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  1. I'm heading in again this Sunday. Rear-facing will still be upcharged, I expect. Still worth it.
  2. Yeah @Aimsley81 mentioned that the other day too. I agree. Funny that. Yesterday I was at Brisbane Airport and the VR for AA billboard was up, and I wondered if they'd put up a DCRivals one. Lo and behold:
  3. Good luck, hope you hear back soon. Here's a new angle of the ride, posted by Theme Park Girl on her Facebook page. According to her posts, the carpark is fully open again.
  4. Quite cool to see it again pre-monorail!
  5. Nope, the bridge is the surrogate observation area, apart from the new footpath running alongside the length of the ride.
  6. The Off Topic Topic

    Bit of fan art combining Planet Coaster and DC Rivals Hypercoaster. All numbers not actually stated somewhere are fictitious,
  7. Official? Hopefully on Thursday. I'm expecting next week sometime. Slick? He's "working on it". Unofficial? I'd be surprised if a hidden mobile version wasn't already online somewhere on someone's Facebook timeline.
  8. Here's a video I cobbled together in iMovie of the various angles I got video of on Sunday.
  9. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, @pushbutton, even if you know they'll be in the minority regarding 'best on the coast'. I didn't get enough time to pay attention to the theming myself (Backwards / Single rider lines), but my thoughts on better theming were raised late in the construction thread. To be brutally honest, this is a Hypercoaster. The ride is the attraction, not the theming. I know this exact discussion was raised in a few threads over the last year, but after riding it, I'm now in the camp of anything other than the ride is a bonus. Ask me that again in a few months, maybe I'll change my views. AA is horrifically rough, and even though I've not done the VR I can't rate it for the pain it causes.
  10. Yes and no. In the queue you see the lift hill and the train in the block brake/brake run. on 2 train days outside of holidays, you won't queue long. Yes, a fair bit quicker. When I was in that queue, you'd see 2-3 single riders per train get on.
  11. Sorry backwards didn't work out for you. Every dive felt like you were being pulled from airtime towards the ground. Yes it was a tiny bit nauseating on the direction changes (before and after helix especially), but worth doing at least once. The lift hill backwards is interesting. You're facing down out of your seat, and feel the need to jam yourself in (against the panel)with your feet. I foresee this part of the train wearing quickly. Easily replaceable with a new panel though. Feet dangling adds a lot to the ride.
  12. If you'd grey out on superman, you certainly will on this. Pretty intense G's, of all types (positive, lateral, negative). Especially rear-facing.
  13. They have wait times listed, yes. Single rider quickest at the moment. They're getting quicker at cycling the trains, although you do have a short wait in the brake run (a chance to catch your breath). Just rode forward mid train. Fantastic ride in that direction too! If anything the Stengel Dive is a fraction of a second to catch your breath. The view of the track (below you and far away) from the lift hill is amazing. The black fence in the GL queue rumbles as Rivals comes back through the bunny hops. My my day is done, rode twice. Off to family thing now.
  14. DC Rivals HyperCoaster - backwards seating

    Just met a few Parkz members. Enjoy, everyone! I believe I just had a religious experience. Backwards is magical. I know this track by heart from the construction thred, yet was still blown away by the G's everywhere, especially in the snappy turns, and I agree with the posts before me - airtime in the back seat is insane, especially the bunny hops! Felt like I was being thrown out the back of a ute going over a crest. I also like the dips in the helix, those G's felt great in reverse. 2 Trains running!