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  1. WWF is down for unscheduled maintenance...
  2. A new water ride would be good, but it couldn't be anything similar to TRR, otherwise the GP might not take it too well...
  3. Did they? Was it on private messages or public ones?
  4. I always thought S&S only offered it as a whole train, not as selected sides.
  5. yeah the second they said "Guest services" on the phone call I knew I wouldn't get a proper answer. Oh well.
  6. I contacted MW a little while ago, and got a call back from guest services saying they can't disclose what was going to happen to AA, but that there was an addition to the area on it's way that would be announced later this year. I doubt it will be anything above 20m, as VRTP just invested 50m into SW new expansion and DC Rivals was 30m when added in 2017. I think a B&M is never gonna happen, but maybe in future years it might.
  7. hmmmmmm. Maybe I just have really crappy memory cause I don't remember seeing that sign up this year. My mum sometimes tags along with me and she says she doesn't remember seeing it either. Maybe they took it down for a bit then put it back up? I'm not really sure. This is my first time having a season pass in over 7 years, so I really only know stuff from this year...
  8. Damn I had no idea. Guess I wasn't looking hard enough. Another thing, the joker statue by SE is still there. Wouldn't of they removed it by now? And why would they bother keeping the top of AA's tower unless they plan to put it back up after they removed AA.
  9. Visted Movie World today, and found something quite bizarre. Has anyone seen this Arkham Asylum sign before? It's at the enterance to the Arkham Asylum plaza area to the left of Scooby-Doo. I come pretty regulary, and I don't remember seeing the sign there this year. Also, the top of the tower at Arkham Asylum and the sign are underneath the rides lifthill, you can see it if you turn around of DC Rivals lifthill.
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