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  1. Glubbo's 2005 DW & MW Photos.

    Just noticed that the test cycles of SE didn't have Superman attached to the rear of the train until it opened. Wonder if that had any effect on weight going over the top hat?
  2. The Off Topic Topic

    Looks like someone on r/brisbane needs WWF help. Batsignal lit.
  3. Gold Rush demolition at Dreamworld

    Gold Rush through BB cafe ,Blue Lagoon and the Auditoruim is a massive amount of land, enough for two themed areas. The lack of funds from Ardent for capex is blatantly obvious.
  4. The Off Topic Topic

    How do the animals go with the fireworks? Dogs don't usually like them, and the Dingo enclosure is what, 150m from the tower?
  5. ABC Brisbane have mentioned it IS in Melbourne, via the Old Brisbane Facebook page.
  6. John Longhurst's Dreamworld Stories

    Also, we have Hollywood House put to bed. Thanks for that.
  7. John Longhurst's Dreamworld Stories

    Fascinating articles, @Roachie. I'd completely forgotten about Thunderbolt being an 'upcharge'!
  8. Glubbo's 2005 DW & MW Photos.

    ...and over a series of three [merged] posts, Movie World visit December 10, 2005. Entry: Final touches on Superman Escape, yet to open. No Batwing, no Green Lantern. Construction fencing up. Hard to see, but Arkham Tower just a building facade, not a 'spire'. Lethal Weapon: One of LW's trains, as at 2005. Main Street: From outside WB shop. Miss those topiarys. Matrix Exhibit: Matrix Exhibit, where bumper cars/arcade stands today. Wild West Falls: Very different WWF boats paint job than they have today. Part Two: Matrix Action Show: Story is the cops corner Trinity, who fights them, until three Agents arrive, and capture her. Neo arrives, and there's a fight until Neo had an Agent, but 'Smith' has Trinity. The fight continues, and Neo helps Trinity escape, but stays to fight Smith. Neo obviously wins. Part Three: Grand Parade: These were just some of the floats/stars. There was Warner Brothers animation characters as well. Main Street: This view is great as you look at photos over the years. Today you can see: Superman Escape, Batwing and DC Rivals. Unsure if GL too, off the top of my head. End of the day, Superman escape did a few test cycles.
  9. Gold Rush demolition at Dreamworld

    Start here, and read the next 5-6 pages, especially @Skeeta's post, and @Theme Park Girl's photo on that same page. Subsequent pages had us discussing if it was alongside the lagoon, or the yellowish building on the left once you entered Goldrush.
  10. The Off Topic Topic

    Animatronic T-Rex fire in a US Theme Park.
  11. After the CGI rendered version above, there's now a Twisted Timbers on-ride, albeit from a non-seat angle. Buttery smooth. The back end of this ride, with the off-bank turns, flicks and tight bends, is alluring, even if it's not the beast that Steel Vengeance is.
  12. Glubbo's 2005 DW & MW Photos.

    Thanks for these! Skull and entry was so much better "out front". I also want to make that vintage car station in Planet Coaster now
  13. Glubbo's 2005 DW & MW Photos.

    Please do, & post them in a new thread. 90s Parks were so...innocent to me. Still with that element of escapism.
  14. Glubbo's 2005 DW & MW Photos.

    Thanks for the nice words. Yeah the shark was on a circular underwater track. It just did circles under the ride.
  15. Had an old hard drive recovered recently. In Feb 2005 I went to Dreamworld and in Dec 2005, Movieworld. Up first are the Dreamworld pics. Enjoy the park as it was thirteen years ago. Damn I'm getting old... Claw: ...note Avalanche's mountain in the background. ...note Enterprise in the background. Cyclone: White Water World? That a waterpark? Like the Blue Lagoon? These were taken from Cyclone's exterior ramp, spiraling around the turbine building. No White Water World, Flow Rider, Kevil. The concrete slabs are Thunderbolt's footprint I believe, and back of the 2nd picture you can see white coaster track. Thunderbolt's remains: Taken from Cyclone's then exit, the station and infield of Thunderbolt. The shiny area near the roof on the left inside the station was ads for (from memory) Ice Creams, other rides, and Gold Coast attractions. The green concrete slab in the 2nd picture was either part of the kiddie go-kart track on the infield of Thunderbolt, or maybe the queue. Thinking queue. Wipeout: Ooo! Shark! Steamtrain: Already posted in another thread for T Bone to enjoy. Avis Vintage Cars: Pre-MDMC. Looked much more natural in this location. Car pictured was for photo-ops. Way better ride station. Tower of Terror: Forwards facing, no tunnel. Taken from Giant Drop entry/archway, I think. Taken from exit of Giant Drop. Next time, Movie World. Remember the days before the Main Street shadesail?