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  1. Went yesterday and got to the park at about 12pm since I now live 4km from it. After standing in line for 25 minutes my turn finally came. I did the 2 pre view shows and was ready to board only to be told it's broken down. Sadly I didn't have time to go back as I was with family at the time. I'll be going back tomorrow just to ride it.

  2. I went to MW on April 2nd was disappointed that they didn't have combos with drinks. It's a combo so it should have a drink with it. Anyway I'll be back on the coast tomorrow night but heading to DW and SW this time. As my fiancee hasn't been to SW yet. Also going to the SUNS game as well.

  3. Cameron eyes Oz * James Wigney * From: Sunday Herald Sun * January 17, 2010 12:01AM Avatar director James Cameron's next gig will be working as executive producer on the film 'Sanctum' which is to be shot on the Gold Coast. OSCAR-winning director James Cameron is heading to Australia to oversee his next film project after the record-breaking Avatar. As his critically lauded sci-fi epic is set to sail past $70 million at the Australian box office, having smashed his decade-old high-water mark of $56.8 million set by Titanic, Cameron lavished praise on Australian talent. The Canadian-born director's next project is a $30 million psychological thriller called Sanctum, which is being filmed at the Warner-Roadshow Studios on the Gold Coast using the same revolutionary 3D cameras that made Avatar. Attracted to the country by favourable government rebates, Cameron is serving as executive producer, with Australian Alister Grierson directing. "I am actually coming down to the set in a couple of weeks and I am going to stay there through the underwater shoot," Cameron said. Start of sidebar. Skip to end of sidebar. Related Coverage * Avatar's deleted sex scene Courier Mail, 5 days ago * Spider-Man sequel's web of intrigue Herald Sun, 5 days ago * Maguire gives Spiderman the boot Daily Telegraph, 5 days ago * Avatar is out of this world Herald Sun, 5 days ago * Avatar's $1b success Herald Sun, 4 Jan 2010 "They are doing great. Alister Grierson is a really talented director - his first film was Kokoda. "I would be proud if that was my third film." Sanctum tells of an expedition in an underwater cave that goes horribly wrong and is based on the experiences of Andrew Wight, the Australian who co-produced Cameron's aquatic documentaries. Cameron said much of the success of Avatar could be laid at the feet of Australian star Sam Worthington. "I think we chose well with Sam and I think his performance is the rock at the centre of the film," Cameron said. He said Worthington, who is signed for two Avatar sequels, had a combination of rugged charm and vulnerability that could make him one of the world's biggest stars. "You put those two things together and it's an irresistible combination and that's why I think he is going to go all the way to the top of the whole stardom game if he chooses to do that," Cameron said. Cameron poured cold water on internet rumours he would take over the Spider-Man franchise now that director Sam Raimi has walked away from Spider-Man 4. "There was a time when Spider-Man was my favourite comic book hero and the film hadn't been made so it seemed like a great opportunity to me," he said. "But now it's been done - and maybe they can reinvent it, maybe they can't."

  4. Was at dreamworld saturday, wipeout brock down twice that i saw, first time about 11am stuck upside facing the ground for one side, while other side slightly tilted on there back, head lower then there bum facing the sky for about 20 mins, maintnence lowered it all manuely, ran thru empty twice. then was back in action. and about 1.30pm same had happened. all frozen up, but were stopped right way up. will upload some photos tonight. Anyone know whats wrong with it? does this play up a lot? Park seams to be ran down a lot, has a lot of potentel but seams like they just dont care! Some paint, pressure washer, and a bucket of some soapy water could go a long way! Even the pater park is in desprate need of some paint. Whats everyone else think about the condition of the park?? And there food is a RIP OFF. not to mention poor quality!! $12.95 for 6 processed nuggets and hand full of oil filled chips.
    In less than 2 hours it'll be October. Where's the photo? :lol:
  5. All I can say to you is your going at the wrong time. Hope you enjoy waiting in line because thats all you will be doing. I went during a school week a few weeks back and it was still fairly busy.
    I'll be going at exactly the same time as last year (see date in photo) and it wasn't packed. It was also a hot day. EDIT : The photo was taken on the chairlift.


