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  1. I would create a dark ride themed to the DC movie Watchmen (2009) to be put in the old batman building. For the new ride i would add a Giant HUSS Topspin, which will be themed to the movie Batman: The Dark Knight (2008) And I would retheme Lethal weapon to the Harry Potter series. With China Town being rethemed into Hogsmeade.
  2. Although the Australian country is not that different to the american west, thus it would work
  3. Lol...alright guys....i didnt realise the Wild Wild West was actually a place in America...i just thought it was a movie...lol...my mistake Let it be Bandits
  4. Heres an update on Wet'n'Wild Sydney...The water park has been given the green light...WOOOO Prospect: Government gives Wet'n'Wild ticket to ride QUAKERS Hill brothers Jacob and Caleb Hansford spent every day they could at Wet’n'Wild on the Gold Coast when they lived in Queensland and now, with the NSW government signing off on Wet’n'Wild at Prospect, they will be able to enjoy some of their favourite rides again. The Planning Department gave concept approval for the $98 million first stage of the $140 million project on December 8 last year. It is up to the park’s builders, Village Road
  5. A bushranger fits BETTER becasue it is designed for an AUSTRALIAN park not an american park. Bushrangers are famous to be found in Australia, through Ned Kelly.
  6. Here is my suggestion to extend the Wild Wild West area... I would add a B & M Diving Rollercoaster, create two new 4D shows to be shown in a new 4D "Show Stage", which will use the current show stage building. I will also create a new resturant, rest area and and more themeing along a new path. My Planned setup can be seen in the PDF file below. The Diving rollercoaster will be a mix between Oblivion where it dives into the ground, and Shrieka where it is actually a rollercoaster. The story behind the rollercoaster is you are just about to go into a mine, when the lift gets stuck and you
  7. LOL That parade is AWESOME!! I love that song.
  8. So...The Top 10 Rollercoasters in the World as voted by Parkz are: ( Although due to the close competition, only seven places were filled due to many of the rides having the same amount of votes ) 1. Superman Escape ( 10 votes ) 2. Space Mountain ( 7 votes ) 3. - Tatsu ( 6 votes) - Xcellerator ( 6 votes ) - Ghostrider ( 6 votes ) 4. Riddlers Revenge ( 5 votes ) 5. - Scooby Do Spooky Coaster ( 4 votes ) - Dragon Challenge ( 4 votes ) - Goliath ( 4 votes ) - California Screamin' ( 4 votes ) - Nemesis ( 4 votes) 6. - X2 ( 3 votes ) - Silver Bullet ( 3 vot
  9. Hello, I would just like to see what theme park Australians would like.
  10. Why water rides? Why not the best rollercoasters of the world which have not been experienced by many Australians? As these will have more appeal to the Australian audience. LOL... I am writing this on a very hot and hummid day in Sydney, when I wish Sydney had a Waterpark.
  11. I am just curious and I am wondering what the Parkz community would rank as the top 10 rollercoasters in the world. It would be awesome if everyone could post their chosen top 10 rollercoasters in the world, in this thread so we can easily see the best rollercoasters that exist in the world, as voted by the parkz community. I would like to vote too but I have not experienced any rides or rollercoasters overseas yet, to include in this list. Sincerely, Thrillrulz
  12. I sure that they could find some way to secure the ferris wheel from moving when the ship is in transport between ports, like just a massive latch that connects to the main wheel, and if they build the rides strong enough they should be able to withstand the forces of the seas.
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