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  1. Hi! Yes, I do have the photos. I have scanned all of the photos from the souvenir book, I am sorry I have not uploaded them yet, I scanned them at a friend's house because I do not have a scanner. Everytime I go over there, I remember about burning them on to a disc but never get around to it. My friend has a cd burner but does not have the burning software on the computer at the moment. I will try to get them as soon as posible, sorry guys and girls!
  2. OMG!! I can't believe how dirty the top of Space Probe is!! Oh, and I can't believe The Demon is like almost totally, GONE!! Oh, and Thanks so much for the photos, it's really nice of you, keeping us up to date, WonderBus!! If you do, and I hope you do, can you please take some photos of Space Probe when it starts to be deconstructed!! Those will be the days I cry!! Oh, and I will prob be there like everyday when Space Probe is being deconstructed! I love you, Space Probe!! Bye!
  3. I'll have to think about it a bit more. My friend has a scanner, so I could see if I could use it or not and get back to you! Thanks for the music cd offer, thats really kind of you! Bye!
  4. Hey, I own that book, right NOW! The front has: Souvenir Limited Edition 'AUSTRALIA'S WONDERLAND' with a picture of 'The Beastie' and at the bottom 'The greatest fun you'll ever have' and on the back it has 'The Bush Beast' logo with 'The greatest thrills you'll ever share' at the bottom! I have it in my desk drawer! I would post infomation about it but, I am too lazy and don't have the time at the moment to write down whole pages from the book! Don't have access to a scanner or digital camera either, at this time. The good thing about the book is it has infomation and pictures about the cons
  5. Welcome, 'semifrodo' OMG!! This is horrible! I am very upset about this! Things couldn't get any worse, first it shuts and now it's leaving in mayhem! I am glad that they now don't get the money from selling the Bush Beast but it is very sad that Australia's largest and best wooden roller-coaster is being destroyed by some trouble makers or in this case angry people about Wonderland's closure. I hope nothing is too badly damaged! I love you Wonderland! And thank you so very much for the infomation 'frodo'
  6. I was downloading the demo from Atari, and about 94% of the download it stuffed up :mad: and I am on dial-up, so you can imagine how pissed off I am! Wasted 16 hours!! :mad:
  7. Hey Guys, Maybe they are using it as a theme for The Claw, the ad does say it is: Tearing Dreamworld - so that track from Thunderbolt could be used, it would look like The Claw has torn Thunderbolt apart and pushed the new ride to the site!
  8. Oops!! Yeah, sorry - I meant Seven (7)
  9. Hey There, Just thought, that someone would like to know who the screaming girl on "Space Probe" is. Her name is "Juliette" and she is now on the new hit TV series, "Girl TV" - which you can catch up on, by watching the show - which is on: Channel Seven (7) Monday - Friday at 4:00pm! "Get Watching It!!" "Cause guys, if you really want to get on the good side of a girl, find out what they are into!"
  10. Wonderland Sydney may have the reason not to close in the morning because of the fact that it is run by a Malaysian company. I know it is disrespectful but, because it is run by a Malaysian company, they may not apply to our Australian standard rules. Well, I will leave you with that, that is all, and yes it is disrespectful.
  11. Hey Guys! I had a great day at "Luna Park Sydney" though I still love "Wonderland" It will take some time getting use to the park as it will now be my only source of fun. But over all I had a great day but, became sick by the end of it all. The "Mouse" was NOT working on the day and aswell as the "Ranger" but, the "Ranger" was inmotion by about 3:00pm. The thing that you stick to the wall was NOT working (was NOT even finished for the opening) and the thing that you stick to the wall and go around up and down was not working also. Have fun if any of you guys go! Also, Sorry I'm NOT on he
  12. Yes, I did win it through their web site (I think) My Mum entered me into the comp via phone but, I also entered My Mum via their web site, so I don't really know how I got them. (via: Phone or Internet? I just don't know?) :confused:
  13. Hey Guys! Around the second last week of school (before the easter holidays), I won a Family Pass to "Luna Park Sydney" this was a very fly moment for me, I just can't wait! The Family Pass is for 4 people. The day is: Saturday April 4th from 11:00am - 5:00pm All rides are free as it is "Luna Park's" "Family Day" and extra tickets can NOT be bought on the day. So for all you guys that did not win a "Family Pass" your day is the day after, Sunday. I am sorry but, I will have fun for all of you! P.S. This will be my first vist to "Luna Park Sydney" Awesome!
  14. Thanks GoBoi! I made it with: Adobe ImageReady 3.0 Then I resized it.
  15. OMG! Thats some bad news! The truth is out! SuNwAy SUX!
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