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  1. Heroes and villains still says on movieworld’s website stay tuned for future dates, I’m pretty much 100% certain hooray for Hollywood will ge an annual event which I’m stoked about!! 🤩🤩🤩
  2. What about the rides in the kids section? Rivals did end up opening back up, a ride like rivals is usually never down long
  3. I highly doubt the announcement will be about Arkham’s replacement
  4. Anyone got updates on trident and leviathan? I’m thinking it’s now likely it’ll be delayed again
  5. Not sure if it’s maintenance related but every front row on every log on Wild West falls is unavailable . Does anyone know why?
  6. Exactly, they unfortunately don’t have much other options, and I reckon it’ll only get worse come Saturday Remind me what FTFY Means?
  7. What if someone wants to try the spinning seats? Do they have to swap trains out especially for them?
  8. I would check the website/online park map, it usually updates
  9. Still if it didn’t happen then why say it did? Does thrill seeker have a vendetta against movieworld or something?? @Thrill Seekerstop making up stories about bad things happening at movieworld dude
  10. So did these things happen legitimately or is everyone on here trying to bring movieworld down???
  11. I just heard that green lantern is stuck with riders on it
  12. Doomsday destroyer has a lot of unavailable seats too when I last looked when I last visited on Friday
  13. Oooh that’d be awesome 🤩 fingers crossed 🤞 The squeaking noise is normal
  14. Wait what??? Wow 😯 did anyone get it on film ?!
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