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  1. Aussie World have included per ride prices on the website
  2. MW lose Arkham Asylum, Dreamworld gain a B&M invert? One can dream lol
  3. Im happy with Al La Carte style dining at Ricks Café but man that is a pretty uninspiring menu. Not really enough real food there to entice me to waste an hour of my day in the dining experience.
  4. I am going to call BS. Here is the same bloke claiming he used to drive the Monorails. I think it would be very interesting if ‘guest services’ staff were the ones driving. I also find it hard to believe that SW would tolerate spilling the beans on such sensitive info on social media as a legitimate employee. It’s not hard to believe that SW might be giving up the ghost on the monorail system but I wouldn’t trust this info personally. I know its a decision that would not be made lightly so I will wait for a more credible source before I accept it.
  5. Its about creating diverse attractions for all people. You like open air rides, others like dark rides for the immersive experience they bring. Literally every other ride in the park takes advantage of landscape but personally when I ride a ride I am not riding it to ‘look at the view’ I am riding it for the experience of the ride itself. Seen as every other ride is open air I am sure one dark ride to cater for people who have a dark ride preference isn't going to kill you. I should also point out that I suggested a dark ride because I was keeping the space in mind, they already have an indoor structure that could be utilised and the area is not all that large, you are probably not going to squeeze in another coaster and the park already has an abundance of flat rides. But honestly, anything would be better than looking at a rusting away flume track
  6. I agree, I think they actually needed to do a post like this, there was a fair amount of backlash about WWF being closed again and I think the public needed a little more than just ‘scheduled maintenance’ to feel like MW had a good reason to stick to the schedule.
  7. I agree about the first part, there is already plenty of current and upcoming attractions that take advantage of this. But the immersive experience of indoor attractions is still great, I personally love walking into the penguins, or the jellyfish, or the underwater viewing of shark bay, its like walking into another world. Its about diversity and creating immersive experiences. An underwater adventure dark ride would be a smash hit imo.
  8. I would love to see an interactive Bluey dark ride kind of like Toy Mania at Disney, but with less issues than JL. It would be a smash.
  9. My moneys on new trains, the Monorail is pretty much the last remaining ‘heritage’ attraction left at Seaworld it would be a damn shame if it was decommissioned. On the topic of heritage attractions, has there been any whisper of future plans for Vikings Revenge yet? It just grinds my gears every time I visit the park, just sitting there using up all that wasted space. I heard a rumour that SW plan to get Intamin in to refurbish it, but I am not holding my breath. Personally it would be great to see the space used for a new precinct or a dark ride.
  10. This is all that they have said, my guess is it will be similar to Luna Park prices which is $11.50 per ride per adult, hopefully they tier the prices and this is the upper end. It will definitely be better value to buy an unlimited pass but its good for those parents and grandparents that might only want to ride one ride.
  11. This is interesting, I wonder if this promotion is a trial to see if the unlimited rides model is actually profitable for Aussie World, or if they are better off with a Luna Park type model
  12. Possibly but obviously they cant state this as the reason because guests wouldn’t accept that
  13. I honestly don’t know what the delay has been, the ride is good to go it has already been tested with staff members. My guess is they have had some delay due to insurance issues and now they are waiting for another peak period to make the most of the opening so my guess is next school holidays
  14. Honestly just be sensible and discreet about it. I pack a little lunch box with sandwiches, a couple of pieces of fruit and a little packet of chips for my kids almost every time I visit the park and I have never once ran into trouble with it. Sure if you bring in a freaking bucket of chicken from KFC for a large group they will probably tell you to take it outside. But I have never had a problem.
  15. I can confirm that they do restrict consecutive rides on SX360, but its only if there is no que they ask you to go away for half hour then come back again.
  16. It seems Aussie World have taken a very direct approach in their new marketing to make an advertised ‘unlimited rides’ stance clear. I think this on top of the response I got is enough to suggest that the customer complaints were largely exaggerated or it was a couple of isolated incidents by casual staff members who didn’t understand the directive. I hate to suggest this but its also possible that a particular ride operator was on a bit of a power trip that day. Either way I plan on visiting AW soon to see for myself how operations are going on quieter times.
