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  1. I actually apologised, a real apology at the end of the previous post, and all I got was fuck you and more insults. Only one? Your first line to me deserved a right headbutt you condescending little turd. I'm, the immature one? My goodness man, take a look in the mirror. Sheesh. as far as my story goes, I was being a smart ass you idiot, cause you were saying how sorry you felt for me about my life, so I turned it and gave you actual sad stuff that happened, where as you were actually just being an asshole and saying "I would be sorry to be you, you are so pathetic". I tried to flip it and I was even so kind about it, I didn't have a go at you for being so condescending, and even THAT you turn around and just be a prick again. My God man you can't even see your hypocrisy in your post, literally telling me off for things you precisely do. Like somehow my opinion needs to be pointed out as opinion, but all this entire thread is just opinions. Or selectively quoting me and once again completely missing the apology at the end. I'll correct one thing.. when I said name brands, that was my bad, I meant more well known, top names. But you are such a nitpicker it is almost incredible.. You guys make fun of me but do you *seriously* have ANY kind of life? It's like you purposely drag it out to keep the conflict going, like you get off on it or something. It's incredible. Re Zamperla, you specifically said the generation trains like at OWA.. I have ridden that very coaster and I am telling you it has potholes and you can come off it with a nasty headache. It's like you keep pushing the issue and just don't accept that I think they are a bad choice for ANY park.. what's wrong with you? Jobe, Brad, you are two immature wankers, who are projectionists in every way and blame others for your own behaviour, then get butthurt when someone actually doesn't take your shit. A hypothetical park is nothing BUT opinions.. my goodness I am dealing with morons at a level I can't even fathom. My initial comment that I didn't like your park idea was not even REMOTELY that bad to turn into this. Poly fucking Annas and then some. This is what I am dealing with here.. "if you started with my opinion it would be ok". I literally said, "I think". An opinion. But I didn't use the words that YOU wanted, and here you are literally telling me what to write. Who the fuck do you think you are? Also, the semantics here are so obsessive and pathetic that it's just ludicrous. I literally just offered to turn the whole thing around and research and be productive so we could move forward, and you both spat in my face. Unbelievable. And you know what? When people resort to personal attacks over opinions on steel and bolts, they are the ones with the insecurities. You just couldn't handle that I didn't like your idea, and you got your little band together to have a go at me personally, on multiple levels. And then get surprised when I respond. The C word doesn't even cover it. And here? Heck yes I have attacked you both personally, no one speaks to me like that, multiple times and after an apology no less, and gets to talk to me again. Ever. Go have your little chinwags like little school girls behind my back whilst I blissfully mute you and never see it again. I only pressed display this post, as I presumed this would be over, little did I know.. I SHOULD have known better, cause when PollyAnnas wanna fight, they do everything in their power to keep their fight going. That said, I asked via email, a few hours back ,for my profile and all topics to be deleted, as I honestly have much better things to do in life than defend myself to a bunch of projectionist losers..... A psychologist would have a field day with you, just the sheer hypocrisy and PURPOSEFUL continuation of conflict. Must be leftists/Antifa/ etc. Hypocrites are the lowest form. Truly. I could literally spend an hour replying to every thing you said line by line, but that's what you want, and I just honestly believe you're a terrible person who is a warmonger, and I refuse to feed you anymore. "He literally quoted everything but the apology". You can't make this shit up. FFS. No dickhead, they went out of their way to insult ME, on a deeply personal level. I insulted steel and bolts, you twit. Actually, I gave an opinion about steel and bolts. Massive lack of maturity and self awareness? Talking about yourself much? All little pathetic keyboard warriors. What you consider "low" and what you don't, show a seriously screwed up set of morals, like, broken, and since you have no moral compass, don't you DARE ever virtue signal to me. On another note, Yeah, the merlin and location idea is fine, the coasters aren't.
