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  1. Do you think the neighbours are going to try and stop it from running or opening?
  2. I am only guessing here, but it would not surprise me if they are just the racing trains. But in saying that I hope they have custom trains that compliment the previous two Big Dipper's? As that would be cool and would make it unique and stylish. So I have no idea what the trains will look like, but I hope there is something unique to them. The other possibility is maybe they might display the two former Big Dipper carriages near the ride entrance? So the wooden carriage and the arrow carriage if they were given one from Dreamworld? Or they might have been scrapped completely? I hope as well t
  3. Do you think work will stop on the new big dipper due to the new restrictions in place and workers having to be tested more regularly? Plus which pieces of track do you think will be installed in the coming weeks if work is allowed to go on? And last question does everyone really think it will open in December? I just thought I will post these questions as it keeps the forum interesting during this lockdown. Anyway comment below, I am keen to hear what others have to say.
  4. What does everyone think to this? https://www.ianmutton.com/2021/07/09/newsletter-30-luna-park-is-it-a-case-of-regulator-capture/
  5. In other news looks like the new opening date will be on the 16th of July.
  6. I have uploaded another photo that I took on Saturday, next time I will remember to take better photos with more details. But thanks for the kind feedback, sorry that the photos are not great I was just walking and took a few quickly. Anyway, here is another one.
  7. I am, I don’t live far and I needed the exercise.
  8. Big Dipper update - photo taken today 3/07/21
  9. It's looking great, can't wait to see it finished and thank you for the update. Since the new big dipper goes over the sledgehammer's queue lines. I wonder how they will fit it in with the re-opening of the 8 new rides? Like will they have to close it for a week or two? Because how are they going to build the new big dipper when the 8 other rides will be operating particularly the sledgehammer. Plus in the plans it has the big dipper's track going over the top of the sledgehammer's queue.
  10. Yeah it was getting to the ride station that I was confused about. They will definitely use the original Big Dipper entrance, but I think that will be an exit point? But the entrance to the ride station I am confused about.
  11. Can anyone guess where the new Big Dipper entrance will be? The photos released back in November shows a new Big Dipper station but where will the stairs be?
  12. Hey I am a new member to this discussion; I have seen these forum posts about Luna Park Sydney for years. Yeah I think more rides are possible for the park down the track of course space will be an issue. I think it is possible that they may build a new ride behind the wild mouse. So not where the hair raiser is the other side of the wild mouse where there is seating. Now it would be cool if they put rides on top of the carpark, but I guess it depends if those supports can support rides on top of it? In terms of a future dark ride coming to the park, maybe, the only place it wo
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