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  1. The train without the spinning rear carriage will be 'worn in' long before the other. It's not been sighted yet, has it?
  2. You, and about a quarter of the members here, are in a very small niche of being significant coasterheads. Which is fine. To general Aussie coaster fans, and the average person attending the park who doesn't get to ride the cutting-edge, world's-best coasters in the northern hemisphere, ST will be a very enjoyable ride for years to come.
  3. Hard to see, but it doesn't look like the 2nd train is in the maintenance bay yet. That's that the 'road' on the ride exit's for. Took me a while.
  4. The first povs are often the ones that go viral, not necessarily the high-quality ones that could come later.
  5. It would help greatly if it was painted the same grey colour as the retaining wall to the east. An easy ‘fix’.
  6. All but confirmed now that there's no path from ST to GD. Very unlikely a path would go through here, as it'd be built by now, and people coming from GD would be arriving at the exit pathing for ST. Additionally, the landscaping along the bank on the eastern side of the area, near the old train tracks, isn't showing signs of a new bridge being built to link up with spaghetti junction. The 2nd option was linking the 2 red arrows, a gap in the landscaping can be seen at the right arrow. The only gap (left circle) isn't as high as the one as you enter the ride (right
  7. Here's the trailer for the documentary on Rocky Mountain Construction, to premiere on Vimeo in October:
  8. When they were first testing DC Rivals, a horn sounded before each run. I wonder if this will be the case for Steel Taipan?
  9. Doesn't the ride have enough hold points without the MCBR anyway? Station, brake run and transfer track? A MCBR would only help if they had a 3rd train. Have I missed something?
  10. I'd love to see more artificial rockwork, giving you the impression of being a snake in a rocky gully. This said, the tunnel area the track encounters twice looks great, and a fair amount of the track is elevated (loop, rolls, MCBR). In the video posted by @OgreMagic, is the train the one with the non-spinning rear carriage, or just missing the spinning carriage on the end?
  11. Surely they're planning on not leaving a brick wall there. Continuing the rock theme is a no-brainer... (Excuse the dodgy photoshop.) The artist's render on the pov, although flattening the terrain somewhat, is what I had in mind.
  12. Oof the sound mixing on that video... quiet voices and LOUD MUSIC. Drone shots are nice though.
  13. It's a fair thing not to know, considering how many years it was covered in weeds.
  14. Going by the shadows, it appears to be an image from before, or just around park opening. That said, your comment on low visitors sounds fair.
  15. Imagineering Story, One Day at Disney (& the Shorts), now this. They're doing quite a few of these over recent years. Of course it's gonna be watched.
  16. No wonder Gizmo looks unwell - he's outside in the daylight.
  17. Probably safer to go Bingo Card on this one instead of Drinking Game.
  18. Remember, the train is being re-routed back to the station from Corroboree on the other side of Giant Drop. They'll sort the gradient out by linking back to the old track a lot closer to the station.
  19. Something DW could do is: Sell collectible items from the ride enclosed in something like the picture. They could be items such as a 5cm square of the conveyor belt, a smaller cut from a wooden beam in a memorable part of the ride, that sort of thing. If they had a set of say 4 items from parts of the ride, they could sell the set for a hundred or two, and make a little bot of money.
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