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  1. On july 3rd my girlfriend and I drove to Sandusky, Ohio from Toronto. You could say sandusky is a town probably entirely supported by Cedar Point. Its a bit of a tourist town, stacks of hotels and places to eat. We Turned up to the park at 930 for a 10am opening time. As you drive towards the park you can see the massive thrill machines in the distance - its very exciting. We etired the park via the rear entrance, right near Magnum XL, which was a good idea becuase everyone must have entered at the front and started on those rides, there was no line at all. Magnum was our first ride and hones
  2. "one time the demon got stuck upside down in the loop and somone died of a heart attack!" "once when it was raining i heard the the demon just slid right off the tracks instead of stopping and going backwards!" "dont go on the Bounty's revenge! do you know how often that gets stuck upside down!? and one time someone fell out and it swung around and ran over them!"
  3. If you had the privilege of designing a coaster or ride for a themepark what would you call it? The first ride I ever made on rollercoaster tycoon was called "Screamaphobia", which I thought was pretty cool back then. Eh he guess its kinda lame now. ah well
  4. Oh yeh, oran park. yeh it was definately oran park. I was driving back towrds the northern beaches if that helps
  5. In about 1996 my Dad took me to eastern creek raceway to see the truck races, i must have been 11 or something. I destinctively remember on the way home we drove past what looked like an old defunct themepark. It had a big paper mache gorilla out the front of it, but even then this park looked abandoned and crappy. Still, i begged dad for us to go have a look, he said it didnt look like anyone was even there and it was probably dangerous (ahah) Is this one of the parks you guys are talking about?
  6. This may have already been brought up sometime but where will the old wonderland rides go when it closes? I reckon it'd be cool if the demon went to Luna park. And, is space probe even transportable?
  7. Today in the 'bargain bin' at Target there was all these boxes of the "ultimate ride' PC game for 10 bucks. the fact that there were so many and that they were in the bargain bin gives some indication of its crapness. nevertheless, i bought it anyone got it? is it good? was i ripped off?
  8. CRAP DAMN CRAP! i had my friend tape the best thrill rides show for me on fox last monday the 3rd coz i dont have cable. i just went to play it but she stuffed up and taped chanel 7 instead! did she really think i wanted to watch the moring news! NO! so can someone tell me wether i missed out on much.
  9. Has anyone ever ben on a G force booster? this ride is the GREATEST! Yes, even better then the Zipper. To my knowlage, this ride has never traveled to Australia. I was able to go on it when i was in Hong Kong. They come as a fixed or traveling attraction, i went on the traveling and it was massive! ok so heres what it is: *there is a giant vertical pole with chairs on each end * the pole spins 360 degrees * as the pole is spinning, the chairs too spin independantly 360 degrees check out the website to get a better idea http://www.booster-ride.com/booster/home.htm#
  10. Some people were also injured on the classic flat ride " the Zipper" hopefully this ride wont be closed as a result.
  11. One of those coasters I always wanted to go on when I finally go to Amercia is the Texas Tornado, at six flags astro world. It has now been removed and is being set up at six flags marine world as "Zonga". it is a really old steel coaster by Swartzkopf but it looks so damn fun! that first drop! heres a fantastic pic from joyrides.com: www.joyrides.com/sfaw/full/texas_tornado3.htm Have a look its amazing Anyway, I was wondering whether anyone here at total thrills has been on it? is it as good as it looks? where can i find an on-ride movie? what is it like going through one of those t
  12. Has anyone seen or heard the Vekoma Tilt? I remeber seeing something about it on screamscape.com like 2 years ago and never heard of it again. Apparently it was added to a Taiwan Park. check it out at vekoma.com in the thrill rides section I think it looks pretty cool. Cool, but dodgey at the same time what does everybody else think?
  13. for all those who dont know what Aqua Golf is, this is from an Aqua-Golf site: Aqua-Golf® is a fun way to learn the game of golf, practice, or just spend time around the pool. It's great for parties, pool side gatherings, or by yourself :? . You don't have to get in the water to enjoy Aqua-Golf®, and it is attractive even when not in use. Aqua-Golf® uses a 3 x 5 ft. floating laminate of artificial turf and foam that is contoured to have the look and feel of a golf course green. The colorful 4 x 5 in. nylon is attached to the green with Velcro®, which makes changing pin locations easy. Twe
  14. The other day i asked a ride operator when they were going to add a new ride at wonderland. She said that managment had been promising a new ride for years. She also mentioned that they were planning the new attraction to be....wait for it. AQUA GOLF! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: This did not help the bad mood i was already in becuase wonderland had closed the demon AND the bushbeast. I couldnt hide the discust on my face and she knew exactly how i felt, smiling and saying " pretting boring i know....but they were also looking at a few other things" I put on the nice
  15. for those of you who have been on both; how does De ja' Veu compare to a boomerang like the demon at wonderland?
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