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  1. Oh ok, that makes a lot more sense!
  2. Gold Coin donation is interesting move in a cashless society… or an I understanding this wrong?
  3. Im amazed the park is open in this weather.
  4. The idea that they would only run it in holidays as some kind of cost saving ia a bit ridiculous. When have they ever done anything like that?
  5. Ive been to every ‘good’ buffet ever been mentioned around the world to me. From $20 a head to $150 a head. They all suck compared to a real restaurant. But again, in my opinion only
  6. Agree. Pity about the POS pulling them.
  7. So for me I hate buffet’s. There are only bad buffets and mediocre buffets, and they’re just not for me. So I’d love for them to open as an A la carte restaurant (FWIW I’ve said for years SW should have a broadwater facing Seafood restaurant also open for non park guests and make a fortune). However I agree it should have it’s own unique quality menu, much like they did with Dirty Harry Grill. And I think the courtyard bar should be open with a more snack style menu.
  8. Easily solved with a heavy duty fabric ‘sock’ that extends from the edges of the hole down around the shaft. Just makes it a PITA for daily inspections and maintenance.
  9. I think it’s a pretty common trend in many (please note I did not say all so there is no need for a response with graphs and statistics to show otherwise) businesses to pretty much ignore general ranting on Facebook and no engage publicly. It’s a no win situation. The comments you want to engage with and take seriously are those that take the time to properly engage with the business directly with concerns. I’ve found this time and time again to be true. The thing with Facebook is you will always have a vocal minority running their keyboards, and it’s just not worth it. And as for managers not getting out there and walking the park, we constantly see them all the time. So thats an incorrect assumption. Disney is actually probably the worst at this as its been demonstrated their senior management just get VIP treatment when they show up.
  10. Pretty standard business. It doesnt make sense to have negative reviews for your business on a page promoting your business. Plenty of independent review sites out there.
  11. Clearly. Just look at the numbers. If they had fully recovered in the eye of the public they would have the same mental numbers of the other parks over Easter. They’ll get there (hopefully), will just take time.
  12. BUT I WANT TO LEAVE MY DOORS OPEN! AND I WANT TO LIVE IN A PARTY PRECINCT!! AND I WANT IT TO BE QUIET WHEN I DO SO!!!! this is the sort of person you are up against with these things.
  13. I live in the middle of Surfers Paradise. We have residents in our building complaining to the council that the slingshot moved and makes noise affecting their peace and quiet… … in Surfers Paradise 🤦‍♂️ There’s no hope expecting logic and reasonableness from the majority of the population
  14. WE ARE NOT IN THE USA OR EUROPE WE ARE NOT EVEN IN MELBOURNE OR SYDNEY Stop with these nonsense suggestions the Gold Coast parks should do this and that just because it’s what happens somewhere else. They have their own sets of rules and regulations to abide by. You might not like it but thats how it is.
  15. You forget that according to @Dean Barnett we should just get rid of seatbelts cause the yanks do. So why not open at night and make noise since other parks do too. #logic
  16. Just wanted to say that seems a very fair, balanced and reasonable review.
  17. 100% this Much like the punter (thats never seen the damn old steam effect) doesnt get into semantics about whether this new thing is an enhancement or not. ITS A MARKETING PUFF PIECE FWIW my whites HAVE been whiter before, the latest home hack I read didn’t change my life, or ant other puff pieces.
  18. Not being broken for 2 months is one thing. Decommissioned a decade ago and now replicated with a brand new entirely different tech effect IS worth mentioning. Especially with a bunch of people complaining they dont care about maintaining the park.
  19. Of course if it isnt ‘Enhanced from opening day’ then of course its not great news. It’s in fact horrible, and the park team shouldn't spend time and money wasting effort on getting attractions looking their best because there will always be some some expert on the internet who won’t be happy. And how dare marketing say a word about it! Honestly some days 🙄
  20. Marketing is not about telling people what you think. Its about telling them what they can experience. This is CLEARLY saying to people to come see the new thing to them. You’re not a stupid person, you definitely can see this/know it’s the case. Stop making a silly argument just to make some nonsensical angry point.
  21. Clearly you have no tried to hire staff, for any role, in any industry in the past 6 months
  22. The alternate reality you live in really does baffle the mind
  23. Ok thanks for clarifying, now I know who would think it was a good idea 🤦‍♂️
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