  2. Don't you think we should be able to see WHO had what reactions to our posts so we can ask them questions, for example? I mean what is improbable about a water ride at Dreamworld? I would love to know from those two that rated it that way. I also agreed that there is no way the Zamperla coaster can be brought here, so what is improbable about that? That it is improbable that it CAN'T be brought here ?, and the custom supports CAN be adjusted? what? I don't get it. Please explain what was improbable. Or is it improbable that I am surprised someone had a bad ride on a coaster I only had good experiences on? So confusing. 🤪
  3. I was arrogant cause he was arrogant. That fact that as a moderator you can't see this, is frightening. He also chased me to another topic to ONCE AGAIN completely twist my words, kind of like when someone quotes someone selectively. I respond to like with like. I genuinely wanted to participate in the topic and provide some ideas, but that quickly went out the window when he got personal, albeit in a very passive aggressive way. You have done no less than 2 personal attacks in this topic now yourself, so if I call you a fuckwit for calling me an arrogant dick, what, do *I* get banned? Is that how it works? Only one side can do it, and if they have contributed a lot over the years, is allowed to be a dick or arrogant? Gotcha. (It kinds of reminds me of a certain American political party's mantra) "It's ok when WE do it". I was going to apologise if my initial post offended in any way, and remove the one you quoted, but then as I said he chased me down at another topic and completely made up a fantasy scenario about me. I defended myself, then put him on ignore. I am still willing to bury the hatchet and accept my part and blame, as I can see from reading it back that I am surely to blame also, if he does. Fair is fair. And don't feel sorry for me.. I have a wonderful life. I did have a severe back injury which lost me almost 2 years of it, and I also had two deep tumor (thankfully benign) micro surgeries in my right ear which lost me another 3 to chronic vertigo and a lot of post op infections and illness (feel free to contact Mr Gary Sherman if you don't believe me, he will even tell you that's why I don't get sick on any flat ride, cause of all the adjustment my brain did to the vertigo, and even other interesting tidbits about how my hearing comes back when at full cruise altitude in a plane), but now I am back to working 10am to midnight or even later, 6 nights a week. I have been doing this (producing music) for 30 years since I was 19. I lost an entire ear after recording for years, and then I spent years re training how to mix with one. I lost a lot of time and money but that's how dedicated I am to my craft. If you want to feel sorry for me about THAT, well that's cool, and thanks. It was pretty harsh. With all this, OF COURSE I am rarely at the forums. If I am not doing music, I am taking long trips (usually the 90 day maximum visa waiver if I go to the US, or shorter ones elsewhere) which I frankly deserve cause I sacrifice almost all social life and spending when I am in Melbourne, (all I do is save almost every cent) doing the thing we ALL love here. It's my favourite thing in this world, before even music, and if I ever won Powerball I know I would do something stupid and build a mini park and blow every cent of it. Anyway, that's why I barely contribute.. we are in lockdown now, but in normal day to day life, I just don't have time for internet forums. Even my pro music and my favourite forum of all time, gearspace.com, I rarely contribute to anymore. There just isn't enough hours in the day. I am sorry if that offends you that I only come here when bored, but that's my reality. Is that OK? But to bury the hatchet, I will apologise for my role in being a dick and not giving a well laid out, constructive answer, instead answering in anger. I shouldn't have done that. I hold no ill will towards Jobe. Or anyone. My advice, well opinion, on the thunderbolt stands, as they are awful, and I really do think the one existing hyper gtx in Kentucky, is amazeballs. They are so good that you could have a raptor and a GTX, a couple flats and have something that already kills the new LPS (imo) before it's even open. I really do like the idea of cheaper coasters, and am happy to do a serious bit of research to find what I consider to be much better alternatives in the same price range (and no, no maurer skyloops LOL, even though I think they are lots of fun). Peace.
