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  1. Can't be gone if it wasn't there to begin with
  2. As long as it's open regularly, I don't care what they do lol. Would be nice for the buffet to be back, though.
  3. Parkz Forums whenever PR does anything that isn't slagging off the company they work for
  4. Would say I agree with your description as a whole - though as was also said, suppose a classic is what you make of it. Kind of a little more difficult when not many of the original rides still remain, though.
  5. Much beloved coaster that has stood the test of time. I'd call it a classic haha.
  6. We're only a few years off of Superman's 20th anniversary... I'd say that's pretty close.
  7. They're meaning this literally, it's just a large shipping container. The most exciting addition to Dreamworld of the season!
  8. Water was cleanest I've ever seen it, and it looked and smelled great which was nice. Cannons weren't on at the end, but it all seemed in working order otherwise. One thing that I hadn't noticed before was that these new boats are pretty thin, so that when they get into the end trough, they kind of move around a lot more than they used to with the old boats. Would that be one of the reasons that they had to do maint on it? I'm a bit of a layman with it, so just curious.
  9. I went to Carnivale tonight... It was very wet haha and not very busy.
  10. Is the queue too long? I haven't been back since just before it opened.
  11. Saw someone left their phone on Roadrunner the other day, so people really do think it's just fine most of the time!
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