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  1. No room there, after my longed for RMC Hybrid goes in. 😛
  2. I believe there's still plenty on the Murray and Darling rivers. However I think a brand new one would have to be made for the Murrisippi.
  3. Whombex

    New Roller-Coaster for Dreamworld

    I wonder if @rummy is still about. They were pretty cluey with track pieces/elements in the DCR thread.
  4. Whombex

    New Roller-Coaster for Dreamworld

    Some members in that thread were sitting on a chunk of inside info that they couldn't share until it had been done elsewhere/officially. I expect that to be the case with this one as well. This coaster will be harder for construction pics to be taken. At MW we just poked the cameras through the fence. This ride isn't that accessible unless you're there during opening hours. The western side of GD will have a commanding view. At least the POV is out, so us stitching the layout together like DCR isn't required. I expect photos of track pieces (if stored in the carpark and not at Blue Lagoon) to be dissected.
  5. Whombex

    WB Kids

    Came here to say this. Re-theme the current Kids WB area to be a teens area, so Teen Titans, Young Justice, Gotham Academy, etc. Plenty of IP to theme some good rides and attractions. In my fantasy world, SDSC2 and AA are removed, keeping the Sound Stage and putting a facade up to separate WB Kids from SE and DC-land. (This is if I can't have my western RMC Hybrid encompassing AA thru to WWF.)
  6. Whombex

    Drone usage at gold coast parks

    ...might have to be a dark ride being so close to (real) sound stages.
  7. Whombex

    Drone usage at gold coast parks

    Two things: I've downloaded those vids before they're deleted. The Production building below. If it is relocated, the land that this and AA occupies could allow for a very roomy ride.
  8. Whombex

    Theme challenge

    While the parks are closed, here's some fun. __________________________________________________________ Dreamworld has approached you to add a new themed area! The area goes from where the Gold Rush/Buzzsaw sign used to be (next to Sky Voyager), all the way back to the Auditorium, including the RHLR footprint. The boundary for this themed area can be seen in the red area in the pic above - click/tap on it to see it full-size). You are given the task of: 1) Retheming the new coaster and Buzzsaw. You can keep their current theme (Saw Mill and expected snake) if you wish. 2) There is money for you to buy 1 Flat ride and 1 Dark ride, to compliment the two coasters above in the overall themed area. You have the space not already set aside for the new coaster & Buzzsaw (so the green area in the pic can't be used for your rides). 3) Adding three food outlets - one of which is a restaurant. 4) Adding three miscellaneous shops/services (ie ride merch/photos, customised gifts). 6) Keeping the train's current route (in blue). It can't be tunneled in for more than 50% of the themed area. 7) Add 1-3 themed characters. They can be just dressed up, or inside a character suit. 8 ) You get to re-locateand re-theme the Rocky Hollow Train Station if you want. Well thought-out replies are preferred.
  9. Despite this post of yours, I will still feel sympathy for you and your family if when any of your family come down with this Virus. I can't imagine the guilt you'll feel should anyone you know passes away from this Epidemic. (Blocking this nong.)
  10. Whombex

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    It's okay, they still have another sign in the box.
  11. Whombex

    New Water Ride Concepts

    Has this ride concept already been discussed on this board? Regardless, as much fun as this would be, I suspect that none of the GC parks will put a new water ride in for at least another 3 years.
  12. Whombex

    Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway

    Their trackless rides are so well done. Remy's Ratatouille Adventure, Rise of the Resistance, this ride. The re-ridability of this one looks to be good. Different cars see different things in some rooms (amusement park for example). Amped to ride them all later in the year.
  13. Whombex

    Dreamworld painting.

    Wait, they're just painting like that while the park is open? What happened to doing work on the accessible areas of the park outside of opening hours?