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  1. It’s Sydney logic Sydney people only think Sydney’s the only big city in Australia and the people are ignorant who never travel besides to Europe.
  2. save the Buzzsaw why can't another Australian theme park buy it
  3. Is the west side of the Giant Drop where the tower of terror 2 track was?
  4. Hows Luna Park going since it re opened I'm going tomorrow night, whats the age range for the Halo scream event hopefully its not full of 15 year olds.
  5. Then you should plant some seeds when you go there next they shouldn't notice
  6. Is Wild West Falls closing or is it just going under maintenance? Heard a rumour it was closing for good.
  7. Just wondering would tower of Terror 2 be rebuilt or modernised or will it be gone for good? Will the Giant Drop be the next main attraction to be sent to the scrap heap since it's getting old?
  8. My dream Luna Park can use the land all the way up to Waverton Station, there should be a log mountain ride going in like Splash Mountain in Disneyland or Wild West Falls at Movieworld. Then there could be a dark rollercoaster ride going under the tunnels in the Lavender Bay train line going to Waverton Station. They should replace the wooden wild mouse ride with a thrill ride.
  9. Whats the future of the train line being there in the foreseeable future near Luna Park I've heard stories that the Lavender Bay sidings are not going to be around forever, could Luna Park use that space for new rides. Luna Park should have bought North Sydney pool and turned it into a mini waterpark as well.
  10. I checked out Luna Park out yesterday they have room to put the Buzzsaw ride in, out near the back there's a massive grass area which could fit a medium sized rollercoaster or more rides.
  11. Someone needs to buy all the land near Western Sydney airport and stop all the land going into housing developments, for the theme parks that will go in will have to be a Disneyland with Galaxy's Edge, Avengers Campus, Pandora of Avatar, make similar lands to what is in Disneyland and Disneyworld already, make the park be Californian themed, classic Disney themed and put some Australian theming in. Also include a Disneyland resort. The second theme park that would have to come in would have to be a Universal Studios with Harry Potter world with Hogwarts and Diagon Alley, Jurassic World themed area, King Kong themed area, the mummy themed area, transformers themed area and so on. The alternative should be a six flags park with lots of thrill rollercoasters like the parks in the US. If a park wants to survive it needs decent roller coasters, decent thrill rides, no putt putt golf, no overly sized kids areas with crappy rides like many theme parks in Australia do.
  12. Because a ride has been abandoned at Movieworld for 2 years not working, they haven't had a new attraction in 4 years. Seaworld construction of the new Leviathan is delayed for quite some time, I don't think it will be open this year or this summer at this rate. The Steel Taipan at Dreamworld is a much better and modern roller coaster than the one Seaworld wants to make.
  13. To be honest I think Dreamworld will be on the rise again in 10 years time I think they will invest in more rides and make it more like a modern theme park and I think Movieworld will be start to go into a decline phase.
  14. so what new ride is replacing Arkham Asylum at Movieworld
  15. You can always modify the Buzzsaw to be a little smaller for height regulations in Luna Park Sydney.
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