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  1. Well yeah I think something with it's name as OCEAN should be primarily ocean/beach themed and therefore contain water attractions of some sort at least.
  2. We can say definitely because in order to open it will have to be inspected and certified as having a code compliant control system. So that's the definitive case closed on that one. Yes it will definitely have an E-Stop, not even open for debate unless someone is relocating the park to Mexico.
  3. I don't think asking for a source for the information considering it's something the government is mandating is really that unreasonable a response.
  4. For me the rationale has nothing to do with the water park. Its because it's called OCEAN Parade and is devoid of anything to do with the Ocean...
  5. Typically if a company wants to get something into a park to prove viability they will offer parks some incentive (see Xcelerator) whether that be a good price, or maybe it's first option on more units, or discounted pricing on multiple units. Clones generally don't get cheaper until the design has paid for itself. R&D to develop a new concept from initial idea through to certified engineering costs a lot of money, much more than a single coaster can pay for. So part of the cost of each install contributes to this cost until it's paid off, then you can afford to build subsequent clones for less money and still make profit. This is how most products work in the real world. It's also why the cost to purchase a coaster is much more than just what the materials and labour cost to produce it.
  6. Just to put things into a bit of perspective... If a roller coaster crashed and killed people because the park had made in house dodgy modifications to the braking and control system would there never be another roller coaster built in Australia? Because that’s kind of the same as saying we’d never have a traditional water ride built again...
  7. It was a bargain and saved a lot of money by reusing existing buildings and equipment.
  8. A launch is infinitely more expensive, instead of one big electrical supply connected to one drive and motor you have a huge number of drives and electrical connections and all the Control smarts to drive it. And then theming, good theming is very expensive, not just for construction but also the AV components to run it and the design fees just to come up with it in the first place. The numbers add up pretty quickly.
  9. There was nothing special about the Premier ride that another manufacturer couldn’t knock up I would imagine. As for messaging, that’s really something that you’d do through press to announce the ride and through having the media put out articles covering it. I wouldn’t think you’d actually attempt to feature such things in an ad campaign.
  10. About as far as possible from the family demographic they need to appeal to.
  11. Yeah the liquid coaster (now note that I definitely didn't say Mack Water Coaster because they suck) idea is right for log ride area as it's more family in nature and could have an extended layout. I also firmly believe a typical shoot the chutes type ride like Intamin Mega Splash is needed in Ocean parade both for the weeny factor and also to give the park the wet capacity it needs with TRR gone. This type of ride is also very safe given the very shallow trough and wide boat which means its safe even though not permanently engaged with a track.
  12. Compromise? The new Mack rocking boat prototype is probably another option to satisfy the now shy Australian market also.
  13. They should replace the log ride with another well themed log ride. The park needs family rides and it desperately needs water attractions. doesn’t need a thrill gimmick but certainly needs a good family pleaser
  14. djrappa

    New Roller-Coaster for Dreamworld

    Unless you play NRL in which case not required
  15. djrappa

    COVID-19 & Theme Park Closures

    Tempted to delete this post for being so silly but seems some things need to be very clearly spelled out. Typically we try to take a hands off approach to moderating and let people be adults. So if one person be's stupid and swears at another one it'll likely get a pass. Believe it or not mods don't read every single post, and if it's rubbish for a few posts they likely get a scroll by. But if there is this sort of thing buried in amongst a bunch of other terrible stuff yes of course it'll get removed. I mean the fact that this sort of thing needs to be explained to satisfy a question like this is why whole threads end up getting deleted because it's just too much effort to deal with this kind of nonsense.