  6. On Thursday the 30th October, I attended Movie World's annual Halloween Family Fun Night. To no surprise, the place was packed... and to think of those poor soles who were visiting Friday night. The first ride I went on was Batwing, and oh boy, I can tell you that it had to have been some of the slowest operation of that ride I have ever encountered. Nonetheless, the airtime made up for the snail-pace operation. Then onto the not-so-Scary Maze... Now I can tell you that the name wasn't the only thing lame about this attraction, if you could call it that. It literally was just temporary fencing with some fancy lighting and fog added. No live actors to be seen, but I just figured that they may have fallen asleep like I was about to do. After that awful attraction, I needed something scary, real scary. The first time I went through the Fright Zone it seemed like there were no actors and the layout was boring... but I knew that couldn't be possible, so I did it again, and can I tell you that I'm glad I did! Here's a tip, if you see a group of teenage girls enter, follow them, because it is soooooo funny to hear them scream like little kids. Then back onto Main Street were I saw all those scary live actors and some grown men acting like, well, crazy people. The same people who I saw smoking in the Batwing line earlier! The Zombie Laser Skirmish was a real letdown, $5 for ten minutes... but hey, I'm sure there's many Luna Park fans who'd be happy to visit Movie World and fork out more money. On my way back up to Superman I encounter a little 'extra' attraction not mentioned on the park map. It was pretty much just Police Academy's old props made to look like they were in a war zone with some blood and guts added. Did I mentioned there was that random spider back to 'scare' (cough) guests? Onto Superman, where the operation was slow as well, although this one was due to one train operation – don't ask me why this is the case. Overall, a good night out for the general public or coaster nerds alike, and a sure-fire way for Movie World to grab some extra cash for that B&M coaster we're all wishing for.
    That's one thing that pisses me off with MW. They know they'll get a huge crowd but insist on running 1 train. People paid extra $$ to enter the park. At least they could have ran 2 trains.
  7. Did anyone get an email saying they could be the first ones to ride it? I swear the date was the 8th? But it must have been the 1st. I'm disappointed that i missed out. I even sent them an email with mine and my partners pass numbers. Oh well that's what happens when you don't keep your emails.

  8. My partner and a friend and i are going on 31st October. We live in Brisbane so if you want we can travel together to the park and back home again (we'll be getting a taxi from MW to Helensvale) also Were getting on and off at Roma St Station. We can either PM u our mobile or you can do the same. Just remember that were all dressing up. So we'll be on the train in our costumes. So if this will bother you then i don't recommend.

  9. Yeah you should. I went to Highpoint shopping centre today with Lillian to get our photos taken in DR Chair. Bree and Saxon was there. Here are some pics which haven't been cropped.





  10. Hey guys long time no post. I'm loving BB this year. Stardust you're siggie needs updating. Ash everything is going ok. Lillian (my partner) and are moving to Brisbane on June 11th. So hopefully I'll be on here more often as we'll wireless internet then.

  11. I have Austar already but I like to watch free to air as well. I like a lot of other programs on channel 10 and I try to avoid BB but those ads are on before every show and on every ad break. I guess I'll take your advice and detune 10 off my STB for 3 months. Its just frustrating that it takes over the entire channel and you cannot enjoy any other programs on 10 without being bombarded with phone numbers and sms codes.
    Ninja if it's true what u said then i take back what i wrote in my last post. I never knew it was that bad because i only watch c10 when BB is on. Once that BB episode is finished i either change channels or turn the tv off.
  12. So true Gazza, you can't escape it. Did they sack Mike Goldman too? I hope it was a double deal with Gretal and Mike. Can't stand his irritating, nasaly, whiny voice constantly repeating sms codes and 48 digit phone numbers for every single contestant. Do you want Jack to stay? SMS YES to 0400 6778 8899 9900999 that number again 0400 6778 8899 9900999 or would you like Jack to go SMS GO to 04000 9999 74684 7845848 7447474 thats GO to 04000 9999 74684 7845848 7447474 or you can phone YES to 19900 737373 6537398 738383 that number again for YES 19900 737373 6537398 738383 or you can phone NO to 6379490 764734783 7637378 747 the number for NO is 6379490 764734783 7637378 747 repeat 4 million times for 3 months at every single ad break oh, and dont forget to throw in a cheesey pun for each contestant :rolleyes:
    Ever heard of a mute button?
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