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  1. Are you on about this? https://themeparks.com.au/holidaydollars
  2. Ah nice! Yeah nah I didn't know coz that was my first time seeing them in use haha. Unless they are new idrk...
  3. A minor change, but Superman Escape has new Virtual Queue/Fast Track cards. No cardboard cards were present. Instead, plastic cards are in use.
  4. Lex Luthor and his vehicle have returned to the interactive DC Super-Villains Unleashed precinct... The white card connected via chain used for scanning at interactive exhibits still remains attached.
  5. Noah's got some great drone footage of some of the coasters here (particularly Leviathan). He sometimes drops in to the parks too. Such a shame he thought Sky Voyager was closed because he didn't wait 15 minutes for it...
  6. It's been gone for a couple of weeks now... It was removed sometime when Rivals entered its annual maintenance period.
  7. At first glance, I thought it was the background of a cold winter's night
  8. It would've been nice if they ended the show on a positive outlook into the future of our Australian parks. For example, the new upcoming attractions and seasonal events from both VRTP and Dreamworld... Instead of ending it on Natalie Barr contemplating her life after riding a rollercoaster and Grant Denyer talking about UFOs.
  9. Just had a quick read and saw myself in both of the photographs on Doomsday Destroyer. Scared me a bit haha 😅
  10. That Fully6 incident has me fuming as well. I mean I have soooooo many questions to ask, but the fact that the mother said it "wasn't an accident" is really triggering. Hopefully Dreamworld win this lawsuit or that the case had already been dismissed. Such a shame there was no mention of Green Lantern - it was almost like VRTP (particularly Movie World) was in favour and crowned the "hero" of this episode if that makes any sense (I can't really explain it).
  11. A small article essentially advertising the Sunday special. https://7news.com.au/spotlight/7news-spotlight-ride-of-your-life-c-3001776
  12. How exciting! Thanks for sharing @Coasterlife The trains shouldn't be too far off now (hopefully), and I assume the reverse twisted half pipe will be installed last? Overall this coaster is turning out pretty neat so it'll be a treat when the ride finally opens to the public in 3 - 6 months (if all goes ahead pretty ssssmoothly)
  13. I understand that this has been added to their website around the last week or two but just thought I'd leave them here. Movie World has added planned maintenance periods for the following rides in 2022:
  14. Halfway down Page 170 of the DC Rivals thread has mentions of this bizarre red jig. Still no clear answer for what it's purpose is - only thoughts and assumptions.
  15. That 5% discount makes a Locals Annual Pass at Dreamworld $113.05... Bargain
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