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  1. Whombex

    Walt Disney World for Newbies

    I suddenly have a very good reason to pour over this thread again! It appears that a few of my Christmases are coming at once - the Finance Department has approved her and I doing both Disneyland and Disney World at the back end of this year, a month or so after @Jessicajealousy and her other half do the best thing and honeymoon there. Mrs' plan is DL over 2 days, and WDW over 4-5 days, with hopefully one more at NASA (like we did in 2009 for a Shuttle Launch). We're about to get into the deep planning this coming week. We have only visited Disneyland Paris/Studios before. It was a Summer's Day in 2013, but fast passes were not mobile-based back then. We got 75% of what we wanted to do in the day. It looks like my post in the Galaxy's Edge thread is going to come true a year early. Now to save like mad. No toll roads, less take-away coffees, pay off the credit card, etc.. @Brad2912 - are you still going later this year? @ejpdtd - you too?
  2. Whombex

    Superman Escape’s Anniversary

    August, 2007. Fog at all entrances to the sound stage. Sound Warning! Loud Video. Not for re-posting. 0827 Superman.mp4
  3. Whombex

    Tower of Terror 2 closing

    Found a few old mobile videos from a visit in 2006. Converting them from 3gp to MP4. My, ToT did get high up that Tower back in the earlier days. SOUND WARNING - it was a loud ride.. Not for reposting. 1119 DW ToT & Drop.mp4 1119 DE ToT.mp4 1119 DW ToT & Drop.mp4 1119 DW Reptar.mp4
  4. Whombex

    New bins in Wild West Falls queue

    But how can the kids sit on the queue fences if there isn't one? /s
  5. Whombex

    Dreamworld‘s new coaster timeline

    The whole ride POV is already up on this forum... and Parkz's news section.
  6. Whombex

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    Can quadcoptors be used on the eastern side of Sea World Drive? Probably not, being in a helicopter area...
  7. Whombex

    Vortex ride Delayed at SW

    Fully 6 wasn't being built on sand, immediately surrounded by water lagoons, with a contractor pulling out early on. Was it?
  8. Whombex

    The Imagineering Story

    The Spider-Man animatronic looks unbelievable. In Imagineering Story, there's more recent testing than in the above video. Some of the acrobatics/poses are very Spider-Man like. How this will be used in the Avengers Campus/Stark Expo areas I don't know, but can't wait to find out.
  9. Anyone else watched/watching The Imagineering Story on Disney+ ? I'm 1/2 way through it. I admittedly had not known much about the creative and general history of the Disney Parks going in to this, and it's been an astounding show. So much Theme Park technology that we take for granted, even in the local parks, was created by the people at WED, MAPO and Walt Disney Imagineering.
  10. Whombex

    Justice League’s Future

    You'd think the Justice League would have a more reliable scanning device.
  11. Whombex

    The Off Topic Topic

    (I was joking about the thunder from the storm.)
  12. Whombex

    The Off Topic Topic

    So SCSC's theming was improved then?
  13. Whombex

    The Off Topic Topic

    Bah, sonsabitches.
  14. Whombex

    The Off Topic Topic

    Open the link in Incognito/Private mode.
  15. Whombex

    Rise of the Resistance Opening

    I hope you can ask the prison wardens to put you into Red & Blue lines. Sooo want to experience that face-to-face in the elevator.