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  1. Why is this the case? Seems odd it’s closed for the first two hours. Anyone got any ideas?
  2. Thanks for the review! I am sure as time goes on the theming will get better. Were there long lines for the coaster today? Like did heaps of people show up?
  3. Luna Park plans in the 80s with Schwarzkopf model. https://www.gettyimages.ca/detail/news-photo/to-r-mr-colman-goldstein-with-his-plans-for-luna-park-the-news-photo/1078791324
  4. New Big Dipper news article! https://www.ausleisure.com.au/news/luna-park-sydney-counts-down-to-opening-of-new-big-dipper-ride/
  5. Excellent great to see, keep posting if more happens today? This is really exciting and it's good to have some good news haha. In regards to the residents complaining about noise from the 8 rides. What is their goal this time? Is it to restrict hours of operation or try to close all these rides? Or is it to make sure LPS can't build rides again? Worse comes to worse just put scream shields on Boomerang, Sledgehammer and Big Dipper?
  6. If you watch from 0:00 - 4:28, they talk about the design process of the new Big Dipper, this came out on November 14th and it provides some more technical information on the new coaster. Enjoy everyone!!!
  7. Went to have a look yesterday, the old Big Dipper carriage looks like it is getting repainted, some of the track from the Wild Mouse is there as well. Two questions for everyone? Are they completely re-tracking the Wild Mouse? Or what exactly is going on? Is there a chance Sledgehammer will go back to 360 mode? It seems a shame if it doesn’t.
  8. From reading the posts written above, I am not surprised some rides are closed. Which is annoying for now but to me it seems like the park is re-opening slowly; even the operating days and hours are heavily limited. Like in November its only open Friday,Saturday & Sunday, but in December it's open nearly every day. So the park is probably still in a bit of a testing phase and then their probably getting rides ready for later this year? Plus with the long lockdown their probably just glad to be open in some capacity. But I do agree with the others which is I hope more bridges and signs are added to complete the feel of the park, I think with time that will happen. But their probably really focused on getting the Big Dipper operational as well. Surely testing for the Big Dipper starts soon? I hope, plus the exit and entrance is still a bit of a guessing game but I am guessing that the entry and exit line may be next to each other? But I am not sure, there's a few possibilities on how that may work. Anyway as always keen to hear from the others?
  9. Yeah well that's the thing about this one, it will be very interesting to see how this coaster goes long term. I hope it is there for more than 20 years at least, but being the first of it's kind, it will be interesting to see how it goes. Plus not to mention all the sea air that it will be exposed too. I hope the 1995 events don't repeat again and I don't think they will. But it would not surprise me if a few residents try and interfere with the new Big Dipper's operation, but I hope they don't. Politics, maintenance, economics, will play a role in this coaster's life of course, but yeah I think it will be fine.
  10. On the subject of long term views. Does anyone know how long the third Big Dipper’s life expectancy will be? like 30 years? Or longer?
  11. I think the Lavender Bay Railway Sidings in the future will probably be a walking track from the back of LPS to Waverton Station. I think the residents would be furious if the park got any of the siding land, but some residents might not care either. So it's more likely I think to be some sort of walking track as it would link up Wendy's Secret Garden, the railway tunnel and the views that come with it. Having said that though, you never know they sold off a bit when the 95 redevelopment got going to make way for the 2nd Big Dipper. So it wouldn't surprise me if they might get a little bit of the land; but it really is just a guess or a dream sort of thing. But if they were to put rides there I think it could be a great spot for a future River Caves attraction and the entrance could be below the 3rd Big Dipper? What does everyone think to the land potentially being used for a future River Caves ride?
  12. The park map is on the website now, it looks fantastic! https://www.lunaparksydney.com/how-to-get-here
  13. Yeah I hope LPS can just open this year, it must be awful not knowing when the park can open.
  14. Yeah that's true, I think that staircase will be closed for a while, plus with the Covid restrictions I can't seem it opening for ages like you said. It says on the LPS website that the park is due to reopen on the 1st of October. But I can't see that happening until October the 18th at the earliest? When does everyone else think the park will open up again? Yeah true, they probably want to keep the backstage area space closed.
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