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  1. 1. They would get more visitors! 2. No, tourist attraction as in the national park. 3. With all the talk about alpine coasters there isn’t really much of a slope down to the cliff edge for that. I doubt we’ll see a new 🎢 there as they’ve shown no interest in that market since OR never opened and noise levels are an issue with their neighbours.
  2. Pretty sure she meant testing the ride itself not Covid testing the workers.
  3. Oh WOW!! Looks AWESOME!!! Love the start of the roll at the top of the non-inverting loop 😄😄😄 I thought the same! Probably.
  4. Awesome pics Jim!! We’re starved for more, would you be able to do so and if possible hold your camera/phone above the fence or inbetween the bars to get clearer pics?? 😄😄
  5. Damn! At least they don’t need to rush to finish for this weekend. Also means a bonus update from you??
  6. Great pics! Can you please post a hi-res pic of DC Rivals alone? Been frustrated it’s still not on Google Maps yet!!!!
  7. That was me! Saw 2 kids on the balcony & asked if one of them was you 😂 Today was my first time seeing all the new rides in person. They look awesome! Sledgehammer is massive!
  8. Zoomed in, looks like maintenance track. There are hydraulic/pneumatic arms on the supports. Perhaps the white plastic blocks holds the car and the rails can swing away with the wheel assemblies?? Also the pointed ends on the rails would make it easier to slide wheel assemblies on as well.
  9. Absolutely! Wonder how high it goes?? Looked up the specs, its the 30 seater and 30m tall but is that to the top of the counterweight?? If so looks like the gondola hits about 40m when inverted.
  10. Does anyone have a decent camera with zoom lens to take close ups of the track??
  11. Sweet!! The animation for BD shows it to be slower than RMC but we’ll see once it opens.
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