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  1. Nods understandingly in Gold Prospecting rabbit hole, of all things...?!?!?
  2. Did Thrill Hill in Woombye ever have a toboggan?
  3. On Flight Radar 24 last week, I observed a plane doing a back and forth grid over Brisbane. Assuming that's a Nearmaps flight. Maybe they did other flights in SE Qld last week.
  4. I was thinking some kind of "It's a Knockout!" show to be filmed at DW, with the contestants having to run prams to the next station and beat the train. (Yes, I have a 4 at the start of my age, how did you know?)
  5. He's about to be sacked, if he hasn't already been since his post.
  6. A 'day' at the park needs balance out of the sun. Some queues are under cover, some animal exhibits too. A dark ride would help on that as well. Obviously I mean the queue, as ride experiences are usually only a few minutes.
  7. Gizmondo had better be recreating this ride in Planet Coaster... so many very specific questions.
  8. ...also (mostly) disregard the 'Hamilton' bit too, @Slick. Most cruise liners will use the new terminal at The Sewage Treatment Plant Luggage Point. Whenever cruising actually resumes.
  9. Entry charge to these food markets covers management, services (cleaners, etc), power, insurance, and the owner's profits.
  10. Can't see any No Smoking signs there. Might need some.
  11. You're all thinking too hard. It's gonna be called Hoop Snake.
  12. I wonder if some of the concept art might actually happen? There was originally both a mountain with waterfall and a trident-bearing statue in this area. Seeing as though there's already one at the entry to the precinct...
  13. They're still saying Easter - but at this stage weather will be a factor. Going by the photos above, there's still plenty of landscaping to be done. If Trident is delayed, is the only way in/out past it and Vortex?
  14. /me Lurks in thread, considering an October WDW trip.
  15. Hmm, I'll have to get back to you on that @Slick. Right now, what I think I might be fond of/identify with, is a combination of many years of memories from the late 90s through to the early 10s. Because I have a pair of rose-coloured glasses to look through, I can say "it was better". People who are only getting to experience DW for the first time now, might in the future say better (or worse). But, being a member of a forum such as this exposes you to a lot of negatives at the parks (or even just nit-picks) from other peoples' points of view, not your own. But, you bring them with you when you visit, and you may not have even noticed them had you not read about it beforehand. An example, the re-do of the Ice Cream Shop. Had I of not known that the renovations would change the building from this to this (last pic in that article), I'd really have not noticed due to the time gap between visits. Something I'll add to my visit report - I was surprised that the "garden" near RHLR, on the way to Corroboree, was fenced off. I thought it was accessible, and to me would have served as a nice place to pause to remember those lost (or affected by the accident) back in 2016.
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