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  1. Love what you said there @Dom What I love about the queue line and the coaster's layout is that from the queue, guests get a great view of the coaster cycling through the layout. It really helps to build that "wow" factor. It's pleasant to see how well the ride interacts with onlookers too, either from the queue, the precinct, or just walking through to the Giant Drop or Corroboree. That brake run tho, pretty insane seeing how close guests can get as the train rolls out of the heart-line roll and into the final brake run. The low-passes are insane.
  2. Given Saturday 16th was labelled as "selling fast" with 8500 guests visiting, can we expect the "sold out" nights to reach that 9000 guest cap??
  3. After spending the entire at day at Coomera Sports Centre (7.30am to 8.30pm doing admissions into a sport event), I must say the amount of complaints I got from 7:00pm to 8.00pm regarding the traffic to get to the sports centre was amazing. Leaving the sports centre was easy enough, having driven past Dreamworld to get home. Dreamworld DEFINITELY making money tonight. Cars flooded the ditches, parked the length of Whitewater Way (motorway side and Dreamworld side), carpark was full to the bone. Hell I say. The Giant Drop looked snazzy as tho in its green spotlight...
  4. Is anyone able to confirm whether or not the west side of drop is active again?
  5. Ermm... not really. The lights cut quickly between colours and don't fade into one another...
  6. Curious to know, I assume two-train testing for high capacity operations have begun?
  7. Could we see the instalment of a golden dolphin erected at Sea World too (like golden Bugs)? Doubt it, but perhaps that wall can be replaced by a golden dolphin (it'll make a great photo spot and liven up that entrance again).
  8. Like what magician said, the flood lights always had those colour capabilities. It just seems the operator probably selected the incorrect function.
  9. We never had an official opening date released for Taipan, let alone during September pieces of theming and what not were still going to place so it couldn't have "meant to open" then anyway. From what I've seen, the majority moved on past the 1 year delay given a late, very late-2021 opening is looming by...
  10. That was an excellent read. I do have to agree, even though Leviathan is still yet to open this summer at Sea World, all these other additions coming to both Village and Dreamworld parks should be enough to make this summer "the best summer ever" for the Gold Coast and the tourism industry. Not to mention the night events, the return of Dreamworld Express and Dreamworld's plans for the summer due to arrive these holidays also, looking forward to see how everything goes. Yeah, these two may miss the party: - Leviathan at SW - Trident at SW But we have these to make up f
  11. I like the wedding photo Elise from Upper Coomera uploaded, looks good!
  12. Judging from that image, it does look a little unfinished. And the space is very open, making it feel like things are missing. Perhaps when it opens and there's guests roaming throughout, it'll look better than it is now. I still can't get over how far queue railings are. It looks as if it won't hold as many people as the queue for Rivals or even Superman. I'd love to see an extension to the bottom of the ramp, given how empty it looks too (adding ride information signs there would probably improve the space a little). Also, the lead up to queue line seems to get a good view of the r
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