  4. I was initially going to do it as coaster exclusive, but I realised that some here may have not ridden enough coasters so it would be totally unfair, and I'd like it open to everyone. What ride experiences, of any kind, did you expect little from and they really delivered, and the opposite also? It was hard for me to narrow down to 5 in each category, but I chose the ones that are still very relevant today IMO. For me my most overrated coasters are easy: 1) Millennium Force, Cedar Point - I call it Mediocre Force and my friend with me 100% agreed. It's just fast, but that's all there is to it. Even the first drop is tame and that includes in the back row. There is precisely ZERO airtime anywhere in the back row, and a little in the front. It belongs no where NEAR the number 2 world's best steel coaster as per 2021 rankings. That's just obscene. 2) Beast, Kings Island - praised for its night rides and long terrain layout, this rough and boring woodie that is basically almost all dead track, is the most overrated wooden coaster in history. It once again relies only on speed, but during the day, even that doesn't feel that fast, hence the night time praising. Well Duh, any coaster feels faster if it's dark out.. Give me Ghost Rider, back seat night ride any day over this, and I mean 2000 GR or 2016+ GR.. Not 2005-20015 GR which was awful. 3) Outlaw Run, Silver Dollar City - Incredible Pacing but just so short and SO rough. You are bouncing around like a rag doll and I can feel my spine literally expanding and contracting and wanting to snap. I had to take pain killers afterwards and was out much of the day. This was in 2019. 4) Phantom's Revenge, Kennywood - I detest Morgan hypers (not to be confused with the one chance Morgan GTX). Their lifts are painfully slow, their first drops don't have any airtime anywhere, the ones in the US especially are mid course trimmed up the wazoo (except this one admittedly as it's short without trims).. in the very front there is some fun to be had, but in the back they are literally 200 ft nothing coasters.. and Phantom's Revenge is (almost) no different. True it's better than Steel force/Mamba/Mild Thing, but there is no airtime in the back on the first drop OR the 228 ft ravine drop, and then you get some tiny hills with ejector. This is what people seem to salivate over, this 10 seconds of ride towards the end. The 2 big drops are SO weak, it's a short coaster, and the first 70% is boring, so a few tinsy tiny hills at the end does not a top 10 coaster make. 5) Phoenix at Knoebels - in the very back row we were bored to tears, even with those buzz bars, but it's possible we had a bad ride. That said, there is another enthusiast who didn't think much of it then went back a few years later and same thing.. He wanted to understand and get a ride that made it the number one wood coaster in the world (it's really not, I promise), and he couldn't get one either. I can only speak from my experience, and on a hot end of May Saturday with a full train, we had a shit ride. It wasn't rough though, so that's something. Underrated: 1) intimidator at Carowinds - Some enthusiasts slam this for the trim brakes and they ruin the ride for themselves via placebo effect. The ride is designed to a precision speed and that's why in some cold weather or early morning or almost empty trains, the trims might not even activate, or one might and not the other. B&M have clearly said that the ride runs as closely to its designed speed as possible, and that's what the trims are for, as it literally can run too fast, OVER the design speed, without them. What enthusiasts seem to miss, and get all in a funk about as soon as the trim(s) hit, is that there is still airtime, it is still smooth as glass and it is still a VERY fun ride. Another B&M back seat hyper that never fails to leave me giggling and wanting more. I have literally seen enthusiasts say what an incredible ride they had cause they fluked an un trimmed ride and how much better it was, but it was literally going at the same speed LOL.. As I said, placebo. 2) Raging Bull, Six Flags Great America - One again ragged on cause of trims, it is true in this case they were added long after the fact and must be there for wear and tear, as the coaster is not too intense in any way without them. Still, in trimmed form, it is so underrated. The back seat might be the best B&M hyper drop in existence, as the pre drop adds that little bit of speed needed that you are violently whipped down and out of your seat the entire drop. The rest is sheer floater bliss and being "pulled down" every drop. I can sit on this all day no problem. 3) OzIris, Parc Asterix - The fact it is not as intense as earlier B&M inverts is what many enthusiasts don't like here. I happen to love it cause of the very unique thing it has.. INVERTED COASTER AIR TIME! Yep, and lots of it. At least 10 spots in the very back row. As well as being glass smooth and "intense enough", this coaster is one of my top inverts. 4) Powder Keg - Silver Dollar City - If ever a coaster was underrated.. I rode this and I was like, WTF? Where did this little gem come from? Intense Launch, then just camel back madness. It's sort of like a mini hyper from S&S without inversions and there's nothing else quite like it! It would be a top 10 coaster for me if they replaced the lift with a second launch, as it would be a perfectly paced coaster, but I understand they wanted to reuse some of Buzzsaw Falls. 5) Vekoma SLC's with the new vest restraint VEKOMA trains.. Maybe I am being cheeky here rather than naming a single coaster, but there is more than one that has been "fixed". I find the SLC layouts to be really intense and incredible fun, especially the double barrel roll. Once you ride them with the new trains, you actually realise they are too short, whereas they seem so LONG and "when will it end" with the OTSRs. It's funny how much difference a train can make. I like these SLC's as much as any B&M invert and all I end up wishing is that they were a little longer and that more parks would fix theirs. I even see a place for them in new parks. TBH I'd much rather ride things like the Great Nor'Easter than Craptor, which almost made my most overrated list.
