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  1. Bussy did this happen on a Sat night, sound very familier to somthing that happen at bush beast involving some park services staff working on the ride.
  2. I think the Great outdoors have been showing repeats because of the commonwealth games, if you have noticed in the past week alot of shows have been repeated, becuase the tv stations know the majority of viewers are watching the games, so they dont play new episodes.
  3. Hehe, i have no idea what you just said?.
  4. Im sure management wanted their coaster back too if the comp was going sour.Their would have been some ticked off guests. Coming to wonderland, an the coaster is closed because of some promotion.
  5. You would need alot more than that to keep your lunch down!.
  6. Im sure their were plenty of aches an pains by the end of each day. What about the people at the back? imagine the wiplash you would get after awhile. I would have never done it. One day i went on it 10 times, and that was it for me, i had the biggest headache.
  7. I have the Audio for the new commercial, without the voice overs.
  8. Does anybody know any of the tracks used in the Marvel Superhero parade at Wonderland Sydney?. Were they themes of any of the Marvel Shows?. I heard the music the other day, and it had somthing to do with Cartoons
  9. I thought all this conlict was over in this thread, but guess i was wrong. Im not going to make any comments, as before it was just a waste of typing.
  10. Do you know what cobham is?. Its located in St Mary's.. Not sure if his there. But if he isnt, than he must have changed his mind.
  11. Yeah your right it is "Australand" Sounds a bit familier to another word doesnt it "Australia's Wonderland"?.
  12. They did leave somthing there as a reminder of Wonderland Sydney!, its called Eastern creek Business park, and its open to the public every day!...
  13. That has just got to be the most stupidest thing i have ever heard on here!.
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