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  1. On my last trip to SeaWorld I noticed a couple of changes the Covid information at the entrance is now far less cluttered and the famous walrus statue has been painted gold for SeaWorld’s 50th anniversary
  2. I think a celebration isn’t completely ruled out, I mean there’s still time to get something together
  3. Wow 😯 did you go tonight? im seeking clarification on the descriptions of the special event food and drinks, like what flavours they are
  4. Hamster? So it’ll be a powered spin? I thought it’d work with the gravity, speed and movement of the train
  5. The Arkham sign was briefly removed but it keeps on coming back And I’m not sure about the superman thing but I assume the 2nd train is out of action Just checked my old photos and yes the cactus 🌵 were around the roadrunner rollercoaster before it’s refurbishment
  6. I can check with my old pictures for the cactus, give me a second
  7. I hope it gets announced either Xmas this year or early 2022
  8. I agree, why? I reckon movieworld and SeaWorld MIGHT have BIG things in store but maybe they’ll wait till crowds return
  9. I agree, big things are definitely going to be hopefully in the near future for all of the Gold Coast theme parks
  10. Never knew they had one, where was it located in park ?
  11. What’s so bad about it?? They are just letting people know how to use the app and Covid stuff right? So keeping Qld safe is a bad thing?
  12. Well the O in DC rivals hypercoaster sign is uneven compared to the rest of the letters so maybe it’s a new trend ?
  13. Sucks weekdays are still reduced hours though
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