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  1. Just came across these photos of the new Dreamworld Theatre signage produced by Signwayz over on their Facebook. Also noted that both this sign and the Dreamland sign are illuminated
  2. I've done 2 trips to Japan in recent years and briefly, this is how we had gone about it for parks. Started in Tokyo - stayed in Shinjuku, the station there is a great central hub to get around. Bus out to Fuji Q Highlands - Train to Disneyland & Disney Sea. Other parks around the Tokyo are were all a quick train trip away. Some great smaller parks spread out around as well as the VR zone in Shinjuku. Cosmoworld in Yokohama wasn't too bad to kill an hour or so, same for Tokyo Dome City for Thunder Dolphin. From there we got a bullet train to Nagoya, and from there it is quick (from memory it was train.. could have been bus... ) trip to Nagashima Spa Land. ( the Port of Nagoya Aquarium was also pretty neat ) From Nagoya, another bullet train down to Osaka to do Universal Studios. If you have time could also travel out to Himeji to the west of Osaka to do Himeji Central Park, few coasters there to add to the count. From there we had a connecting flight back to Tokyo and on to Aus. Fuji-Q both trips we ran straight for the fast pass booth to buy tickets for the must-rides. Honestly the operations there were far from great and it definitely made the trip that little bit nicer. Not sure how the Disneyland / Disney Sea fast passes are working these days but when we went it was the old ticket machines to print your free pass. Nagashima Spa Land was dead the day we went, mid week, walk-on for every ride. Was pretty eery being in such a large park with almost no one there other than maybe 1 or 2 tour bus loads. Universal 100% fast pass - we purchased the unlimited passes from Klook and again it just makes the day that bit better. I always figure you travel so far to get to these places, might as well fork out that little bit more to get on everything you want because who knows when the chance to go back again may come. Hope this helps a little!
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