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  1. Welp. If @Village Idiot is a team member, uhh- If not, then congrats you know lmao
  2. Greg would never have his staff refurbish a ride only to announce a retirement in the next two months.
  3. Nice little segment on the Mack Ride's website: https://mack-rides.com/2021/12/21/steel-taipan-and-tailwhip-are-ready-to-bite/
  4. Tbh, I don't feel as hyped about the new big dipper. Like yeah it's an Australian-first, but it looks a little lacklustre with only two major elements to make up for it. Don't get me wrong, second launch does look killer. I don't feel an urge to ride this tbh, but I'm down to give it a go when I visit Sydney - if ever. Gotta agree with @themagician here. It isn't anywhere near the levels of Rivals or Taipan. Thinking it is may be a teeny bit of a stretch...
  5. Could've just said it like that the first time 🎢 Not surprised to see Doomsday is still down for maintenance, but I'm keen to try the new boats on WWF soon. Will be most looking forward to how much quieter the lift hill will be...
  6. These decorations were taken down after the final night of White Christmas concluded. After finishing a shift at 10pm, we saw a crane transfer the large White Christmas sign that hung from the top of the undercover thingo down main street towards the back of the park. Meanwhile multiple staff were busy pulling down loose-hanging decorations.
  7. What are you saying here? It was or wasn't Superman?
  8. Something we'll never quite get to the bottom of...
  9. Movieworld lowkey getting a bit stingy on their rides ig, but what more can they do if the apparent issue is to be blamed on supply chain issues? Through my eyes, things are starting to feel a bit rushed as well (in terms of rides and attractions). Doomsday never had ALL seats active when the ride reopened after a lengthy downtime. After who knows how many months, Rivals' second train STILL doesn't have all seats active - let alone any backwards seats. Green Lantern - don't even 💀 Superman seems to be the only strong thrill attraction going. All seats active on one train with consistent dispatches between cycles. Is anyone able to confirm whether or not the second train for Superman has been brought out yet? On my last visit as a guest on Tuesday, the second train was seen with open harnesses from Batwing within its maintenance area.
  10. My first time seeing a more "zoomed-out" image of the Leviathan rendering, but I do hope we see the scales, rocks, and other thematic elements present, where seen towards the right-side of the image:
  11. Not too sure atm, but there are seats out here and there. The staff doing sorting (from what I saw yesterday) had to hold a clipboard saying which train was what, with which seats were open and which ones weren't. All I do know is the amount of seats that are out of action (not including backwards seats) are not enough to equate to one full train. I'd say around half a train or less.
  12. Don't be too happy tho, not all seats are operational on the second train either. All backwards seats are out of action at the moment too.
  13. In other news, the second train to Rivals has made a return yesterday. Don't know how long ago its been active for...
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