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  1. nezzur

    Mystery Six Flags Coaster

    I would say it is shockwave. There was a blue train and a red train, perhaps they were stored near each other in the junk yard. Another possibility is Great American Scream Machine at SFGAdv although I think it may still be operated with the original trains so then again... maybe not. Great American Scream Machine
  2. nezzur

    Demon Removal

    That truck left during the middle of the day. It was one of a few that went past loaded up with track pieces.
  3. nezzur

    Demon Removal

    Here is a photo of a truck leaving Wonderland today (15/12). It's a sad day.
  4. nezzur

    Blackpool F-1

    That drop has been re-profiled a number of times costing the beach quite a bit of cash. Apparently, it only seems to get worse evey time they touch it. Also, the F1 car was a promotion for a new ride (not sure what it was). They took the outer shell of a F1 car and bolted it onto the base of a regular train (or at least one car of the train). I wouldn't have thought it would have been heay enough to make it round the track, but, there you go!
  5. nezzur

    Was Wonderland sold?

    But Australia as a whole doesn't have a population of 250 000 000. But i do have to agree, Wonderland could draw larger crowds. Maybe not up there with the American parks but still quite decent.
  6. nezzur

    Demon or Cyclone?

    If it was between Demon and Cyclone back when it was at Luna Park, Cyclone (or Big Dipper) would win no question. You can't beat a coaster with a view like that. Now i'd say their pretty much even. Both are average rides. Neither has anything particularly special about them. I'd still probably go toward Cyclone though simply because its a custom layout and you won't find it in fifty other parks throughout the world. ________________
  7. nezzur

    Boomerang Bay

    IOA? Try Paramounts Carowinds. Paramount haven't sold the coaster. It's just a relocation. IOA is owned by Universal or NBC or whatever was formed after the merger/takeover. _________________
  8. nezzur

    Giant Drop or Space Probe

    I have a park map from 1994 (pre Space Probe) and the waterfall is clearly marked.
  9. nezzur

    Thunderbolt has been sold!

    The Thundarbolt is not being sold to Wonderland. It has not been sold yet. Dreamworld has it ready for shipping WHEN somebody does buy it. It is currently listed for sale on Once on the site, go to 'search ads' and then 'for sale'. About half way down the first page there is a small add for a double looping meisho coaster. It is a 1982 park model. It is Thunderbolt.
  10. nezzur

    Knotts on getaway monday night

    Actually, it was on 'The great outdoors' but those shows are all the same anyway. I saw it and was reasonably impressed. Coverage was a little short but for a segment on a show like this it was pretty well done. It had some good footage and stuff like that.
  11. I know it has gone a little off the topic now but anyway, i have a map pre space probe from 1994. There is a ride in the beach called 'Mountain Cascades'. Is theat still there? (sorry, i never visit the beach). If not, what was it? Anyway, i don't have a scanner but i will still try to find someone to scan it for me. The map also has a basketball court next to demon on the other side of where space probe is now.
  12. Back to the upstop wheel business for a second. Wooden coasters normally do not have wheels or magnets to prevent them coming off the track. A thin metal strip sits under an overhang on the inside of the track is what prevents it from coming off. It is almost like a thin bar bolted on the bottom of the train so that if it lifts up it will hit the overhng and hold it on the track. If anyone owns "Roller Coaster: wooden and steel coasters, twisters and corkscrews" by David Bennett, the proof is on p70.
  13. nezzur

    New Rides

    The cost of rides varies alot. Firstly, depending on the manufacturer. B&M are probably the most expensive because their rides are so smooth and well designed. Intamin is down a bit and below that is probably Vekoma and Arrow (excluding the 4D ). The reason Australia isn't doing too well in the ride department is because of the cost of shipping. We have no track or coaster train manufacturing plants so all goods have to be shipped in from Europe or USA. This can be quite expensive.
  14. nezzur

    water slide

    Maybe some kind of rock outcrop could cover the back of the slide. I don't think it would be that hard. I'd say Holiday World just didn't want to spend the extra cash.
  15. nezzur

    water slide

    You think thats cool. Check out Holiday Worlds newest water slide - Zinga