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  1. Oh please stop being so childish.
  2. Well i guess you watch it then.
  3. I get the large fish combo it costs $9.70 with my M.A.P. Which is good because it's $9.95 for a regular. The food at DW is pretty good and good for value. MW is ok but the variety at the WWF isn't much.
  4. Are you a member or supporter? I've been a member since 94.
  5. bomberman are you an Essendon supporter?
  6. As far as i know only DW sell upgraded pass. Anyway here are the prices for WnW ADULTS $67.50 CHILDREN (3 - 13 years inclusive) $43.50 PENSIONERS (with Government Card) $43.50
  7. You need to get a taxi to Helensvale Station about $10 or Surfers about $50
  8. No worries ash as it sort of looked like they were or they are the same person.
  9. Jake everyone uses I.M. these days. But you don't see other posters including me using those types of words all the time.
  10. Why would you go thru nick central when the ride exit is rivertown? Why didn't you go thru Wiggles World? Wouldn't that have been quicker?
  11. If you have Mozilla it comes with a spell checker however not all words are spelt or come up correctly.
  12. That looks awesome, would be fantastic to have that at WWW or WnW.
  13. Well said Alex. I admit that my English isn't 100% but at least it's readable.
  14. Well he should have said something like "I'm sorry about the spelling my English isn't very good".
  15. But we shouldn't have too. If other peeps can write in plain English so can jake-train. It's not that hard is it?
  16. I've never heard of any one getting killed one a Toboggan ride. On another note many years ago my cousin flipped his Toboggan at Gumbya Park. It was his 1st time and forgot how to use the brakes. EDIT : I've only ridden 2 Toboggans. Gumbya Park and Jamberoo.
  17. I was watching Sky News and during an ad break i pressed the Red button. The story about LPM came up and this is what it read. As you can see it's totally different to the news reports from tonight. You have to read it from left to right
  18. This is from Yahoo News. Thursday January 24, 05:11 PM Luna Park probes ride breakdown St Kilda's Luna Park, in Melbourne's south, is investigating a mechanical failure that left seven people trapped on an amusement ride today. The teenagers were stranded in two cars on the 'Mad Mouse' when operators used the emergency brakes to stop the ride. The group was stuck 10 metres above the ground for about 15 minutes before the fire brigade rescued them. Kate Humphreys was on the ride. "We thought it was the person making it more scary, but then we realised we were stuck up there we ... got a bit scared," she said. The CEO of Luna Park, Mary Stuart, says the ride was stopped as a precautionary measure. "We train our people to act for safety and for caution and that is what we did today," she said. The ride has been closed to the public for the time being.
  19. The Gold Coast should be fine right now. Don't worry about the rain check yet. Your not leaving for another 2 weeks so provided it doesn't get anymore wild weather it should be fine. Just keep tabs on the rain check though.
  20. Missy and i went on the advance track and we flew down the mountain. I nearly flipped it on one of the corners. Scared the crap outta me. So i then started to apply the brakes before the corner. The track was insane though.
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