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    I built a model of Lunapark sydney. I have a 6 by 4 scale ho scale model of it with lights,sound,movement.

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  1. I was in my car listening to 96.3fm 26/5/07 11am when news came on & abe saffrons son reavealed that his father did light the ghosttrain fire at lunapark on the 9/6/79 her father had a deal with harry seidler to close the park so they could build two towers on the prime real estate site plan since 1968 & she reavealed her father didnt mean to kill anyone which both had known all this time they killed innocent people that night. what really happened with guilt.Both abe & harry are now deceased & the 28th anniversary of the fire is next month. 9 people died & since then the p
  2. i worked with the ranger,spider breakdance,ufo,tumble bug tristar. at darling harbour carnival for wittingslows, the poor things are nearly 40.they dont look good at the back.
  3. you, dont happen to live at milson,s point do you.
  4. no.. your right there mate its the worst its looked in its entire history..if i had the money or owned it i restore it with a mixture of what was there between 1935 to 1979...but its a dream.
  5. YES I HAVE POSTED PICS OF THE MODEL. Here are the new ones of it rebuilt oct 07
  7. the wildcat was removed from lunapark in 1981 when demolishing of park began. to make way for.harbourside amusement park...HAVE A FUN DAY. then in 1982 it went back to lunapark..just for fun.
  8. ive got pics of the wildcat,i was 9 my brother took me to lunapark a week after the ghosttrain fire he took heaps of great shots. the water dodgems where under the wildcat in the 70s.on either side of them was the rotor & cha cha.
  9. i worked at lunapark last year, the guys name is kevin. he,s cool just obsessed with lunapark i have ever since mum pushed me up olympic dr in the pram 1n 1973 the face the whole place was magic then and at night wow. look at me ive got a 6 by 4 ho scale model of it in my garage complete with lights sound movement. if interested to come have a look call me...colin 0411305322. im near parramatta....yeah kevs cool, all he does is have fun he loves the place.
  10. simple, it needs more rides..in the 70,s it had 27 rides now about 8.
  11. Hi,Im colin ive got a 6 by 4 ho scale model of sydneys lunapark based on the 2004 - ? version of the park with lights,sound & movement made of balsa,plastic,{cliffs plaster},{faceclay} hand made & painted buildings & faller kits it has 10 working rides,lights up,complete with interior of coney island even the murals & slides most rides are faller>>>Spider,tango,wild mouse,caroursel,ferris wheel,dodgems {octopus demolished} kids rides {hand made rides>>>tumble bug,flying saucer,ranger,{2x big dippers demolished} if anyone is interested in having a look or who
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