  5. I am putting you ignore as you are obviously going to be like a dog with a bone, so this is the final time I will acknowledge you, ever. I bag Zamperla everywhere, badly, as I think they make the worst coasters in the world (well some of them), but I've always excepted this one.. cause it's an, UM, exception. Look up the word and its meaning Goodbye troublemaking troll. Yeah I realise it's impossible and the coaster supports are specific for the terrain, but I am surprised you had a bad ride on it. That said, I respect your opinion. I was literally out of my seat on both the main drops, the second one was sustained better than some hypers, and it was smooth. Maybe it aged poorly, my ride was a decade ago. Although TPW rode it a couple years back and he loved it also.. Any coaster can have a bad day, and maybe that's what you had, or maybe not. I was just dreaming cause I hate the fact they closed it (and quite a few more of their good rides). I have no nostalgia for their arrow looper and glad they closed that POS though LOL! For me the most important thing at Dreamworld now is water rides.. they closed both.. Whitewater World having slides is a different thing, not everyone at a theme park wants to get into their bathers and do water slides. Maybe a Mack powersplash, or an all new log flume, something like Dudley Do Right. I know they will never get a rapids ride again cause obvious reasons and it will be a reminder, but a good log flume or water coaster is what I have my fingers crossed for Dreamworld next. They already have two family coasters, please no third one. Have you ridden Thunderbolt? They are horrible, truly. They HURT. I'd rather ride a rough woodie than those 2 things again. The way my brain rattled made me nauseous, and that's almost impossible to make me sick on a ride, but that managed it.
  6. An RMC Hybrid from scratch is as maybe out of reach also. A conversion is anywhere from 6 to 10 million, but we don't have a wooden coaster to convert to begin with....hey, if Bush Beast was around! That said, a topper track from scratch coaster like wildfire cost 13 million USD and Zadra cost about 16 million USD which is a from scratch Hybrid. Intimidator was around 23M USD (Carowinds) so yes, RMC are definitely cheaper, BUT, the big but is that B&M smaller models that aren't quite hyper can lower the cost by 5 million and they are just as good to ride. So RMC hybrid/B&M mini hyper, either are as realistic as one another IMO. Anyway, with RMC, it has to be the more expensive Hybrid option these days. They have phased topper track out cause it gets effin rough like all woodies do - there was no magic bullet after all. In fact, Intamin Pre Fab lasts longer before getting rough. Outlaw Run at SDC almost broke my back, it was really "bouncy".. I couldn't re ride it, as short as it was and as much as I loved it, as my back was sore after one ride and I have a bad-ish back. Goliath at great america was holding up better. Wonder Woman fiesta texas was 7 million USD. The cost of Buzzsaw. For something 100 times as good. Have you ridden the single rail? I am just trying to stay realistic and think for a quick fire one of a kind in OZ, the single rail would fit that bill. I keep imagining one where AA is now.. Maybe with an extra inversion or airtime hill and with costs to OZ hopefully could still be done for under 10M USD.. a very realistic proposal IMO.
  7. RMC, without question. If not, B&M hyper. I am happy with the single rail or the hybrids with RMC. Since I think a single rail is more realistic we'll go with that, and what I am hoping replaces AA at Movie World. Just the standard model like RailBlazer, WW and Stunt Pilot. The very back row is so insane it can't even be explained, honestly. Right now I will settle for the Zamperla mine train that just closed at Ocean Park in Hong kong. Best mine train ever built (in terms of airtime and layout of the actual coaster). I am hoping beyond hope an Aussie park buys it. It's a wonderful coaster.
  8. Here's the first suggestion. Chance Hyper GTX instead of Zamperla thunderbolt. and YES, the one at OWA even with second gen trains is full of jackhammering and even a couple deep pothole moments.. it's a good layout that just rides terribly. Although I do believe gen 3 trains coming (probably won't make a difference). it's better than the one at Luna Park but only because those restraints staple you and get worse as the ride goes on.It's not like it's smoother or something LOL. Anyway, I just saved you 3 million dollars for a much, much better ride. Of course I know the brand names but all the coasters you have suggested are terrible. Every single choice. You've specifically gone and made a park with the exact sort of brand names that Anka did, and they proved the model doesn't work. They had ONE decent coaster and even that is just the wrong choice (intamin 10 inversion rev b and their only big brand name). You are very cheeky, I was going by what you were saying and NOT using the main brand names, that doesn't mean I don't know the ones you used. They are just utter garbage and your park would 100% fail. I guarantee it. No one wants to pay for a theme park unless the rides are spectacular. Just like Steel Taipan will not save Dreamworld.. one good coaster isn't enough. I don't know what you want to hear, do you want me to pamper your idea? You were quite rude where as I initially wasn't, telling me how "preposterous" I am.. so let me put it bluntly: Yours is the worst idea for a theme park I have ever seen in my near 50 years. EVER. When I have seen really bad parks that fail, in the real world, and wonder to myself "how on Earth could someone even think this was a good idea, this sort of person doesn't exist in reality", you've gone and shown me that people who design terrible parks do exist. I'm out, you obviously want to stick to crap and not have real feedback, so, I've got better things to do.
