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  1. How many years have we been asking for this? A while before the TRRR incident, that's for sure. As for you saying "before someone else steals the idea", I for one wouldn't mind the "arms race" restarting. I don't care if it's Sea World or Dream World, a Lech style Vekoma would be great.
  2. I'm assuming that they've been planning for a while, and have just been waiting on the funds to pull the trigger. That said, for a new signature attraction it's Boxing Day 2020 at best, if there was a big manufacturer with an available window. It'd be shoehorning from the catalogue if so. I think a roadmap from DW would be helpful at this point.
  3. Glubbo

    Wipeout Removal

    I'm the opposite. I only rode it in its early years. Every visit past 2012 or so, I always passed it by, knowing that 'I could ride it whenever'. Kinda now regret not riding it after that.
  4. Blocking someone doesn't stop them being abused/bullied, just because they can't see it.
  5. Don't see how it does - the First Aid doorway in PlanCo is two people wide! 😁
  6. Glubbo

    New and very different attractions

    A bit vague in your question. For me it was Claw, at the time it was (to Aussies) "very unique and completely unlike anything else they've heard of."
  7. You call that an invisible BMX? Half of it is still visible!
  8. The last 2 photos look like they're setting up a flycam. No idea if this is for the show or just for filming advertisements.
  9. Glubbo

    Sea World - New Ride 2020

    Maaaaaybe Google "Bikash" and "Sea World"?? Who knows what it might reveal?
  10. Glubbo

    Dreamworld Maintenance 2019

  11. Glubbo

    The Off Topic Topic

    Don't forget the shadecloth, Councillor.
  12. Why would someone from a park have to pay this site to engage with us?
  13. Glubbo

    Park Memes? Park Memes.

    He went there? Narrator: ...he went there. you're saying Skeeta and Alex are the same person just changing Alts? 😋