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  1. Late 2021 so just to be different, lets go with as late as possible and say December 31st New Years Eve lol
  2. I know Vikings Revenge has been discussed on this thread already but I was at Seaworld last night and honestly would love to know what they are planning to do with the space and the ride itself. Its just an eyesore, either refurbish and reopen, or remove it.
  3. Will be a sad day for coaster enthusiasts when it retires. I hope both Luna Parks have ambition to preserve wild mouse and scenic railway for as long as they possibly can.
  4. Man its so tragic... There just seems to be too much room for error than comfortable. - Free flowing rafts that are not controlled outside of the conveyer belts - susceptible to mechanical faults that can cause collisions and tipping - Inflatable rafts vunerable to pressure changes - Riders are restrained, so in the event of a tip drownings are more likely. Im not saying they are inherantly dangerous and should be banned, I am just saying I think for these particular rides a lot more thought needs to go in to how to make them safer. Im really showing I
  5. So how do you explain the casualty at adventureland park? What caused the raft to tip?
  6. You dont say??! Im shocked! I think 2 separate incidents involving the same model type in less than a decade is more than enough to consider the safety of these rides. How often do you see ride malfunction killing someone? Most fatalities at theme parks are caused by human error. It may not have the death toll associated with inherantly dangerous activity, but considering thousands of people ride these daily with little to no assumption of risk, we should be asking these questions.
  7. I was just reading about the adventureland incident as well and made me think, how safe are these rapid rides really? I know they are still extremely popular in the USA. What additional steps can be taken to make this model safer? Its definitely become a ride model I question riding now anywhere.
  8. Well that settles it then RMC Raptor named Wonder Woman Flight of Courage, set to be the tallest and longest single rail coaster in the world and bringing MM to an astounding total of 20 coasters. Not guna lie, I think a ride like this would be a perfect replacement for AA One can dream!
  9. Hmm red and yellow doesnt rule him out. But I agree its unlikely to be supes as he already has a themed ride at MM. Flash or WW make more sense, especially with DCEU announcing movies for both heroes in the pipeline.
  10. True, it does make more sense that its a different super. The Flash probably makes the most sense given the colours of the track and supports that are there. Who knows, it could be a red herring and its something else entirely.
  11. Maybe! My money is on the RMC Raptor below being themed off Superman I should have investigated prior to posting haha. In that case maybe unlikely that they are announcing another new large scale attraction, I would say its most likely to do with the official naming of the raptor which would be superman related.
  12. Looks like Six Flags have a big announcenent incoming. Thoughts on gaps to fill, maybe an RMC Raptor or another single rail design?
  13. Its actually a damn fine looking coaster, thanks so much for the update! Gutted you cant enter 'the cathedral" would have been amazing if they somehow encorporated it into the que. It looks like there will be some ok airtime moments, and some good lateral G moments too, some of those banks look like crazy good fun. Im also amazed at how much track they managed to get into a relatively small area for a Woody. Great to see SW getting some much needed love in the rides department, cant wait to ride this!
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