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  1. Wish it was, as I would either use that option or do the purchase option that they have on other rides.
  2. Really is a great new additions everywhere. Might have to make a trip back to QLD to be there for the new event. And most excited about the new stuff at Movie World. Park was really looking worn-out and tired across most things so this will hopefully give some life back to the park.
  3. I never got to ride 'Arkham Asylum' but did the Lethal Weapon quite a few times. I have seen on various posts there was new trains and stuff, was the ride experience that different?
  4. Is it just me or when you think of the 'Tallest Water Slide' you suddenly realise how many stairs you will have to climb to get to the top 😲 especially when my son would probably want to do this one over and over again. Pity there isn't a much easier way to get guests up that high but guess it all comes down to costs.
  5. Fair call yes, but when waiting 1-2 hours in line for a ride on an off peak day and then the F&B outlets and retail outlets close at 3pm anyway, what's the point.
  6. Looks like for the next 8 weeks at least Wet'n'Wild is only opening Thursday to Sunday. Hopefully later this year it goes back to 7 day operation as possibly moving up there and would use this alot with the kids in the afternoons.
  7. Must say that this ride was very underwhelming, getting off a ride that is hyped up so much and feeling 'oh is that it' was really not what I thought they were aiming for. One thing I did notice (I could be wrong) is that the cycles seem different? Is that the case or does it have some random sequences it goes through.
  8. It would be good that during times like these when most of the rides at Movie World are closed they would have 2 trains on some of the rides to compensate for that. Would loved to have done 10 things at Movie World on my last visit, got 2 rides in
  9. Best quote ever! Will need to do something great to make it a non-corporate hotel, totally agree that it will work great for events, but to capture guests who actually want to visit a theme park it will need to provide something more. Unfortunately I am hoping 'Hotel V' is just the trading name and the actual hotel will be named something else as for me it drums up images of the TV series 'V' This is also true, on my recent visit I was always confused as some staff say welcome to Village Roadshow Theme Parks when you call them but you're standing at Movie World. Would have thought that the Movie World branding was strong enough to not be pushed aside by Village Roadshow stuff. It's like I stayed at the Sheraton which is owned by Marriott, but all the branding, towels, badges and everything say Sheraton, not the corporation that owns them. I think this is really a very big missed opportunity for them as children don't ask to go to Village Roadshow Theme Parks, they say I want to go to Movie World. But everywhere a child looks at Movie World it says Village Roadshow Theme Parks. I have also noticed people on here call the logo a 'rake', wonder how long until they put a rake on the entrance archway to movie world haha
  10. Sorry my bad, should have been those working there as well.
  11. Looks great so far, looking forward to trying this one out. What do you reckon the height restrictions may be?
  12. I got to ride Wipeout years ago, haven't had the chance to try Vortex yet.
  13. Obviously they're limited with not only available space but tourist demand at this point, so when one major attraction does close for maintenance it is certainly felt by not only the guests but also those visiting.
  14. Have you been on the new Vortex at SW, is this a similar reincarnation of the Wipeout?
  15. Putting this out there to a poll of sorts: If you had to choose one day at either Movie World or Dreamworld, which would you choose and why?
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