  17. From what I have seen they have not really been publicly engaging with the complaints. I know in the past when I have messaged MW feedback they have almost always responded. In a ‘copy paste arse covering’ kind of way ofc. I think the majority of the complaints that are not sent to MW in a private message or email are just largely ignored, the comment section on Facebook is toxic at the best of times and its likely that MW is not taking any of those comments seriously. Its a shame MW is not taking more steps to hear what customers think of their experience, sending a post visit survey for example could be a very useful tool for them to see the areas that need improvement. But I think as said earlier people coming=profit=no problem and I highly doubt MW will start to take on customer feedback seriously until the numbers start reducing.
  18. The El Loco model has been plagued with incidents and faults worldwide. Of course there was the epic fail of Twist Coaster Robin in Japan, and then the fatal fall at Adventuredome in 2019 and of course the GL incident among many other mechanical faults and near misses. The ride is also a maintenance nightmare. I would be very suprised to see any new El Loco’s built anywhere.
  19. Something must have been off that day, my son who is 8 had the same issue as me and I watched a lot of riders going very slow of all shapes and sizes
  20. Finally got a chance to ride 2 of 3 new slides this weekend, unfortunately double barrel was down not sure if its scheduled or unscheduled. Kaboom is a fantastic ride super ripper is really slow, I thought it was just me as a larger dude but I watched plenty of riders most of them crawling some of them stopping. Wondering if it maybe needs mats or something to make it a little more efficient. River rapids is faster and thats saying something
  21. Oh absolutely its really a non issue. The complaint was however that people were ‘claiming’ that Aussie World was extending this restriction to all rides, which AW have since denied.
  22. They need to open their eyes and ears to the droves of complaints coming through their socials. If attendance charts are the only thing they are looking at to gauge the parks performance, this is largely ignorant, especially since attendance numbers have boomed since the opening of borders and lifting of restrictions.
  23. Was at Wet n Wild yesterday and looking over at MW the carpark looked pretty healthy despite the very obvious issues discussed in this thread. A few years ago MW was the undisputed king of Australian theme parks, but I will also chime in and say the last few times we have visited MW late 2021 early 2022 we have been left feeling considerably underwhelmed and can resonate perfectly with most of the complaints in this thread. I am taking my son to Seaworld tomorrow, he chose SW over MW despite all of his favourite rides being at MW and we did SW just as recently as well. It wasn’t even a difficult decision for him. This speaks volumes to me. MW are losing touch with their key audience, it may not be immediate, but every day the parks crowded and every day there are a few more disgruntled guests feeling like they wasted the day and people will stop coming. MW needs to turn this around and go back to their roots of creating a good overall customer experience. Rivals alone is not enough to carry the park through poor operations, faulty effects and an underwhealming customer experience, especially now Steel Taipan is just down the road in a park that is just putting in a little more effort. To finish on a positive note, we had a fantastic day at WnW despite the chilly temps. The new precinct is really good and Kaboom is an amazing ride. The park looks great staff and operations were awesome so I can speak for at least one VRTP park doing everything right.
  24. Ok it took a bit of fishing to get Aussie World to answer the question directly but here is the official answer from Aussie World when asked are Aussie Word restricting consecutive rides in a certain time frame. “Hi Joe Sorry thr delay with my reply. I believe the discussion was with the SX360 ride where our operators request customers to have a 10-15 minute gap after 2 consecutive rides back to back. This is for health and safety reasons with the G force to ensure blood circulation flows. Hope this helps” “The only ride is the SX360 where this rule will be enforced. If a customer is unruly or breach safety regulations then they will be denied that particular ride” So yes, Aussie World are denying this operation. Its possible that some of the operations misunderstood the directive for SX360 and extended it to other rides. Or the patron was particularly annoyed about not getting to lap SX360 and exaggerated the complaint.
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