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  1. It will be a sad day when it eventually happens. Seeing the tower when heading towards dreamworld is iconic.
  2. I finally got too ride and went on it twice today and loved it. Once in the back and once in the front. After I went on the gold coaster with my nephew who was too short to ride ST and holy molly it was so rough compared to the steel taipan.
  3. I might try it once. Maybe my first ride if its a really long queue. I won't be able to make it until Sunday the 19th. Unfortuantly its too close to christmas to take time off work.
  4. I went on it about 5 times today mostly at the back. It was s little rough. its also down 2 seats in the middle.
  5. Both the backwards seats on dc rivals are down. Won’t be back until after school holidays.
  6. They could start it at a higher price and then in 6months when it becomes less popular lower the price to encourage more riders. I was half thinking about doing the spinning chair for my first ride and then I probably won't pay for it again.
  7. its definitely going to have an upcharge like DC rivals backwards seats. I was expecting about $15
  8. Im starting to wonder if the claw, tail spin and shockwave will ever come out of maintance. Shockwave has been down for soo long
  9. with all the rain we are going to have this summer it might be an interesting idea to pause for 3 months until after the school holidays even if I am fully vaxxed.
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