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  1. Going by the shadows, it appears to be an image from before, or just around park opening. That said, your comment on low visitors sounds fair.
  2. Imagineering Story, One Day at Disney (& the Shorts), now this. They're doing quite a few of these over recent years. Of course it's gonna be watched.
  3. No wonder Gizmo looks unwell - he's outside in the daylight.
  4. Probably safer to go Bingo Card on this one instead of Drinking Game.
  5. Remember, the train is being re-routed back to the station from Corroboree on the other side of Giant Drop. They'll sort the gradient out by linking back to the old track a lot closer to the station.
  6. Something DW could do is: Sell collectible items from the ride enclosed in something like the picture. They could be items such as a 5cm square of the conveyor belt, a smaller cut from a wooden beam in a memorable part of the ride, that sort of thing. If they had a set of say 4 items from parts of the ride, they could sell the set for a hundred or two, and make a little bot of money.
  7. Seeing coaster track so close to Buzzsaw makes me sad that DW didn't get the extended version like Abismo:
  8. The thing I did like about the original version on ToT, was that there were no fewer than 5 (maybe 7?) staff on the ride, including at the entry, queue elevator downstairs, queue elevator upstairs, 2 on load/unload, and rideop. For best pre-show, I liked LTRR, Batman and Gremlins. The Studio Tour didn't have a pre-show, but the immersion and engagement was awesome, especially when someone in your group was selected for one of the shows. Didn't get to experience the original Bermuda pre-show, and I was too young when I rode Lassiter's to remember if it even had a pre-show.
  9. Looks like there's still plenty of land north of Leviathan that can be used. Anyone got a recent nearmap?
  10. In B4 people hoping it's there to knock down MDMC.
  11. Someone didn't read far enough back in this thread. Especially Page 21. Especially, especially this post, where it clearly shows that the train's track is re-routed.
  12. This goes way back to to 90s, and as Troll said above, it's all about zoning. Some expansion concepts are in current car parks, some into hotel precincts. Mouse Planet article. Disney are pretty shrewd in doing this now, as the city of Anaheim's coffers have taken a bit hit with the loss of tourism dollars over the last year. I wonder what Disney's plan to link Downtown / Park gates to the development where Toy Story parking is. If Grand Californian moves to this precinct, that land (and the CA area from Pixar Pier to Zephyr) could add a sizeable new area to CA.
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