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    New childrens ride for dreamworld

    I rode a version of this ride called the UFO a couple months back. It actually was fast and had a ton of 'air time'. I rode it twice, and I only ever ride a flat twice if I think anything of it. After reading about Dreamworlds 'Stingray' I think it's a shame that Dreamworld will not run the ride the way it was originally intended. It's just like if you ran a Zipper but at such a slow speed the cages never flip. I hope that made sense. Flip.
  2. Flip The Man

    Theme park special on tv tonight

    Does anyone have the feeling they have seen these stories before on the Great Outdoors? I know for a fact that the Tokyo Disney footage was just a repeat. It was aired late last year, I watched it. Warner Brothers Movie World also featured and they showed NOTHING of Supernam Escape! My guess is that it was all filmed before Superman even opened. All they showed was Shrek 4D. Dissapointed. Seaworld also featured, and I had the feeling it too was just a repeat. No footage or shots of the Corkscrew (not that it's a major new thrill ride, but still it's the only Arrow Corkscrew here in Australia). Dreamworld, oh sorry I meant the Wiggles also made a lengthy appearance. Nothing was mentioned of Dreamworlds thrill rides like the 'Claw', Wipeout, TOT, Giant Drop or even Cyclone. They could have included at least a quick segment on the thrill rides available at Dreamworld. Luna Park Sydney was hardly even a feature. It was only Just a couple of quick shots of the UFO, Troika, Tango, Ferris Wheel etc.. I realise now they must of been really stuggling to get enough material for this 'Special'. Knotts Berry Farm was acceptable viewing. Both GhostRider and Xcelerator were featured. The other parks featured were simple and very average. Just not really 'the Best Theme Parks' in the world.
  3. Flip The Man

    Planning on melbourne to DW WBMW trip over xmas

    Hey, thanks everyone for all your replies and help! Yeah Gazza, I thought about the whole 'being booked out' thing over new years..we have thought about changing our plans to sometime other than new years. We don't know yet, it all depends of a number of variables I guess.
  4. *Hi, It may be possible for a trip to the Gold Coast in a month or so....for just a few days (I mainly wanna ride Superman Escaspe!) that's if I can convince my mates to go. I am really wanting everyone's advice here on flying up from Melb to Gold Coast (best times to book and all that stuff). I have no idea of how to get around to the parks, or the best ways of getting there from Airports and such........ (public transport/hire car?). We will be doing this trip on the cheap, but need ok places to stay etc... I haven't done this kind of short notice trip before.. and I hate holidays which end up in a total mess from not planning everything properly. I have checked the "flight centre" website and found some deals and such. I just thought I should ask here before any more plans are made. We would like to go to WBMW, maybe DW as well. Any suggestions or recommendations on traveling there from Melbourne would be great. Hope some people here can help .. Flip. *sorry if I posted in the wrong forum.. I know it's not really just about DW.
  5. Flip The Man

    Disney contemplating smaller regional parks...

    I found this too. http://www.bom.gov.au/announcements/media_.../20050831.shtml so it does rain in Sydney. I just wanted to point out I was not just making that sentence up. It may have come accross that I prefer Melbourne, and that was to be expected. I expected such a reply. Anyway, having said that I am not going to complain if the park is buit in Sydney, Alice Springs, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, the Gold Coast or even Tasmainia. I like Disney, so it doesn't really matter where it is to me. I would travel pretty much anywhere in Oz to go to a Disney park. I can't understand why some seem to be against the decision to build a Disney park at all, even in Melbourne. It's better than none at all, isn't it? But then again, like me, we would all prefer to have the park in our own backyards too, I guess. It would be cool to have a chance to go there as much as possible. Whatever happens, I will support the decision no matter what! I'm all for it.
  6. Flip The Man

    Disney contemplating smaller regional parks...

    Maybe it's not viable right away for Melbourne, but think about the future. I have noticed a real climate change here over the last 10 years at least. If you take this into consideration, and the fact it may take 15 years minimum to build an operational Disney park, I really believe it could work. Melbourne sure has some great weather (right now it's perfect outside), and the forecast for the next week is in the 20's. Most people visit Melbourne and experience one day where it rains so they think it is like that all the time. It is not at all true. Don't forget, we haven't even started our hot summer yet, and we average mid to high twenties throughout, plus many 30 - 40 degree days. Rain throughout the summer months are pretty rare, usually a few thunderstorms on those hot summer nights, which I am sure Queensland experience now anyway. I did some quick google searches and found these reports. see http://www.cmis.csiro.au/healthycountry/up...ep05/story7.htm for more information on Melbourne and climate change. see http://www.longpaddock.qld.gov.au/ClimateC...azardsMenu.html for a report and information about Queenslands climate change. From my understanding, there looks to be a predicted increase in average temperatures for Melbourne for the comming years ahead, as well as a clear increase temperatures for the summer months. Queensland looks to be subject to extreme storm surges and Tropical Cyclones. Not one person would be forced to go to a Disney park when it buckets down with rain in Melbourne. The majority of the time, most people are smart enough to travel during the best times of the year (when the probability of rain is much less). There are currently at least 9 months of the year (September through May) where the weather is fine in Melbourne. Yes. it rains, sometimes it rains a lot, but it also rains in Sydney and the Gold Coast in winter too. Just look at the recent floods on the Gold Coast, wasn't Dreamworld effected? I really feel that Melbourne could do well with a good theme park. Most people who live in Perth or Adelaide would sure welcome a plane fare over to Melbourne to experience Disney. Or otherwise, the public could choose to spend their money going to Queensland, and visit 4 different parks at once, which means overall having to spend more money and time traveling. If a family went to Queensland, and go to Disney plus the kids would want to go to other parks as well, imagine the number of days and money required doing all the parks. That same family could fly over to Avalon and spend just a fraction of the time (a good weekend) at Disney without half the hassel of the family going between mutilple parks.
  7. Flip The Man

    Brisbane Royal Show

    Yeah. Rainbow is best. It's by Huss of course, so you can't beat it for that smooth flying sensation. Ali-Baba has those stupid shoulder restraints, and it shudders a bit when it stops at the top :confused:
  8. Flip The Man

    New Rides for the 2005 Royal Melbourne Show.

