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  1. Good on Aussie World for adding another ride to their park. I'm sure the guests will be thrilled to ride it.
  2. @djrappa People might not know a Mack from a Meisho but they sure as shit notice as soon as they ride something. To say the public doesn't notice the difference between a good quality ride and a bad one just because a ride is a ride is just silly. Your putting words in my mouth, I never said they wouldn't notice the difference between a good quality ride or a bad one. I said that they wouldn't know a Mack or B&M coaster if they fell over them because....they are not into ride manufactures as enthusiasts are. I'm sure as shit ( your words ) that this ride will prove to be very popula
  3. @XxMrYoshixX It may surprise you to know that many people that visit theme parks are not coaster fanatics but simply individuals or families out for a fun day. They wouldn’t know a Mack or B&M coaster if they fell over them, all they want to do is to have a great day of fun without nit picking various makes & models of the various attractions…. Personally, I found the old Wild Mouse uncomfortable & at times painful to ride. Regardless of what you think & frankly I couldn’t care less , this will be a very popular & welcomed attraction for this park & I applaud them for
  4. The demise of the Wild Mouse is unfortunate but the wait times were hideous on busy days due to the one person per car policy. If it's replacement is the spinning Crazy Mouse style coaster then I feel that will be a great addition to the park both in thrills & also loading capacity.
  5. You could be right there Alex, but I thought it was being used as a trampoline attraction? Still I guess it wouldn't take much to dismantle that at all. Looking at the ride, it doesn't appear to have a large footprint so it will be interesting to see where it is :-)
  6. Thanks strop....Where is it situated in the park? It's not on the park map as yet.
  7. I know exactly how tall it is... Regardless of that, I think it will be a very fun ride. I'm not a fan of huge drop tower rides anyway.
  8. I Just received this & I'm very excited as I will be there in January. It's called the Bombora Bounce & will open Dec 26th. 26!
  9. It IS a lot of money granted but considering that the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland cost $100 million dollars back in 1995, I guess its not a great deal more in today's terms. From what I've seen, the Ratatouille ride is a fun 3D attraction unique to DLP so I hope you enjoy it :-)
  10. Thanks for the update @XxMrYoshixX. I don't tend to follow the manufacturers. To be honest, I've only been on one Togo, The Manhattan Express in Las Vegas, & it was one of the most painful rides I've ever been on. No wonder they went out of business.
  11. Togo....Heaven help us. They have a terrible reputation for rough coasters.
  12. As much as losing the Wild Mouse would be very regrettable, if they combined that area with the now closed Octopus, I think they would have a decent space for a new coaster.
  13. Hi RobK Yes I did go thru it, several times & it was quite creepy. There were mirrors all with forest painted frames, Green foliage hung from the roof with spooky music playing. It was all dimly lit & several of the chambers had a revolving doorway that led to other sections. The Minotaur was in the center of it & then there was an exist. He was behind a glass case & was in a static position. That's all I really remember about it, those days, we didn't have mobile phones so I have no pictures.
  14. ^ There was a maze based on the Minotaur that I remember, it had revolving chambers & hidden doorways, the idea was to find him. Is this what you are referring too?
  15. I don't know how often you visited Wonderland but as a local I was a frequent visitor from it's first year of operations purchasing an annual pass every year. I would never have called it an underwhelming park & believe me, I have seen many around the world to compare it too. It was without doubt the best theme park NSW has ever seen IMHO & hardly underwhelming in any way at all.
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