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  1. well said,,,,,lol, but i did forget moto coaster, but i guess that just shows its not up there.
  2. The extended looks so much better and looks to be a queit decent ride..... the only full circuit coaster that is adult like is Cyclone which in comparsion to parks around the world is an utter embarresment for there only full circuit coaster. Its your 30th birthday!!!
  3. Im praying its not just the sky loop.....please have some extended coaster afterwards.... Is this not your birthday coaster!!! especialy if movieworld are getting another coaster. Ive said it b4, why cant you wow us again just like in 97 with TOT then again with DROP. Someone earlier posted if we cant get something huge for there big birthday, what hope would we have for the future seeing as weve had nothing huge cost $$ wise since TOT/drop.
  4. Why is it in 1997 dreamworld spend 16mil on tower of terror, yet 2011 there 30th year plus no rides since moto coaster, and they are spending only 7mil? Y cant we have something Big to say hey LOOK at us, like everyone did when TOT was first opended in 97 world record holder then followed by Giant drop! also world record holder. Comon DW we love ya
  5. Is it just me..or are we not getting a looping slide. just because it may have a curve going under another slide it certainly dosnet have the loopage like whitewater wests versions, as thers actually starts looping from the bottom like a loop would(if you get what i mean.) and travel upwards around it...even tho theres is on an a slight angle. However www appears to just take a sharp bend and dips under the hydrocoaster. But will be a fast fun slide anyway.... but dont think it really loops. hello all anyway, havent posted in forever. and was there last monday, constrution/ground work had begun,,, digging under hydrocoaster but thats all as of last monday..but alot could have happend since then.
  6. hey guys, havent posted in ages..anyways, the dreamworld website is advertising annual passes for $115, and if bought online you get $20 merchandise gift voucher. Dreamworld have never discounted there annual passes like this b4........seems a good buy:) *they shoulda done the $99 lol to copy* Anyways thats all i got.
  7. It was called warrego water park, I went there years ago. It dose have the twister and it also has a terror canyon type ride, which was pretty good. It used the hill terrain instead of a tower.
  8. Im positive i still have a video around the house that has the thunderbolt in action, coming down the first drop,screaching and all, and the thunder/roar kinda noise it used to make as it went through the two loops! ill dig it up for you. Will also have alot of extremeworld stuff on it...from the first time they did it years and years ago.
  9. The water jump slide looks like it would be great fun......as long as the part your landing on is very soft/flexible. A cple together just like the super 8 would be great.
  10. Ive been thinking about the "room for expansion".......after the stage 3 area is full (thunderbolt site), they could then continue going staright back.. there is an area witha large shed, and were they grow there plants..when they used to have nice flower gardens..lol. Basically were the cleared thunderbolt area ends and tree area is. If they kept on expanding staight back they would end up heading towards the back of tiger island(but there is still plenty of area from the shed/plant area b4 ur close to boarding on tiger island. And as long as you kept everything going staright back, you wouldnt even need to cut into dreamworlds area behind the gravatron,(the big clear area)......over on the far right behind gravatron is some avariey/animal areas,which also looks a large space. So with www going staight back They could go into that area as well..(once they have used the area were the shed/plants etc. is first) and keep the park in a L shape. Ths then would make it a quite large park. Hope that made sense (its been awhile since I contributed on the forum boards with regrads to park related things)
  11. I was just mentioning it. And what it has to do with dreamworld is the fact that there is now more income coming into Macquarie Leisure in there leisure sector. Means more cross promotion for them now they have bowling and fitness to cross promote DW and WWW.
  12. Hi just a quick comment. I was just reading on the ASX that Macquarie leisure have now also acquired Goodlife Health Clubs, to there portfolio. 31/07/07...(bit old, but cant rember it being mentioned on here.) *apologies if it has, I just came across it tonight.