    What? no Zippers? I am with you Huss!!! Oh well. Looks like the Twin Flip will be there for me to get some Flipping? I only hope this ride is as good as people are claiming
  9. Flip The Man

    Luna Park fan Fox follows his heart

    GoBoi, the park was not packed, that was for sure! Although, considering we arrived there late - approx 3:30pm, and the sky was overcast with some light rain, there were more people than I would have expected. I think most people were leaving as we arrived, I could be wrong? Hussrainbow, I would LOVE a Zipper at Luna Park too, even if it were just for the school holidays. I doubt it will happen though. If the park is going to survive as a major attraction, then it needs something special. Something so amazing people will travel here just to be a part of Luna Park Melbourne. Replacing old carnival rides with new carnival rides is not the best they could do with such great historic landmark. Luna Park needs something big. Intamin make some great compact and spectacular coasters, how about the developers consider Intamin? I am sure I have read someone else on these forums mention this before..?
  10. Flip The Man

    Luna Park fan Fox follows his heart

    I had nothing better to do last Sunday afternoon, so a mate and I headed on down to St Kilda and ended up spending some time at Luna Park. All the rides were operating, except for Metropolis. We rode Scenic Railway, twice. The Scenic Railway ride is one I have been on many times before. We were seated toward the back of the train and had a whole bunch of young kids mainly screaming like mad the whole ride - my mate made a remark to me saying 'this is just like in the movie Vacation!!', I was therefore named Rusty throughout the day. We were fortunate to have been given the right riders on board, people who liked to scream. It was a really good ride. The second ride we got was in the front seat (didn't want to ride the back of train again), and it was quite average. This time, the riders were older, and the people behind were annoying and did not stop talking!!! The train slowed right down, the track was getting wet from some light rain and we almost didn't make the last section of hills. We also went over to the Enterprise, but it looked closed. It wasn't! The operator was just hiding away in the booth. Some other riders stepped in the entrance line (the line was empty), then, like magic, the operator decided to show up and let us all on. It was a shame to see that the guy operating this classic wasn't doing a good job of it. We only went once on the Enterprise, I love this ride but have been on it way too many times to get excited. Next, it was over to Pharoah's Curse. Technical problems held up the ride before us, so we had to wait. We got on, but becuase of some fault they made us have to sit restrained and wait, wait, and wait for a mechanic to fix it (ouch those lap restaints can hurt after a while!!!). Pharoah's Curse does run a little slow for my liking, which seems to be the case every time I ride it. Guess I am just too used to the Ranger/Kamikaze rides? Although I could do without those over the shoulder restraints (Pharoahs wins in this regard, even if they do hurt your lap a little). I couldn't be bothered with anymore rides, and the park was near closing and our parking ticket was about to expire. Overall, Scenic Railway was the best of the bunch, especially with all the young kids screaming. The excitement of the kids along with their screams added so much atmosphere to the ride. I am really looking forward to seeing what developments take place after the September take over. The Park does need a major overhaul. Oh, and when we left, it was getting dark and I looked back at the Luna face all lit up. It looked great! Nothing scary there.
  11. Advil (pain relief tablets) are advertising using LPS at the moment. It shows a mother with a headache not having such a good time at carnival. So she takes some Advil and then is next shown on the Tango Train with her child having a wow of a time.
  12. Flip The Man

    Stingray Ride

    no problem djrappa. Let me know if you do find some more old pictures. I find old pics like these very interesting, that's all. Flip.
  13. Flip The Man

    Stingray Ride

    nice photos djrappa :cool: I like this pic the most because you can see just how popular this ride once was, notice how almost all seats are taken? How many more pics do have of this ride djrappa? I'd like to see them.
  14. Flip The Man

    Stingray Ride

    Hussrainbow, Drewboy said "I personally preferred the ride when it was themed to the roulette wheel".. which would mean he does not prefer the "Stingray" theme. I have to agree with Drewboy.. The Roulette wheel theme is really nice. Stingray looks awful. This classic ride is commonly known as a Chance Casino. From what I have heard, Dreamworld do not operate the Stingray ride like they should..and it is not a good example of a traditional Trabant, both in it's looks and it's operation. This is only my opinion from what I have heard though. Djrappa... great historical photo! The Roulette looks nice, they even had the dice as the centrepiece too It really was a much better looking ride back then.. pitty about Stingray.
  15. Flip The Man

    Sydney Royal Easter Show

    Ju-On, you sound like you had a great time at the Royal Easter Show. I just cannot wait to try out Twin Flip!. I will have to wait until the Melbourne show, which is in September. I agree with all your reviews of the other rides, Claw is great, Hard Rock is really fun, Rainbow is a favorite/classic, and Crazy Coaster can be a laugh! So far, I have not read too many great reviews for the Energy Storm, therefore, I will not get my hopes up too high. Great review! Now I have a good idea of what to expect from the Twin Flip and Energy Storm at this years Royal Melbourne Show. Hopefully all the same rides from the Sydney Royal Easter Show will make an appearance at this years Royal Melbourne Show. Well Done!