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  1. Maybe we will finally get an Australian Legoland. We know Merlin has long been interested in both the Australian market as well as growing the legoland brand. If there ever was gonna be a time to open an Australian Legoland it would be in the lead up to the Olympics.
  2. I dont know how the park is going to make a comeback from so many closures in such a short time. Right now it feels like the only things the park has going for it are skyvoyager and a DreamWorks area that is rumored to be closing soon as well. I worry that if steel taipan doesn't significantly increase attendance for the park then dreamworld could end up becoming the next wonderland.
  3. I hope this is true Vikings Revenge was a great ride and could serve as a less intense water attraction for families with kids too young or scared to ride the storm coaster.
  4. I wonder if this means we will finally see this rides demolition 5 years after it closed. Also wondering what will replace it my moneys on some kind of trackless dark ride.
  5. The only problem with a ride like this is that it is probably too similar to the parks other themed family coaster the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster and as such they would likely opt for a more unique attraction. But then again this logic didn't stop them from building Junior Driving School despite its similarity too Speedy Gonzalez Taxis.
  6. I though they merged Dreamworld and White Water World into a single park but now it looks like they are demerging them by requiring guests to have a top tier pass to enter.
  7. Im hoping these parks draws some inspiration from sega republic in Dubai. Though I never got to go see it in person it certainly looked like a pretty cool place with some decent attractions like a 3 story slide, a few simulators, a sonic themed drop tower and a robotnik themed spinning coaster amongst a couple other rides.
  8. That's the only way I could see Dreamworld getting a Lego themed area since Merlin has the exclusive rights to Lego in theme parks and I can't see them sub-licensing to Dreamworld since Merlin has in the past indicated interest in bringing a Legoland resort to Australia themselves. I still stand by my idea of stripping the DreamWorks references and just calling it a worlds fair themed area.
  9. The best part is the only work that would need to be done is removing a few statues and renaming the rides the general theming for each area could remain. I mean theres no use letting that oriental atmosphere from kung fu panda go to waste when it could be kept in for a more generic chinese themed section.
  10. I mean the timing does also add up since the DreamWorks agreement has been in place for nearly 10 years. I would also say its unlikey that DreamWorks parent company Universal Studios is keen to renew a licensing agreement at a potentially competing theme park made infamous for a tragic accident. I would say its most likely the deal will expire soon and Dreamworld will be forced to rebrand either to a new IP or more likely in my mind something generic and free of licensing agreements and obligations. If I was Dreameorld I would turn the DreamWorks area into a Worlds Fair themed section with Madagascar themed to Tanzania, Shrek turned into Britain and Kung Fu Panda rethemed to china and it wouldn't suprise me if this idea or something similar to it is what they end up actually doing.
  11. I dont see this stuff happen on any of the other theme park forums I go to.
  12. Do you have to be so rude its comments like this that make parkz feel so toxic.
  13. Well this comment was kinda rude even for Parkz. Hey can you at least give us a hint as to if this announcement is going to be for a new ride or something else entirely and wether it will be focused more on the family or thrillseeker demographics.
  14. Godzilla vs Kong just came out and did very well. It was also filmed on the Gold Coast at roadshow studios. Maybe we could see something to do with that film come to the studio showcase.
  15. How so? I understand currency is a factor but even still I feel that an unlimited pass for Universal is better value than one for Dreamworld or Movie World especially since its a pass that can be used by park hoppers at either Islands of Adventure or Universal Studios.
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