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  1. djrappa

    The Off Topic Topic

    Well better than it being nothing. Mans seems most of society today is more concerned with where they can get a coffee than where they can see entertainment anyway.
  2. djrappa

    Movie World Maintenance 2019

    Probably yet another thing deemed too much of a hazard by our now overactive government. Pretty sure it will be rough to ever see a good theme park experience built again with the way they want to be post Dreamworld.
  3. djrappa

    The Off Topic Topic

    You wouldn’t replace the neon sign because in case everyone doesn’t realize Rick’s Cafe is actually a reconstruction of something from Casablanca and that’s why it’s never been changed. So the small sign makes sense.
  4. djrappa

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    So I don’t work for VTP so not sure what their lineup of shows has to do with audio on a ride at dreamworld. But thanks for your juvenile attempt of trying to call someone out on a theme park forum thinking they know something personally about them that you actually don’t. But you didn’t say the sound was above it’s weight and could be better you said “brilliant” “amazing” and “Disney quality” You affirmed those comments by prefacing the by saying you are a self proclaimed expert on the mater. Is the sound adequate? Maybe. But that’s far from what you described.
  5. djrappa

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    It’s time to get a new hobby entirely or stop calling yourself a buff because the rides audio system is anything but Brilliant. It’s harsh, lacks punch or fidelity. There is a huge absense or bottom end also. As for the soundtrack, I found it weak, detached, and definitely lacking of any emotion whatsoever. Frankly I’m shocked at your comments about the same attraction I rode. I think the whole system has SOO much potential to be amazing but the audio is 100% one or its weakest links. To say score is Disney quality would be like saying a Micro droves like a Ferrari... incredibly off bass.
  6. If AALARA are going to make that kind of call, they should immediately be posting what they say ARE the facts
  7. There is more to this than “needs a seatbelt”. Their legislation is stating that if the primary locking system fails the redundant locking system cannot allow the harness to open to any degree (say a few cms till the seat belt catches). So you need a fully redundant primary locking system, like say two hydraulic cylinders... given we have this on all our park rides I think it’s completely fair enough. Particularly when in these sorts of rides the harness is the only think keeping you in. If you look at Rivals say, it has 3 locking systems. Two hydraulic systems and the seatbelt.
  8. djrappa

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    I haven’t been on it or watched any videos but if a pre ride video is long enough that you need to sit down or get comfortable then it’s too long. -here’s where you go -here’s where you put your crap -here’s how you sit in your seat Thats literally all the video should be.
  9. djrappa

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    I had the opposite thought the more I hear about it.
  10. djrappa

    New Helicopter Centre Coming to Sea World

    It’s times like this I say we need MORE regulation of what you’re allowed to build along the Broadwater for once. That shed looks like an eyesore.
  11. djrappa

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    Should have sent this guy over when they handed in the paperwork
  12. djrappa

    Movie World Maintenance 2019

    This guy! @pushbutton The AOS kitchens are large...large enough to finish cook meals and plate them for 1012 people simultaneously. They have ZERO prep cook space or facilities at all. Why? Because they have a purpose built prep kitchen at Movie World. It cannot function without it. Having said that Stars has existed with food service since AOS opened. The serving area at Stars is actually a facade, built in front of the old kitchen/service area which was much larger. So there is still plenty of room for a kitchen there. However I nearly fell over laughing at “Restaurant” and “Schnitz” in the same sentence. Come on, it’s a shopping centre mediocre fast food outlet at best.
  13. djrappa

    Fright Nights 2019

    I think you've seen it all before because every year even the 'new mazes' are just the same scares, tech, concept with a new overlay. The Overseas parks are really pushing the envelope now and evolving the product where as Movie Worlds product has kind of stagnated.
  14. djrappa

    Lazy River / White Water World Expansion Construction Updates

    Looks like they’ll have a lovely stank mosquito invested park in no time there!
  15. How about this?