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  1. pazzap

    USA Group Tour 2019 - Putting Feelers Out

    From cleveland? Well I guess so.. I do have friends in San Antonio and also another couple close by... I guess I could fly there from CLE and then maybe even take the houston/Sydney route home. Food for thought. I've never done an organised coaster tour group.. i've always spent months planning my own, always starting in late May through end June.. I've only ever missed a couple I wanted to ride that way and lines were bearable in all cases, except SFMM, but i'd now probably get the paid flash pass thingie, I never want to wait that long for X again LOL. Anyway point being, would be nice for someone else to do all the work for a change.. Will we have any ERT? I would never go with TPR as I think i'd end up head butting Alvey, so no biggie if no ERT but would be good if OP is contacting parks to see if any can be arranged. Back to SFFT though, there are a couple of completely pointless parks in the tour where I am sure if a poll was made to lose them and add SFFT, SFFT would win. OP seems a bit resistant to interested user input? We'll see. Hmm I do like the second tour a lot more.. still also sad neither has BGW which is another must.. Apollo's chariot in the back is one of the most underrated B&M experiences ever. I'd honestly add that and SFGA for el toro which is mind blowing and lose some others.. I'd design the first one totally different (and yes, I do understand he wants it to flow into the second).. I've done every park from Orlando up on the I-95 with a slight deviation for carowinds, and trust me, BGW and SFGA are musts. For me it's just not long enough to only do the second tour, which is why I would have liked to do both, but the first one is just not great.. Even wild adventures.. not needed.. magic springs.. not needed... Beach, not needed... Anyway that's my input.. PS believe it or not the new texas giant is not all that great..It's certainly better than what was there but it's kinda..meh.. which you'll see for yourselves.. However I've not ridden Steel vengeance so can't say for sure but by POV, steel vengeance literally looks twice as good. It looks amazing, actually, especially in the back seat. PPS Maybe in my case I need to design my own first half and meet with you guys in Texas..That could work. I'll keep en eye out for more info, solid pricing etc...
  2. pazzap

    USA Group Tour 2019 - Putting Feelers Out

    very interested but no SFFT is too much of a loss for me, sorry.. Being in the US and not riding WW and Iron Rattler is something I just can't accept. Just being honest about it.
  3. I am a bit disappointed with the back seat thing because there is currently no way to get the *maximum* first drop "pull down" airtime on the stengel dive when facing forward. Even just one row makes a difference, the airtime will be slightly lessened. I would have liked it all facing forwards and for a limited special event now and then they could have it ALL backwards for a week or so. Something like that. The good thing is with only one row, if it's not too popular they can reverse it easily
  4. Mako was a huge disappointment to me, i far prefer apollo's which is 2 decades it's junior. Taron was ok, it was sort of exciting but i just get bored with twisters, including woodies. I rode gci roar first year and i renamed it yawn (to quote another example). Taron has an exciting launch and actually does have some air in front seat, and look, it's a bit of rush, but to *me*, not actually "thrilling". Cool? any need to personally insult me? No i'm not "nuts", i just have my own coaster preferences like everyone does. I bet you there will be no airtime in the back seat on the second hill. That will be front airtime only. Back airtime will only exist coming out of inv loop and stengel drop. PS el toro in the very very back seat is my kind of coaster.. I spent an entire day with premium flash pas riding just that, definitely over 50 times. But it gives you an idea of what I like. Ghost rider reconditioned is back to it's 2001 glory and a night ride in the very back seat is now in my top 10 of all time again. I also love relentless inversions and hang time..
  5. I agree Xcellerator is a nothing after drop, but the height and overall top speed give it the edge for me. The fact that it has lap bars mean it will always win for me in any case. Just like i far prefer TDR to Kingda for that same reason (and kingda airtime hill has zero airtime anyway so i don't know why it's there). the sheer height of those and again INSANE speed give them the edge for me even though they are one trick wonder. But what exactly does superman do after the launch and first airtime hill anyway.?. Maybe I am missing something lol? A couple twists and turns and a tunnel and tiniest bit of air with truly horrible OTSRs. I have so many pics imaginable on that coaster and i look half asleep in every single one LOL, even the photo lady laughed cause she could tell it was genuine. I really enjoyed kanonen as an example of a short but sweet intense launch coaster from the start to finish. So sad it's gone. PS most exciting mack coaster in a long time to me is the launched looping spinner coming to SDC. I am thinking of another trip next year just to visit SDC to ride it, and then to pop down to fiesta texas for wonder woman. I agree with you overall and i respect your opinion, and i am very impressed that no one lashed out at me and have replied maturely and with solid viewpoints! I was honestly worried i'd get hammered for my opinion re DC rivals. Remember i could be completely wrong and it's amazing! I'll be there opening day with my bestie. Now, with Millennium force, i rode it opening year.. me and my bestie got off at it at the end, looked at each other totally underwhelmed, and both said, "mediocre force". So we are not that different are we after all! The reason i love helix is because of the masterful pacing. I heard people complain about the slow launches but it wasn't about that to me. The launches in helix are there to facilitate the precise speed the coaster needs and nothing more, IMO. To me it's the best paced coaster bar none, a multi looper with non stop action from the moment you leave the station to the moment you arrive.. and even has real airtime! What a wonderful wonderful coaster.. 7 inversions with lap bars will always get praise from me in any case. Again, I just can't rave about it's pacing enough and it's in my top 3 best coasters (steel) of all time. You know, i could be wrong. Rivals might be amazing. I just wish it had 1 or 2 more big hills, that's all. It has exactly 1 big airtime hill, and in a hyper, that just doesn't make sense to me at all. Surely my viewpoint could be understood at the very least, even if not agreed with?
  6. For some reason, all ways to edit my post seem to have disappeared. I just wanted to be fair and clarify a couple of things. This is all personal opinion.. for example, i understand many people love I305 but that wasn't my sort of thing either as it was more about speed and turns. But i'd still ride it if that's all that was on offer.. I genuinely apologise if my post upset anyone, it was merely an opinion on what I have seen. I've now ridden just under 800 coasters so have tended to form my own firm styles of coaster i love and don't love by now. PS I also just want to explain why i feel we get shunted. To me, besides a couple of anomaly's like rita queen of speed, we also got the weakest intamin launched of the lot, that is further ruined by OTSR's. We have the worst multilooper with HWSW (yet when it was at luna park and new, it was a great ride at night, i remember that fondly).. We even get the slowest mack water coaster with the heavy brakes before the final drop (well at least it did that when i rode it). None of the other ones i have ridden do this! It's like nothing to me, in oz, seems to run at it's full potential. Tower of terror "feels" only 3/4 of what superman does at SFMM, and so on. I wouldn't have chosen mack for our hyper, simple as that, and that's probably a big part of it for me too. I would have chosen intamin, B&M, or RMC for an 150 ft mini hyper with 3 inversions. That's my personal preference and again i did not mean to be a debbie downer, but I was just so excited we were finally getting a hyper, i think that almost anything would have disappointed me. Hey I have different tastes to most people.. phoenix is widely recognised as one of the best woodies, and i hated it, literally. I'd never go out of my way to go to knoebels again. Just an example. We are all different. huh? S:E is terrible, another nothing coaster except launch and first bit of air. Anyway, the worst hyper coaster i have ever ridden in my life is goliath/titan, followed closely by desperado, then the big one, so this will be far from the worst. That's not what I meant. I am sure it will be fun. Just not my first choice.
  7. um, didn't we just get a trim too? and it's still early days of testing. B&M hypers are the bomb. Raging bull is the most neutered one with trims and just awful, but apollo's, nitro, shambhala and more are all awesome. Literally out of your seat if you are in the back for most of the ride. Being low to the ground and twists and turns is exactly why i don't like it. I wanted drops. Flash's loop is about hang time with the lapbar, like full throttle's. That's actually a very exciting feeling IMO. Not every loop has to be about high G's.. and not to forget flash is the world's largest loop. This only qualifies as a hyper because of the first drop, it has nothing in common with most hypers after that.. i'd rather have had the 100ft lightning run over this any day. i don't care that it has trims, i care that it's about turns when we didn't need a hypercoaster to do that. I wanted drops and airtime hills.
  8. pazzap

