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  1. Would also like to add a instagram message from my friend received 10 minutes later.
  2. At this point of time it looks like it’s not happening.
  3. Turns out my I have it included with my pass!
  4. It’s a membership but I also have a pass bought 5th of october 2020. Ok thanks I’ll do that when they re open!
  5. Yes I am I have a membership in pass I also have a pass that I accidentally bought in 2020 October 5th because I had planned on going to the event. Do those have it with them?
  6. Oh damn. I thought they would include the entry with the tour seeing as it is quite a lot of money in the first place, but that’s alright. Also do you know how much the passes for general admission start at? And Thank-you for helping! Also what happens if my pass was bought in march 2018, do you think it would have fright nights included in it?
  7. Hey guys I understand that fright nights is still pretty far away and all and may even have the chance of not going forward this year due to covid possibly out-breaking again but I was wondering how the passes work. See Me and a friend are planning on getting the Ultimate terror tour: Platinum (apparently around 150$?) but I have seen a review where someone bought it and at entry even with their pass(locals one pass) they had to also pay a extra 48-50$ for the general admission of the night is this true? Do you need to purchase The ticket for fright nights and then add the ultimate terror tou
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