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  1. chop2332

    Movie World Trip (it's been a while)

    I went today, thanks everyone for their input, made for a more enjoyable trip! Anyone know how to get my hands on the pumpy hsd song?
  2. chop2332

    Movie World Trip (it's been a while)

    Oh he did too, sorry!
  3. chop2332

    Movie World Trip (it's been a while)

    Now that I know I can ride, could someone answer the other 1a-e questions
  4. chop2332

    Movie World Trip (it's been a while)

    Great news for all wondering.. "The only requirement is that you are over 152cm!"
  5. Cruiseship, ill be heading to MW in like 2 weeks. but as i live in Vic, you'll have to be clear of what your after?
  6. Hey guys, I'll be heading to Movie World in a couple of weeks. I live in Vic so thats why its been a while. Anyways a few questions; 1. Hollywood Stunt Driver Pit Pass - Age Restrictions? 1a-dd; should only be answered if a 16 year old can do the pit pass. 1a. Is it really worth the $180 1b. What's the souvenir poster like? 1c. Any way to pre book, or does it have to be done that day? 1d. How long does the ride go for? 1dd. Any way to extend it? 1e. Do you actually see the drivers again, or just that 5-10 minutes in the car? 2. Is there any other experiences like this ^ at MW? 3.. Been a while since I've been to M.W, what's the best order of operation? if someone had a map they could share labelled with 1-10 or whatever? 4.. Worth taking a video camera? or will it become that first 20 minute used thing, that becomes bulky? 5. Is there any new ATTRACTIONS (not rides) at MW? 6. Is Arkham Aslyum or what ever it is, just revamped lethal weapon? Thats all FOR now.
  7. I haven't made anything because I am waiting for lscia8 to upload his, like 100 images!
  8. lscia8! when you gonna upload all of your pictures!?!
  9. can i get some photos of the superman entrance/queue line ect please.
  10. i know but i dont want it to just be a blur