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  1. Had me for a split second, before I convinced myself your account had been hacked... before I read the final sentence. Nice update. I don't mind the colour scheme of the ride. I like the black especially.
  2. Hey! You've made a perfectly sane decision. (Don't mind me with my defensive, unquestioned loyalty. )
  3. I'm on the Big Brother Uplate crew. (Sorry for being intentionally vague - just don't like to elaborate on the details of the production. Could potentially get in trouble if I did and I love my job to much to risk it. )
  4. Just an update on my earlier message... I did actually get a Big Brother job, which I'm still stoked about.
  5. Yeah, as thrill rides go even the most intense rides at Disney parks have a family angle and are tamer than thrill rides at their rival parks. I don't think moving away from thrill rides is the way to go - considering these rides contribute to making the Disney parks awesome to all ages. It's a pity about all the deaths you hear about at these parks, but they're really unpreventable by the park itself. (Short of making a really drastic decision, that is in my opinion really unneccessary.) My thoughts are with the family though.
  6. I think the movies alone will ensure the series has lasting appeal, even if no one reads the books any more. They appeal to a large demographic (kids and adults) and there's plenty of them similar to Indiana Jones and Star Wars at Disneyland. Plus hopefully the innovative attractions will speak for themselve and pull crowds just through their uniqueness. I think if a ride like Jurassic Park and The Mummy at Universal Studios can continue to be popular merely based on two or three films, a series like Harry Potter can too.
  7. I don't think there's even a chance that Warner Bros. or Dreamworld could build something this extensive in their parks - considering the $AUS 1.22bn price. Also I hear JK Rowling is really selective in who she works with and she's apparently been involved in the design of this, so I doubt she'd allow a compromise for anything less epic than this. But it'd be nice, huh.
  8. Yeah, a story was also run on News.com.au. Sounds VERY cool. I'm glad that this will be built at a park that will be able to give it the budget it deserves. Definately adds another reason to do the Orlando trip.
  9. I like Back to the Future but after going on Star Tours at Disneyland, that has stood the test of time better, it seemed like it was aging a little bit. It'll be interesting to see what Universal come up with for this attraction.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is coming up for release fairly soon - maybe they'll re-do the Potter attraction to tie in with the film.
  11. According to Wikipedia our Sea World is not affiliated with SeaWorld in the U.S. - although who knows the accuracy of that Wikipedia article. I do know that our Sea World is owned by the same company that owns and operates Wet 'n' Wild and Movie World, though.
  12. Hey man, Welcome to the forums. This Disneyland Australia park has been a rumour for a long, long time. I think originally Disney were going to build Japan's Disney Sea on the Coast, but changed their minds. Over the last couple of years there's been talk of scouts looking at possible sites in the Brisbane northern suburbs as well as Sydney - but nothing has really been confirmed or made official. I wouldn't get my hopes up about an Australian park until they actually announce it. (Although I'd definately like to see one!)
  13. Sounds great! I enjoyed the Halloween night last year. Good fun. Crowded good fun.
  14. I don't think he was talking business. Just personal preference. I know I'd like to see as many coasters as we can get on the Coast.
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