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  1. Hopefully we get some testing of the spin seats before end of this week. It would have been nice to have the 4 seat spin, however, due to being a paid extra it wouldn't make sense to have a half full spin car when only two people pay for the spinning seats. I plan on buying spin seat ticket for my first ever ride on ST.
  2. RMC Hybrid! Enough said! A B&M would be nice but I think with the sort of budget any Aussie theme park has access to an RMC hybrid would be the best option.
  3. Just saw this from coaster studios. Not a fan of the guy but they've premiered the doco.
  4. About bloody time! I must admit. It might be the angle but the sign does blend in and get lost in the background. Rocks/Rocks seat look good though.
  5. Do you think there is chance of further rock work going in? Like that piece at the rear of sky voyager building or beneath/beside the track? I must admit it does still look pretty bare. Track looks fantastic though.
  6. Very true. Australia certainly did need a multi inversion coaster. That barrel roll will be the best inversion for sure.
  7. I'm really enjoying this analytical discussion my post has started. They are all valid points. No way am I dismissing ST as a failure. I completely agree that it is targeted towards a much larger audience than DCR was. Bluefire has had enormous success in Europa Park and with the added addition of triple launch and spinning car ST is still going to be impressive. I had not considered all the cost associated with landscaping, covid delays etc. Its easy to forget about those when you see a cost against a coaster. I think they've done a much better job of theming the area than movie world did wit
  8. Does anyone know why steel taipan cost more than dc rivals to build? It hardly looks comparable. ST as is blue fire are more a family thrill ride but if dreamworld are trying to attract people to the park I would have thought they would go with something a bit more unique and exciting. I'm sure it will be fun but it simply won't have the air time that enthusiasts will be expecting on a coaster of this nature. Perhaps we will see something else in the next 5 yrs to fill that gap for the thrill seekers now that buzzsaw and TT2 are both out of action because even with ST dreamworld really lacks s
  9. RMC are in a league of their own recently. I hope we can get an RMC coaster out here some day.
  10. I vote keep the tunnel and use it as a launch run for a new strata coaster that goes up and over the giant drop tower like King da ka or top thrill dragster. Now that would be an awesome addition.
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