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  1. I thought I remember hearing that the trains were causing extra wear and tear on the track, and that both the ride system and track would need to be fixed in order for it to be able to operate properly and safely?
  2. Was at SeaWorld two days ago and it was still sitting in pieces waiting to be assembled.
  3. It certianly left me questioning the thoroughness of their maintence.
  4. I was just riding DC Rivals about 10 minutes ago, row 5 left seat, don’t know which train and the clip that holds the back cover of the seat broke. Luckily there was a little rope holding it so it didn’t fall off but still a frightening experience. Tried to get a picture but the employees wouldn’t let me. As of now it’s just done a test run. Update: they’ve transferred the damaged train off and I believe will reopen tonight with just the one train. Update 2: tried to get ride photos and unfortunately couldn’t due to the people in front of me doing “inappropriate actions”
  5. You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this 🤤
  6. Theres now an advertisement for ST at my local bus stop. First time I've seen an advert for it that wasn't on social media or the board outside the park.
  7. Nice to see it being taken down so soon unlike another ride I know... *cough cough* "Arkham Asylum" *cough cough*
  8. Does anyone know what the new boats will look like yet? In my opinion I reckon its pretty stupid their putting individual lap bars on it, as there was nothing wrong with the single bars and they were much faster to secure with faster dispatch times.
  9. Thats what I was thinking. I doubt it would be Superman considering they already have a ride themed to him, but I guess its still a possibility?
  10. Those timberliners look amazing! 🤩 Bit sad it's opening now in Easter 2022, mainly cause I need to renew my pass now...
  11. Thanks for the maths lesson, but all these numbers are hurting my eyes 😵
  12. They still do the Bounty model, and I believe that it can be configured like a Looping Starship?? The last Looping Starship Intamin sold was back in 2006, and their website doesn't show the model so I'm assuming they aren't offering it anymore.
  13. While they could much easily fix up Vikings rather than adding a new attraction, I just can't see it happening. It's been sitting there empty for almost 5 years now, and the reason it closed in the first place (correct me if I'm wrong) was partly because of the TRR incident and from what I've heard there were parts of the trough that were damaged. When Vikings closed for maintenance after the TTR incident the park removed some parts of the ride, and I doubt they would still be holding onto those most likely out of date components.
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