  13. Hi huys, was at DW today for an HR lol. They are in the middle of roofing a huge section and platform area at the start end of the moto coaster. Considering the September hilidays are now only just over 2 weeks away arnt they?...there is sttill alot to do...tick tock ...they will be some long days ahead id say if they want to open. I dint see train on track either , so they still have to test etc etc. Went into the BB house this mornig just after 11, 80%of the park guest were in there, it was full as. Construction at www is coming along, there is no pool for the 2 bowls, they have channels you end in. *aka speed coaster at wetnwild*. Slide pieces are yet to reach the temple of huey platform. And how big dose the venue shed wanna be.......It is a fair chunk of land.(however slides can still go over the building i suppose, so its not all dead space, when they ned to expand more).
  14. That looks great, and high capacity too! (may go up-side down alil too much:))
  15. Thats what I would of thought to richard. what I was thinking is, I dont think they would be stupid enough to replace it with exactly the same layout as the old one, but more to the point that they still maybe just standard flume slides and nothing out of the extrodinary.
  16. just a quick note on the flumes at wet n wild... in the ide maintainnace section of the site,it says white water flumes will reopen later this year... (thats what i read somewere any how.) so we dont have to wonder if wet'n'wild are going to go all out with a new type of slide to compete with white water world, because it appears not.
  17. It would be good if one of them was a normal pro bowl, then we would have all 3 in the park.
  18. the "DREAMS COME TRUE"yeah just for fun. song was the best one, and had two versus two. they used to play it at the end of the kenny and belinda show (the entire dreams come true song) and also at the end of ICE- FEVER when it was about:)they played it at the end when ppl were leaving I have the small tv ad version of it, with one verse... it did have a comercilly with both verses two, but i dont have it. They used to play there older jingle "do dreamworld just for fun" at the start of the kenny and belinda show, I have that on video.from the show that is, not the t.v ad. The one i really wanna get is the "take a trip away"to are dremworld one. i used to have it years ago were i had cassest tapped it from t.v lol.
  19. The best time I had on the studio tour, is back in the day when they had the Riddlers Lair set from Batman Forever. (that was pretty cool with the lights etc., then you just went onto the tram and went to the (superman blue screen/sound-fx and mephis bell part).
  20. wnw rocks, dont worry u should still get the email. sometimes ppl on here post things from it and ill recive the email a few days or up to a week later. you would think they would all get sent together, but i dont think they do.
  21. nope, thats not what I was saying, I didnt mention it wasnt going to be any good. However for a large audience to cater for, it has to be alot tamer than a proper THRILL ride. I already said the booster bikes from vekoma on youtube look great, and if it ends up like those (speed etc it will be fine.) Anyway the part I dont like about it will cater for all is the fact that everyone knows: That is, movieworld has kicked dreamworlds ass for 2 years running. Dreamworld should have gone big to compete. Because all we have had as of recent years is kids zones, and kids rides since the claw. On top of this, were the hell are they going to put a big coaster now even if they wanted 2. the model T area was about the only place they coulda used that was reasonbly large for a coaster. Thunderbolt area is out due to www. The other side of park were australian wildlife park is, is out of the question because of the animals. Finally untill big brother leaves any thing over that way is out too. Dont miss quote me, im looking forward to the new coaster, i just wish it was a big one as do alot of other members on this site. Gazza are you telling me you would rather a booster bike aimed at the family than for the thrill seekers? thas what I was getting at. Or go even further and have a proper accelarator in the park rather than a family coaster?.
  22. COMING SOON The construction of Dreamworld's brand new thrill ride is on track for its official opening in September. So get ready to get behind the handle bars of this scream machine, designed specifically for the whole family to enjoy. New additions to WhiteWater World are also coming along swimmingly so stay tuned for more details. Thats whats in the max action update, sent via email. I dont like the: (designed specifically for the whole family to enjoy.) but ohh well:P but in previous sentence states NEXT SCREAM MACHINE and THRILL.
  23. The thing is. could they npy also justuse 2 person raft on the current bowl?
  24. it seems silly to have the same type of slide, in the park. especially as it will be so close to the RIP.
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