    Gumbaya coaster?

    I wish Mark could clarify whether we are getting a coster or not.. Most reports just mentioned rides, and i had seen one report that said a roller coaster. Then i saw the accomodation planned and after thinking 50 million was plenty for one killer coaster, a couple great flats and refurb, i realised it was very unlikely. All that money is going to go to the hotel. In any case, if we do get a small coaster i would love it to be something australia doesn't have. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  9. Am i allowed to give my opinion in this topic about this coaster? I was already underwhelmed from the animated POV but quietly kept myself excited. From what i have seen, it's no flash. No comparison. The first drop, airtime hill and inverted loop are it for this coaster, then it's a nothing coaster as far as i am concerned. Definitely the weakest of all of mack's bigger coasters. For some reason we seem to get the worst of everything in OZ.. we get the worst el loco of the lot cause it's loaded with trims, no excitement or adrenaline at all, and we get an ok and good for oz, but weakest hyper of the lot. We keep getting shunted. This was in no way about budget as that's an expensive coaster, it's simply not a great design IMO. This will all be mostly about front seat airtime and maybe the very back seat for the first drop and that's it.. If we weren't going to get a lot of hills and drops, i would have at least liked to see inversions. We still need to go OS to get really good hypers and multi loopers, we have no choice. Too bad. At this stage i would have much preferred an RMC, by far. My expectations were probably too high for this, after helix and flash. I'll reserve absolute final judgement till ride day. PS perhaps one day dreamworld will build an intamin hyper like new england ROS to beat this. So for the inspiration to get other parks to compete, it's still worth having. And of course i'll still be riding it 100+ times, regardless.It's just not my kind of hyper, layout wise.
  10. Any coaster ideas? If one thing is needed in vic, it;s a decent coaster. Congrats.. i am glad we are getting something believe m
  11. demolish and put a great hyper/multilooper as the centrepiece of gold rush, to replace both eureka and TRR
  12. pazzap

    Backwards row - DC Rivals HyperCoaster

    i think it's a good idea.. the next row will still have the typical back seat airtime on drops, and the very back reverse seat should be a crazy experience on that first drop.. I'm quite happy with this..
  13. pazzap

    Las Vegas rides

    what seat were you in?
  14. pazzap

    Las Vegas rides

    Desperado is equally bad to the big apple coaster (and i rode it when it was called manhattan express! A long time ago). There are no redeeming qualities whatsoever.. They both cause long lasting back ache and head ache and are hazardous to your health.. I'm all for riding something once to say i've done it, but in this case, those two are so bad, i would rather have skipped them. If one's idea of fun is literally getting beaten up, then sure, you'll like them. The best roller coaster that was ever in Vegas is the one that no longer exists - speed the ride. Canyon blaster and the el loco are fine and worth a ride if you happen to be there.. but not worth going TO vegas to ride.. there are so many other parks and rides in the US worthy of your time first. All this is just IMO of course oh and PS.. stratosphere is fun enough and worth doing the insanity and big shot.. but vegas does not have any "first class" coasters whatsoever.
  15. geez make an official announcement already movie world.. top american parks would have done so by now.. before ANY groundwork even began!