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  1. http://www.apple.com/trailers/newline/finaldestination3/ Probably a **** film but the coaster bits look cool!
  2. Jesus Christ, that kind of language belongs at Centrelink, not at Movie World!!
  3. There are massive posters up around near my work in Darlinghurst in Sydney as well....unfortunatly they have the same terrible qualities of the deplorable website. I dont care though, I still can't wait to ride it when it opens.
  4. I have to agree, where is the relevance to Superman?? I saw one small logo on the main page drowing in all that try hard graffitti and the lame shout out's, so very pedestrian. Bad Bad website.... At least we know now the ride will be great anyway.
  5. I second Kenny Koala's suggestions... Check out Coke and Pepsi can's....Last time I went they had buy one get one free deals on them for coke and Six Flags and Pepsi and Knotts which proved to be great savers
  6. Did you happen to catch what type of restraints were on the trains??
  7. With now only just under a year left till the Tower of Terror Opens at Tokyo Disneysea some new information has just been released... To be honest I'm a bit dissapointed that it will be following in the footsteps of the DCA version but as an overall package and the new pre show effects this is still going to me one hell of a ride with the Oriental Land company throwing 21 Billion Yen into this ride!! Welcome to the Glorious "Hightower Hotel" and the "Hightower Trust". Mr. Hightower welcomes you to his humble, but peculiar establishment filled with antiques and artifacts from his travels aroun
  8. I absolutley agree...... Disgusting. That would really put me off.....and anyone who has been to Hong Kong and china know they SPIT everywhere all the time there as well.
  9. I think putting one of these at the opposite end of the park to the old thunderbolt site would be an awesome idea!!.... Mmmmmm B&M Dive machine!!! http://www.rcdb.com/ig2662.htm
  10. How about you just head on over to Island's of adventure and hear it for your yourself!! The Hulk would have to create one of the best examples around the the B&M roar - especially when it lauches out of the tunnel you can hear it from anywhere in the park.
  11. A 16-year-old British tourist suffered cardiac arrest on Tuesday after riding the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney World in Florida, a month after a four-year-old boy died after riding another Disney World attraction. Leeanne Deacon of Kibworth, England, was rushed to a hospital and into surgery after getting off the ride and telling her mother she did not feel well, the Orange County Sheriff's Office said. She was listed in a critical condition at Florida Hospital Celebration Health, near Disney World, said hospital spokeswoman Melanie Trivento, who would not divulge the nature of th
  12. I heard that construction was halted until the site is dry again due to the flooding which could be why the opening date could be getting pushed back btw....Thanks for posting the new logo images for Superman Returns -on that site Adam...obviously this site cant be relied upon for new developments on the ride..
  13. Psycho, Just curious if you have ridden a stand up before? I rode Riddler's Revenge at SFMM earlier this month and was expecting something really amazing as I had never actually ridden one before but it was probably one of the most boring coasters at the park and VERY uncomfortable - I think this would be a big step backwards for Dreamworld. or maybe RR is just a bad example of a stand up??
  14. So my second choice after a B&M Dive coaster -to the likes of Sheikra would be just a really good circuit coaster with a few huge drops like Goliath at Six Flags MM - they are so much fun and no inversions would make it appeal to a broader audience.
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