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  1. This goes way back to to 90s, and as Troll said above, it's all about zoning. Some expansion concepts are in current car parks, some into hotel precincts. Mouse Planet article. Disney are pretty shrewd in doing this now, as the city of Anaheim's coffers have taken a bit hit with the loss of tourism dollars over the last year. I wonder what Disney's plan to link Downtown / Park gates to the development where Toy Story parking is. If Grand Californian moves to this precinct, that land (and the CA area from Pixar Pier to Zephyr) could add a sizeable new area to CA.
  2. ...or by riding in the rear-facing seats of DC Rivals.
  3. ...looks like the first airtime hill, heading away from the lake.
  4. It looks close to where the Skylink Station was. Is it part of the structure in this pic between the Skylink Station and the tree? Does this angle help any? Or this?
  5. The wooden structure on the right - I'm having a hard time placing what it used to be part of...
  6. They'll absolutely change the ride cycle. Every year or so that can tout it as an "all new experience!"
  7. ...wondering how many people will sneak cameras onto Giant Drop to get construction photos.
  8. Beast would have been replaced long before RMC arrived on the scene. Wonderland would have made the ride arms race a 3-way fight with DW and MW.
  9. Looks a lot like the Eureka unload and load stations to me.
  10. Um... it still has the full ToT there too.
  11. Mrs and I were meant to visit both Disneyland/CA and Disney World (And Kennedy Space Centre) in October. I think we'll hold off until 22, once Avengers Campus is up and running, and Galaxy's Edge is quieter. We should also be able to spend more than the 2 days we were going to rush at DL/CA.
  12. What's the target market for Vortex? If it's for those liking extreme rides, yes it's a bit flat. For families with tweens/teens, it's at the upper end of thrill.
  13. ...or Tron? The miltilevel carpark would have to go over on the grassy field, or area in front of WB Kids. Hang on, is the grassy area VRTP's, or do they rent it when needing overflow?
  14. ...or anywhere in the station/queue and hearing the LSM launch.
  15. Preparations in the lagoon for the Sea of Dreams (20th Anniversary) Spectacular: Via THIS TWEET.
  16. Great writeup, thanks! Yeah, Indiana Jones' ride experience was a bit of a let-down for me at Paris, but the theming was good. The loop was a surprise for me, so enjoyed that. Was there more 'western' foods as well? I'd imagine so. Good to try the locally inspired foods I guess.
  17. Kudos to them for lighting it up, but I suspect this is temporary lighting.
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