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  1. Glubbo

    MIXD By You! (Coke mix ins) MovieWorld

    I see what you did there.
  2. Glubbo

    MIXD By You! (Coke mix ins) MovieWorld

    Oh. Oh no. OH, NO...
  3. Glubbo

    Projection mapping. What's next?

    The one of her walking around with the lamp, them dancing around not 'bolted to the floor'... wow.
  4. I thought this place looked familiar. The Roma Street Magistrates Court. No, I’ve never been in there...
  5. Glubbo

    The Off Topic Topic

    I don't remember where exactly in Tanawah it used to be, possibly near Super Bee or the Bellingham Maze? Here's an article from Sunshine Coast Daily. I think it was a standalone, not from a waterpark. I had assumed it was the old one from Maroochydore/Alex Headland (Olympia 'theme park') near McDonald's before finding that article.
  6. Glubbo

    WWW expansion 2018

    ...looks like Thunderbolt's Station will be kept.
  7. A bushfire is approaching Kopps Rd, near the Estate named after Tennis players. Paradise Country is just to the East of this area. I'm sure they have a bushfire plan at PC and are enacting it. Hope that includes the animals. Here's QFES's warning.
  8. Glubbo

    The Off Topic Topic

    You risk losing your pass and being permanently banned from the park. How about they pay their way and help the park pay staff and add new attractions?
  9. Glubbo

    Planet Coaster

    Well, now they've put motocoasters in, I guess I should get back to that Endor Speederbike ride I had planned back in Alpha...
  10. Glubbo

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb

    I agree, but I think you meant secluded? It is possible something else might be going in where the tree was.
  11. Glubbo

    WhiteWater World Slide Repaint

    Yes, Superintendent Chalmers.
  12. Glubbo

    Planet Coaster

    Can anyone come up with a way of doing the exposed brick under the rendered walls from that shop? Best I could try was temple pieces over actual brick walls, but it didn't look that good. Thinking of using billboards for the whole walls, and photoshopping the effect, but I don't think you can put those on the workshop? Also, here's a version of DC Rivals I've found on the workshop that looks accurate, haven't done a POV yet.
  13. Glubbo

    Planet Coaster

    Had a crack at Sanfa Fe Ice Cream shop:
  14. Glubbo

    Disneyland Paris - Tip and Tricks?

    Yep, an omnimover like Haunted Mansion. A lot of the elements in HM are in PM, apparently. Effects were great.
  15. Terrible to think that he entered water dirty from the nature of the incident. Yes it's the job to respond and make all attempts to save life, but that was incredibly brave. The testimony today includes guests assisting in first aid. Are they to be called upon to provide testimony, or will statements they've made to Police suffice?