  9. I think Anka Park is proof that quantity over quality simply doesn't work. Mind you they also have a little more than 3x our population, so imagine that in a country of 26 million. If Wonderland failed so miserably, what you are proposing has zero chance.. it would never ever work. If you want to talk realistic with actual rides any sane person opening a theme park would buy, then let's talk. That includes brand names, in other words.
  10. In my final trip in 2019 I rode Riddler's Revenge at SFNE and it was great. This was just before I flew to EU for the final leg of the trip. I can compare directly with Energylandia's and say that that one is a bit better again. I have ridden Nor'Easter previously but not with the track changes, only the new trains, and I honestly don't remember it all that well as it was 10 years ago I think. I wasn't impressed much with Morey's at all, but I want to go back now that they have smoothed Great White out and done a lot of maintenance on the place, plus, Gale Force is nearby and that thing is airtime *madness* (note, you DO get a headache but it's worth it in this rare instance). Yes, SLC really are good coasters WITH the correct trains. Short but sweet, and the "non stop action" style pacing, also adds to why they feel short. Don't laugh, but the SLC layouts are more intense than most current B&M inverts IMO, as to me, B&M lost their cojones somewhere down the line. Believe it or not I came off those two and wanted more. A longer track with 2 more inversions and maybe a bunny hill. We were laughing the whole way and thinking "if only Lethal Weapon were this good". (We never rode it as Arkham and always have referred to it as Lethal Weapon, so, sorry about that but it's just me and my brain).
  11. Sorry I was only going by all my google searches, and I did more than one, that ST cost 32 million *USD* They have now changed it 32 AUD. Not my fault, and that's much more reasonable.
  12. When I rode GC it was called cyclone, last time at DW it was called HWS and I had no intention of queuing for it. I banged my head and I considered it "rough", say compared to Corkscrew (Sea Viper), but no where near as bad as some other Arrow Coasters I have ridden, simply because it's so slow and boring that it actually isn't THAT violent. I smashed my ear really hard on Abyss. Hard. I didn't find it flat our rough but that constant rattle and I got a headache. It just didn't track all that well for a modern coaster, and I don't know if it's the cars or the track. I also need to be honest that I am tall and clear the restraints, my neck was hunched down looking at different things so it was my fault. It still was painful on my neck and shoulders though once I straightened myself up. Arkham Asylum I only rode as LW, never with the new trains, and I continued to torture myself on the day I was there and bash my head as I thought it was a great coaster (back then we didn't even have things like Superman let alone Rivals LOL). Last time I went to MW the queue was too long so I skipped it. I mean we can all tolerate different things and are built differently. Abyss is a rough ride, but at least it has a payoff with that airtime hill, the jojo roll and a great drop and pacing But all these are nothing compared to things like Batman and Robin the Chiller (RIP) before they went to lap bars. I actually had a bleeding ear and went to SFGA first aid (2001) then the next year it was suddenly an amazing ride, albeit with very tight trains for taller folk. Desperado in Vegas was the roughest hyper I ever rode, I have been on it 23 times but I learned to ride it defensively lol. There are very rough steel coasters out there, and yes, compared to THAT, Abyss is not. But Abyss is too rough for an almost 8YO ride. Sorry but it is. That said, now you have wanted to make me ride it again LOL. Peace.
  13. Geez we have gone OT, and totally my fault (sorry OP), but what the heck happened Adventure World? Gerstlauer? Sigh. Even the one time I rode it, all I wished the entire time was that it had the lap bar trains as I banged my ears. But now I actually don't want to go back to ride it again if it's even rougher now. I appreciate the heads up. I wanted to try the lap bar pendulum which hadn't quite opened yet, but not worth it to go to AW for just one ride.
  14. It's become even worse over the last four years? Sigh. We get one of the top 5 Euro Coaster layouts in the world and one of the roughest at the same time. I did mean all new cars though but I didn't know it was overall unpopular, I only went once 4 years ago.
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