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  1. Lscia8

    Wet 'n' Wild Ride/Park Map References

    yeah the sea world one has a boat car
  2. Lscia8

    Movie World's White Christmas 2012

    This is my Video of the Parade for 2012. I tried something new and film it from different locations on 2 different nights. There are heaps more videos of the show on my youtube channel and more to come as well.
  3. Lscia8

    Archived Sea World Fan Site

    Thanks will check when i get home blocked at school
  4. I remember seeing a Sea World Australia Fan Site that had been archived. Was wondering if anyone still has the link for it?
  5. Lscia8

    Movie World's Fright Night 2012

    I have the to other shows uploading now.
  6. when i filmed this everything was working but rode a few days later and the timing was way off.
  7. Lscia8

    Movie World's Fright Night 2012

    The Actors were wearing real make up in the maze
  8. Lscia8

    Movie World's Fright Night 2012

    Yep I understand i wasn't having a go at you Heres my walk through
  9. Lscia8

    Movie World's Fright Night 2012

    I run a website which i'm most active on and use the social networks to improve the interaction of my readers. I have been doing this for 3 years now longer then most of the other sites, and have grown a big network of fans. I try to do the very best and get the best media and post out. A lot of these pages don't do write ups and don't use there pics for anything. And so you know my site isn't thrill zone or the theme park social network.
  10. Lscia8

    Movie World's Fright Night 2012

    Just walked through the Walking Dead Maze simply amazing. I will be posting pictures and videos of inside the maze on my site soon. Will put the link here.
  11. Well there is 20 cars each seating 4 and the full ride is 6 mins.
  12. Lscia8

    Seal Harbour @ Sea World

    I was there the other day. they are well into the construction
  13. sorry I did do it after i finished but it didn't save. and also i did do it at 10:30
  14. Heres my report on the ride