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  1. Um, it really depends on the weight of the people inside the car. If there is 1 or 2 people in the car it'll stop about 1/2 to 1 metre from the end of the track if the car is full of heavy people it'll stop about half way up the track. That's from the staff at Dreamworld, sometimes at the end of the day they will send up only a couple of people.
  2. If your looking to stay at the hotel at Dreamworld. From Brisbane take the Air-train to the Coomera Train station or Dreamworld station, If you hit the Dreamworld bus at the right time (8am till 10:30am) for $2-4 for 1 way to Dreamworld then you could enter Dreamworld first, or you'll go past the Hotel. If you don't want to pay for the Dreamworld Bus then you can walk it to the hotel. It's not a long walk it'd be about a 20min walk, I've walked from the train station to Dreamworld (a 40min walk) as the bus wasn't running at the time. To walk to the hotel you'd walk down the the intersectio
  3. I would say Dreamworld has about 2 and 1/2 days worth of stuff. If your pushing you can ride on most of the major stuff but most people generally arn't pushing to get around the place. I think you can get 3 day passess now.
  4. Bob Tan could be the owner or the boss. Dreamworld isn't Australian it's owned by a singapore( from memory could be somewhere else) guy who also owns a string of hotels all over asia, he only bought it because he liked the parks and seen it was up for sale at the time, ever since he got the park he has put in a new ride every year.
  5. For those who don't know etc, the guys at Tigar Island have restarted doing the Cougar show. Basicly they bring out 1 Cougar from the back and do the show at the front door of the Tiger Island show. They talk about the Cougar the different names used for the cat etc. And then have the Cougar jump up into the air to get some food and show off etc. This is a part of the old wild life show that the Tigar Island people done at a stage that was next to the central cafe this stage has been removed in 2000 2001. The wild life show hasn't been done in the same way but parts of the show are still
  6. Yeah, but the shop only has tiger island stuff in it now. Also there's only 3-4 people left in the house now, so only 1-2 weeks of it left, I've read that channel 10 has pushed to get BB05 over and done with quickly so it doesn't clash with Australian idol.
  7. River basicly doesn't exist anymore right now, as it's changing to wiggles world, the whole area is being changed bar 3 buildings. I have further pictures of the area I'll send them thru tomorrow night, they are 2 weeks on from the first set of pics. Quite a lot of work has been done I'm quite suprised.
  8. Bigbrother is moving for sure as 1 of the main shops at the front is completely empty of BB items for sale, this change has been made over the last 2 weeks.
  9. The wipe out is still out of action. gone there today Sunday. Needs fixing the sign had on it.
  10. what families get into the park for free?
  11. I think it might work out quite well, I think they'll have some type of show where the guys can be there or not be there and it'll still work out fine. It's for kids not for adults and being that most of the kids are going stupid over a wiggles video let alone going to a place for the wiggles will probabbly mean that kids will still go stupid over it. What might have been good was for the gum tree bit to be moved over to the mine rides etc, it was a bit all over the joint, like fantasy land at the front with western town to the side of it, and a country town the the bottom of it. I think
  12. HEY!!!!! You can book a bus ticket for Dreamworld from the airport via www.con-x-ion.com.au you can also book tickets from hotels on the gold coast as well BUT it's ONLY from on the Gold Coast can't be in brisbane.
  13. Man take ya handy cam on the claw and see it fly off into the ground and smash into about 1000 bits. That's really cool stuff. Also for a bus, ask or ring up the Con-X-ion bus people they have buses running to the airports but they have busses at the theme parks as well.
  14. I'll just say that isn't what remember from before the wipeout ride.
  15. That isn't what I remember at all, the diver ride as I call it has never moved, where the wipeout was there was another ride like spinning tea cups basicly it was the kiddies rides there were 2 rides here but I can't remember what both rides are now though the spinning tea cups rides was in the exact same spot as the wipeout. That was scrapped moved whatever basicly and the diver one has stayed in the same spot I don't think it was used for a while though, it's sits in a rised stand and the whole ride can be hidden from sight when it's down, so a cover over it is all that's needed to hide
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