride AA either, but from what I've heard the new trains solved the head banging, but after a few years it started to develop a real nasty rattle and the restraints caused painful thigh crushing.
  10. I still don't understand why boomerang has a chain lift rather then tire system considering part of it already uses tires... Maybe I'm just stupid 😅
  11. I always used to think it would of happened as once one train reaches a certain part in the layout, another one would roll out the station up the lift and another one would roll into the sation, treating the lift hill as a block brake. Now that I look back on it, probably not the safest way since you would need perfect disbatches and the lift would constantly be stopping and starting up if a train hadn't fit the final brakes yet... 😕
  12. I can't stop laughing that is hilarious 🤣
  13. I was wondering, what is the normal pace for ride construction? I know time varies between manufacturer and the model of the ride, but it seems they are zooming through construction. I don't normally follow ride construction as close as others, so I'm not too sure about this kind of stuff.
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